Took car to shop for no start. I would get a cranking sound as if it wanted to start. Mechanic diagnose the problem as the fuel pump replaced. After picking vehicle up; drove about 2 miles and car slowed down and stopped as previously...and would not start. Mechanic now saying ignition sensor and coil pack needs replacing. Somehow, I think the mechanic is just milking me for money. By the way I need to replace timing belt. Please help me...Mechanic would not give me any codes

After the Emission's test, the catalyst read "Not Ready" and the evap system read "Not Ready".

I have often had to rock it or to shift to neutral to get it started.

It rocks like a boat in the water. Front sway bar bushings have been replaced, new front ball joint on both sides. And new control arm bushings on front passenger and driver side

checked fuses may be ets my be security system

my radio keeps scanning want stay on a station

The upper arm control bolt welded off panel of strut tower and hole has gotten bigger. How much would it be for material/parts to patch/weld strut tower. Or how much would it be to replace. Part & labor?

It only shuts off for about a second and then comes back on. It does not only do it while I'm driving. While I was parked for about 5 minutes, it continued to shut off and back on. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do or who to bring it to?

new alternator , battery just put in found bad radio amp fuse and clock fuse

Someone said it is the arm to my stouts

this is the second time that this has happened. the check engine light comes on when you start the car and then when you try to drive it has no power. It was put on a machine the first time to run the codes and I was told that there is a miss comunication between the gas pedal and the engine that tells the car to go. Just wondering if you know anything about this and what I can do to fix the problem. He cleared the code the first time and the car ran fine for about 2 months and then it happened again this morning.

break fluid leaking left rear wheel

changed the battery and the alarm system went off, put old battery back in and the alarm system didnt go off but lights were on the dash for the door lock. drove the car about 2 miles and it shut off while driving, now it wont start at all. how do you reset the alarm system when changing the battery