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‎Happens whenever I drive over a bump. Sounds like something maybe loose or maybe I need some shocks/struts.
if I don't start my car daily then the battery is dead. I have been told its a parasidic draw and I need to figure out how to find it.... of course me being car dumb, I don't know what I am doing. please help
I changed the starter motor but the same problem, engine doesn't rotate or start up , help me please
I was told that it is not my heater core because there is no antifreeze smell. water has leaked into my passenger floorboard from a posssible leak in the passenger side windshield. The fuse has been replaced and immed...
theres shows a bolt holding it on but im not seeing one and I know I have the right pulley.
Does the Engine Radiator Fan have a Fuse ? Or a radiator fan relay thing ??
My 2005 Kia Amanti/Opirus gear got stacked at third gear, what could be the problem? Gear oil is level is ok
Having electrical problems with my car kia sephia 2004 model
How do you get to the headlight and how do you change the bulb. There is a cover that covers everything under the hood.
I have had to replace both headlights within the last year or so. Now one has blown again. It does not work on either low or high beam. One of the smaller lights next to the headlights is also out. What could be c...
Had some body work done on left rear side, radio quit playing. I've removed the amplifier, it shows signs of having been wet (rusted bottom). I don't want to replace the amplifier before checking the fuse.
when trying to play the cassette, it just makes a clicking sound.
signal lights dont work and when I replace the fuse it keep blowing.also my sunroof wont close or open
the signal light fuse keeps blowing as soon as I replace it
When you turn the ignition it turns over slowly, then starts. It sounds like the battery is low, but everything else that would lead to thinking it is a battery issue are not there. Battery is less than 2 years old. I...
My Kia amanti 2004 won't start, so i brought it to a kia garage, and after replacing this and that $700 later, the car still won't start.
I've tried disconnecting the battery but no luck.
When I went to start the car it didn't turn right over when it did start when I drove it, it started sputtering and I just don't know what to do...
Difficulty starting, but not consistent.
i went to the kia dealer here in nova scotia they told me there was a code that i would have to put in but they did not know it ? is that true .when i put the disk in the machine, on the dispay it say no disk in the m...
This is a system purchased from salvage company to replace the one I had that stopped working due to trying to put in a cd when there was already one in.
I Need A New Power Steering Pump, & I Don't Know If There Are Any KIA's @ The Junk Yard ?
Temp is set at 65 deg. Heat comes out of Passenger side and rear vents. Blower appears to work fine.
When clearing the error, the car starts running correctly. According to some of the sites, the TPS Pedal Position / Switch B circuit can be tripped. The software to the cars computer appears to enable a kill process ...
Just had it serviced at Kia dealer and timing belt changed. They have tried fixing it but could not. any ideas?
It has PRND on one side and manual shifting on the other side, 12345. It won't switch back to automatic. I have to use the manual (Sport mode). I need it back in auto mode. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?
This is the first time this has happened.
The amp is dead in my car and would like to know if I can replace it with after market due to the input and output plug being stock? Thank you
I see this question is normally reverse...It is warm on driver...Like A/C on passenger
When heater control unit is set to Hi, lots of heat, lower it by 1 degree, cool air starts to come from vents or floor. Keep lowering the temp, no difference. I have not scanned it yet for codes. It has an automatic H...