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How do you get to the front marker bulb on the 2005 Amanti to change it? Can you just remove the amber plastic cover?
How do you get to the cabin air filter on the 2005 KIA Amanti?
radio say error 2 msg
I have no audio sound coming from my radio, cd, satellite radio or casette player. The display shows that its receiving signals but I'm unable to hear anything. My husband checked the speakers and said they're fine. H...
I don't have a manual so I don't know if there is a special kind of oil and how much the car will hold.
The heating system blows out hot air on passenger side and rear of car but only cold air blows out on driver side of car
The lack of concern for other people and the desire to help others is appartently missing here. This is why I never do this. I am completely embarrased for asking for help. What was I thinking.
The can I used to recharge it was 1/2 full. Could it still need more. And How do I know.
car turns over but wont start. fuel pump fuse is good. how can i check the fuel relay
My battery was dead, I recharged the battery and now the alarm is activated!
at any speed all lights will keep blinking
problem occurred after intake was removed for tune up key must have been turned on with tps disconnected at some point during repair thanks
Brake pads installation procedure!
I changed the spark plugs on my kia and i need the firing order.
How do I check and or replace the temperature blend door actuator rod linkage?
the battery was replaced now the cd player indash has the lights flashing and it won't work radio and cassate are ok.
There is power draw on my car. It appears to have something to do with the radio but not sure. I read that the amp is wired to the power block and not fused. Is this a fact or can I pull a fuse and eliminate this prob...
air conditioner is on. No problem when it is in the morning or it is cool.
it's new ( so thy say ) that thy put it in 2 years a go , do thay go that fast ?? Thy Replace it with a new one becous gas was gettng in the old one .
2- what is the red light for when the break is pressed?
replacing cost on average
My drivers side window is off track and stops about 3 inches from top. Please, if anyone can tell me how to remove the door panel and put it back on track I will be forever grateful. Thanks in advance
I have a obdcom diagnostic tool and can not find the place to install the tool .....
Recently got a no con error code on computer screen. What causes this? Thanks.
My check engine light is on constantly. Yhe Dealership said its my Engine control Module they said that is is an easy repair
replaced fuel pump twice in one year very costly.Is there a fuel filter some where between the engine and the fuel tank not including the one in the pump itself.
What might be the cause of a shimmy that originates at normal speeds? It appears to be a transmission or acceleration problem. I do not think it is a timing belt issue as I just replaced this 200 miles ago. It lasts f...