this has happened twice once while the car was running (March) and today when the car turned off. Also noticed that the gears symbol was not in the odometer panel: D, P, R

The passenger seat is very uncomfortable, it sits way to low. And the head rest on both seats lean to far forward for my husband. Since I am short it does not bother me. I would not have bought this car if I realized how uncomfortable the passenger seat was.

I got new tires and had a wheel alignment a month before and its still shaking. What can be the problem?

I was driving my 2002 kia sportage home when I noticed it was doing something funny. When I accidently put it into neutral, it made a load kinda whinny and grinding sound similar to if you try to start your car when it's already started. I got it home, shut it off and decided to go out, but when I went to start it, I get nothing. No cranking or starting. I fear my starter may have died. Any thoughts?

If they are changing the transmission will it be less expensive?

Air conditioning works fine on driver's side.

I am replacing them every other month at least 2 of them

Air is not blowing cool

I just bought this vehicle wondering wat could be wrong.

KIA RIO HB 2013 Automatic 1400 cc

1- Starting engine take long time.
2- RPM is not working
3- Check engine alarm is on
4- when in move on D high knock sound increase with speed
5- on R mentioned sound does not exist but upnormal vipration happen
6- bracks on D and R stop working (it make the same as if the car not started) and get back to normal when i switch to N
7- on D or R with out puching accelerator the car accelerate to 40+ while its normal is 20 to 3

ABS, Downhill parking and Traction control lights all came on at same time last week. Seems like an issue that was finally put on recall for 2011 Sorento's. Anyone else have/had this issue?

Air is not blowing cold

New used car with 40000. Dual transmission. Not sure when to use that so haven't. Economy light on at all times. Traction sensor on at all times per manual.
Smell burning plastic. Gauges all read the same. Only tire pressure sensor lit up once. No other occurances.

My Kia pulls to right. 40000 miles had to add air because sensor came on. I read in manual to keep on at all times, and have. Hit water puddle other day it pulled and tugged this way and that way. Is this normal?

I bought the car used and it doesn't sync properly for directions

I just put in a new starter

What do you do to fix this without spending alot of money and how?

bit going into second gear.would a heavy gear oil like a 80 slow down the syncro
to engage second without grinding

My 05 Kia Optima when it is shifting into 2nd and 3rd gear sometimes it will hesitate like it isn't going to shift then it will slam into gear.

I just got the vehicle and notice that the ac stays running even when I turn the knob off on the ac panel inside the vehicle

Are there any recalls

never moves

my kia sorento 2008 overheats when im at a stop light but when i press on the gas pedal it stops smoking and also when i lift up the hood i notice clumpy brown stuff all inside the engine and dripping from up under the car. i put water to see if that was it but it was not I put some anti freeze in it to see if that could have been it because i did not have any but that was not it. What could this possibly be

The dealership won't honor the warrenty because I burnt out the clutch. Actually I was driving very well and shifting fine. The last time I drove. I was.shifting down for a light and it made a horrible and loud clunking sound and came to a dad stop. I put it in first and it made the same sound an would not move. Since my that back of my car was sticking in another lane with traffic ...i pressed as hard as.i could on gas and clutch and it moved just enough and ... Then I smelled it burning...this was the first and only time that I smelt it burning. I am not sure what could have happened initially...but I thought it was running hot when this happened. I felt the gears just locked up. I also notice something leaking under the car. I know I did not burn out the clutch so what else could have happened? A response would be appreciated. It is a 2016.

.so I prssed
. end was in another end

My Kia forte shut off while I was driving it. I wasn't stopped I was actually in motion. This accured 4 times. This last time in February 2016 it was totaled due to the brakes locking up and it hit a cement wall. I still owe on the car and I can't seem to get Kia to respond to see if they can at least help me pay the rest off. Has anyone else had this same issue?

Checked all fuses, good
Changed relay behind driver rear tire in trunk,
Pulled out motor slight burn smell but have had really high temps so about normal
Not getting any light from tester in and of the lead outs, on pig tail with relay or in pig tail for motor. Please I need help.

I took it to the kia dealership and they are certain its the fuel injectors. However, I do not want to pay an arm and leg for them to change it. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

What fits in a 2002 optima is a 2004 good

The TC is dry

Ive located the high port, no problem, but I've not located the low port.