Took car apart to make sure everything was lined properly and it was we replaced bearing clutch and pressure plate..why is same noise still here? Help please

My CD are stuck in my sterio . The CD won't change nor eject. An error message pop up.

Crankshaft possition Sensor replacement

Which part(s) should we anticipate next? Thank you.

My mechanic did the cabin air filter, can that affect the temperature of my a/c? Now only blows hot, does anyone alse think that they are trying to take a vantage of me?

Just replace new maintenance free battery but after 20km run battery is drain and won't start.while running no horn and light is dim. I charge the battery for few mins it start but battery is weak can't even blow horn.what is proposed troubleshot?

CAR worked fine yesterday. No indications of any problems. Went to go start it, Turned the igintion on all ligihts came on usual effects of dashlights, but no crank,

Exactly where is it located, are there more than one does the timing cover top come off or the whole cover must come off?

error cods show cylender 1.3.5 miss fire and fule trim mulfaunction

We think the engine may have seized on our 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid and I'm just looking for a vague concept on what it may cost to replace if that's necessary.

Heat will not come on unless you push and hold the buttons in

Drove my kia 03 to moms house ran great. after 30 min was running to the store it started but then shut off. tried to restart it turns over but wont start. checked the plugs have spark change fuel pump. kia stared ran great drove around. parked it now it will not start. clean mass air flow sensor still nothing. any suggestions.

Keyless entry not working also

I already had about a 1/4 tank of regular gas in my car, but I went to add another $20 worth of gas. Not really paying attention I ended up putting diesel in the tank, and didn't realize it until I drove for about 8 miles then the car started jerking. How much should it cost me to have this repaired?

Was told fuses are bad is this a costly repair?

I was driving and my foot hit the accelerator hard and the car revved up. Now I smell a burning smell when I accelerate the car. The tires are squeaking too

I feel hot air but fan does not work

I think some water from my cup holder spill into my buttons by the lower part .. I also notice my parking , reverse , natural , drive buttons are flashing too .. I'm lost as what to do I'm worried ..

It hesitates and is real sluggish going down the road and taken off and my turn signals and brake lights only work when they want to.