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The mechanic changed the sensor and the cluster still not working

when driving the pedal sticks and sometimes have trouble stopping

My headlights have been needing replaced about every 6 months. Usually one side burns out, 3 mo later the other side, then 3 mo later back to the first one. I even tried replacing both with the expensive bulbs but that has made no difference.

Her electronic rear hatch lock is not engaging. Cause of that the security bell chimes indicating it's open. Any suggestions on how to reset it or fix it?

It's showed #4 cylinder miss fire,I have, replaced,mass,air flow and throttlet position ,sensor

sensors check out good.

The tentioner after replacing the belts

I replaced many alternators from autozone for 2008 kia optima 2.4L and they don't charge my brand new battery. What is the problem?

Steering & braking. Dealership doesn't know what the problem is.

All the time

no power wont stay running

I would help on Like details and tips on some of the things one doesn't know as an novice.

125000 miles don't know what to do

:Just replaced the Starter
:it will crank like it wants to srtart but wont .fuel pump is not cturning on at all
Helpme find thr problemplease

Has there been a recall on these cars ?

The lever to open my turnk in the car wont work is there an easy way to fix it?

MY battery keeps dying but the light that comes on when the door is open does not work.

My car keeps getting rained in...

Did it without disconnecting the battery first, Now, the stupid airbag light on dash blinks. How to get rid of blinking without using black tape to cover the annoying blinking

various windows don't work after putting in Master power window switch on driver's front side. Different windows than before:Fixed disconnect battery any time mess with the car.

no sound, no engine check, found out it's the relay underneath the hood. Fixed

When I am driving around town, it's not too bad, but when I get on the highway, the steering wheel shakes back and forth a lot. My tires look ok.

I don't run the fan much, mostly when it's hot out and I am using the AC. When I do blast the fan, the air coming into the car smells moldy. Is something broken?

How to fix a wiper motor.

How do I change broken lug nut bolt.

The fan motor does not blow air.

What could be causing my 2002 Kia Sedona to shut off right after it's started? It idles up a bit, then idles down, then it just shuts off.

What could cause my temperature gauge to constantly say that the van is running hot, but it isn't? I've checked the coolant, there isn't a leak or anything.

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona, and the battery is being drained. Everything has been checked, including the alternator. What else could it be? S/N The radio and power locks doesn't work, and the back windshield wiper constantly runs.

On average, how many miles do these cars generally have on them before they die?