Heat will not come on unless you push and hold the buttons in

Drove my kia 03 to moms house ran great. after 30 min was running to the store it started but then shut off. tried to restart it turns over but wont start. checked the plugs have spark change fuel pump. kia stared ran great drove around. parked it now it will not start. clean mass air flow sensor still nothing. any suggestions.

Keyless entry not working also

I already had about a 1/4 tank of regular gas in my car, but I went to add another $20 worth of gas. Not really paying attention I ended up putting diesel in the tank, and didn't realize it until I drove for about 8 miles then the car started jerking. How much should it cost me to have this repaired?

Was told fuses are bad is this a costly repair?

I was driving and my foot hit the accelerator hard and the car revved up. Now I smell a burning smell when I accelerate the car. The tires are squeaking too

I feel hot air but fan does not work

I think some water from my cup holder spill into my buttons by the lower part .. I also notice my parking , reverse , natural , drive buttons are flashing too .. I'm lost as what to do I'm worried ..

It hesitates and is real sluggish going down the road and taken off and my turn signals and brake lights only work when they want to.

only way I can get the tail lights to go off is to is to take the batty cables off

For the Engine miss, changed the ignition plugs and done the engine tuneup. It was ok for two days and it started the miss again. Then I changed the Extension wire ignition coil and one ignition coil which was not firing. But the problem did not solved.
With this engine miss the petrol consumption has reducedto 4-5 kms per/litre even without A/c. Earliar it worked 10 kms per/litre with A/c. What could be the problem for this engine miss.

And for the speedometer it stops working after driving about 7-8 Kms. And if you stop the car for two hours and start driving again it stops working in another 4-5Kms. I have showed these problems to the Kia Engineers but did not get proper solution

and was repaired rim replaced all tires replaced It does not track straight in the snow it is all wheel drive

It doesn't matter if it's cold or warmed up. I can't seem to find an answer, if I could find a free downloadable repair book,that would help maybe.

Broken any ideas on why it's not getting fire

Dec 2014, control unit replaced and the following month the blower motor needed replaced. Now control unit again went bad