Changed crankshaft sensor but it still does it what could it be

I changed the crankshaft sensor because one kicked out p 0017 and p 0017 p what could it b

I just replaced my brake light switch because the one replaced for the recall failed and Kia won't honor the recall because they already did so... Soooo, I switched it out myself. Now that I have it all back together I have lost a lot of my powered items. Here's a list of what I don't have:
Tachometer; Fuel gauge (but low fuel light is on); Interior light switch doesn't work; Power door locks, rear lift, side doors, and sunroof; Brake light is illuminated on dash; blinkers don't work; no high beam head lights; windshield wipers or fluid.
All of the lights on the dash come on when I start the car and then they go away. I used to be able to use the key to unlock all the doors if needed and now it only locks the door the key is in. What the heck is going on?! I looked at all the fuses and they are all good.

I have every record of all of my oil changes on time, now my car is ruined but there is no recall on this?

When my car cold cranks, it has trouble idling low, it sputters until it dies unless I two-foot the gas and brake. Usually, after it warms up, I have no more problems out of it. But lately, it still dies at the occasional stop and is becoming more frequent.

If you are standing in front of the car which one is number one

just bought the car and it seems to have no power (wouldnt even drive up the ramps onto my car trailer) and only gets to about 15mph then wont go faster like maybe it isnt shifting into the next gear. would that be the whole transmission or would that be a sensor or something? i have no knowledge of Kia's.

im looking at buying a kia amanti for $ 3000 but it have 189000 miles on it is that to many miles

The car cranks but the noise is still there. I was driving about 35 mph and all of a sudden this noise happened. I immediately parked the car. What should be checked first?

this exact sedona had a recall for the front and rear arm (something) still same noise and my warrrantee s done

I am trying to determine if the problem is the motor(s) limit switches or operator
switch(s). For quite a long while the problem was intermittent. Now it's broke all the time.

My kia sputters when I shift gears. Has cut off a few times, starts up and goes on down the road. Starts to sputter again. Replace plugs,valve cover,alternator and battery. Also there is a faint smell of burnt oil or gas when sputtering happens.

I bought my 2002 Kia Rio second hand unfourtunally 1 month and 6 days ago. Since then I have actually been able to drive it 5 whole days but not consecutively. My mom was helping me out and I'm paying her back due to financial situations and she lives 2 and a half hours from me.We put a new battery in it since one in it was coming back bad. I drove it home and only problem I noticed was a shimmy on the interstate between 56-69 Mph. Ok figured it was a tire. Drove it about 150 miles total after I got it home where I live in the country. The second day I had it I was driving without any indication that something was going to go wrong it stop shifting up a mountain and was reving to 4000 rpms. Well I'm in a middle of a snowstorm nowhere to pull off so I keep it going trying not to lose momentum at this point get to the top of the mountain still not shifting. I then have the bright idea to start manually going through the gears(automatic transmission). It works for a short distance still snowing at this point semis everywhere on the interstate that can't stop! So I keep on trucking it to get to the next exit. Then one by one the gears stop shofting (its reving high and jerkin into gear whole time). So automatically I think its the transmission. I have it towed to the shop its reading misfire cylinder 2&3 and misc misfire, solinoid in torque converter and a whole list a total of 24 codes don't have all in front of me or I'd list them. Well the shop has my car for 4 weeks, changes fluid, filter and gaskets in transmission, solonoid for torque converter, checks plugs and wires, changes coil packs, beats out transmission and pan( they said it took a hard hit and was dented in), fixed the exhaust and informs me that the catylic converter will need replaced but they knock a lot of gunk out. Ok fine after $1,085 worth of work it seems to be tip top! Drove it a little less then 48 hours same problem starts again same misfires but no other codes only this time it's shifting but really hard. Look it up on YouTube similar car it was catylic converter. Ok he said it needed changed get it done another $145. Drive it home the check engine lights still on but shop tells me before I leave it won't go off but is running great. I agree yes its running great. Get down the road to get on the interstate... Hold up what's that a hard shift but shifts fine after that. Ok it must be ok maybe my foot wasn't level and made it shift funny. Get off the interstate does it between 1st and second again then between 3rd and overdrive and stops. Take my boyfriend to work and only hard shifts once. Get back on the interstate and won't shift and is reving to 4000 rpms but got up to 65 mph. Then all of a sudden my airbag light comes on while my wipers are on they slow way down like they want to quit, rpm gauge starts jumping so I turned my wipers off rpm gauge still jumping but not as fast turn the head lights off quits goes to 4000 rpms but won't shift. I whip it around in the median and head back to my boyfriends work. Called my mom she said to unplug the negitive terminal and let it set for a couple hours. Ok I'm willing to try anything. 2 hours later plug it up and codes have cleared! Yay! I get it in nail it across the parking lot to see if it will shift. Its shifting hard again but woowee it's shifting! Well I decide to sit at work and wait for my boyfriend cause I don't know if I'll make it back at this point. He had tighten the terminal good I watched but when we went to leave it wouldn't turn over. You could hear it click and a wuh wuh. Ok cheak the terminals they're good. Try again same thing. Get a jump starts right up! Yay! Drive 50ft and it dies like someone turn it off and and the exact moment everything went dim. Now once again of needs towed. What do u think now? I've about given up on this car. I'm desperate and just glad my kids weren't with me!