I changed my thermostat housing and I'm pretty sure I did it right (unless theirs anything special) but now the coolant temp sensor doesn't work and I even replaced that but still j have the check engine light and my gauge is at the coldest it can (temperature gauge) is it possible the wiring harness got damaged or am I looking at the wrong part to replace. I know older models have a separate sending unit behind the head. But it's a 97 so just seeking professional help.

The linkage is fine the vacuum houses going to the front wheels look fine. Any advice?

Noticed an error code in odometer 'no 605' Noticed TX shifted with 'hard noise 1st into 2nd just before start problem'.

console and air slowly turn on when key is in the on position

I just rebuilt the rear end. it had a Dana 44 with new disc and gears. when I take the rear drive shaft down, and spin the wheels you can still here it coming from the rear end.

Automatic transmission

My rubicon engine light came on so I went for a test drive with my dealerships garage foremen and he didnt have much to say about the problem other the my jeep is either plugged out the tail pipe or not getting enought air.
For it to just happen so quickly raise a few questions. But my engine runs fine it just revs extremely high for the speeds that I'm doing. And im pretty sure I can only see 2 shifts come out of my auto transmission.

Also i had just purchased this used just over 2 months ago and iv had nothing nut issues with it. It's burning oil to the point it dangerously low in less then 5000km.
It's not mixing in with my engine coolant. Has anyone else had a engine born oil this fast? There 100 000 km on the jeep. Iv had older cars and trucks work just fine at 300 000 with original motors.

says "disc read error", says it is ejecting cd but it doesnt

I am trying to install a glowshift oil pressure gauge ssensor via a t fitting adapter but can locate an oil line.

Pulled in yesterday, all good. Today, turn switch, nothing. No power at all. All fuses are good.

as the vehicle is being stopped the brake is applied and when the clutch pedal is pressed down the rpm's go from 1000 to 2000 rpms. I replaced the air control sensor what else could cause this problem.

have new oil pump, screen,switch what should I do

going to check timing belt,break fluid,abs wheel sensor,abs control module replaced,oil light coolant leak, electrol system, vaccum leak diagnostic

My first thought was that there was a vacuum leak, but the engine idles and runs good. I have already asked questions but I forgot to tell you I also changed the oil pump as jdc72748.
a name for my jeep is poor jeep. I have the same question on 3/15/2015 and 3/17/2015 and more information on 3/18/2015

I went to Auto Zone, then plugged in a Diagnostic device and said to change speed rotor? Do l need to take off brake rotor?

I have changed the oil pump strainer, checked the sensor use different oil 10-w50, I think, the switch when it's first starts the guage stays at the middle spot.

I have changed the pump, screen the switch

I have replaced the pump, screen.starter

After the fan is blowing for about 20 to 30 mins with the heat on on any setting it will start to turn on and off the finally not blow at all. So I shut the car off and then its fine again until another 10 or so mins go by again. then at some point not t went from the fuse box to the controls work at all. the dealer wont look at it unless i have a appt, And the worse part i have a extended warrty that covers everything. A local mechenic looked at it when it wasent running and said there was no power going from the wires that went from the fuse box to the controls that went the the temp controls. Any Ideas?

So...I screwed up, and put a quart of 80W-90 oil in my front differential, instead of the rear. And...when I realized my mistake...I combined quarts of 80W-90 with 85W-140 (1.8 quarts) to put into the rear differential. Thinking it wouldn't harm it....too badly. Reason being, I have only one car, I'm a single parent, and I was replacing both diff's seals and oil, late at night when my daughter was sleeping. Now...I need to know if I need/should be replacing that diff oil, for the proper oil, OR....will it survive a few thousand miles, when I decide to do it right.

I sent my ecu out to get checked. The guy told me the capacitors where bad and he fixed it and sent it back. I put it in and it did the same exact thing. The vehicle was running fine then just shut off. It cranks strong but blows fuse everytime