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I have taken out and cleaned my pcm but oil still keeps leaking on it and shorting it out. Any suggestions?

how to replace htr core

When pressing the clutch peddel in to shift the peddel wants to stop half way down. Do not know why.

how much to replace rear transmission seal?

I have developed a shimmy in the frontend. It only occurs around 50MPH and on certain road surfaces

ok, i just put in a brand new heater core in my jeep. before i put the new one in, there was antifreeze on the passenger side floor and my temp would rise at every red light. i put the new heater core in and less than 24 hours later, it was leaking again. my temp gauge was still getting hot when i would be sitting at a red light before and after i put the new core in. could this be caused by a sticking thermostat?

my 97 jeep has tapping about 30 to40 sec after starting then goes away after about a min or two.Is this a big problem?

just quit working tail lights r fine

The code pulls up as egr valve position sensor circuit low.
The engine light came on one night so I drove home and checked all the fluids and obvious things. Next day the Jeep would not start due to dead battery. I tested the battery. It tested fine. I charged it and started the Jeep. Then I tested the alternator for output and that is fine. Disconnected the battery for a while and then hooked it back up. Light went out and Jeep drove fine.
Now. 60 days later. Engine light came on again. This time I know about turning the key 3 times to get the code. I did that and got P0405. I see that cleaning the egv valve may be an option. But why is my battery dead after this happens? Is the solenoid getting stuck and draining the battery? If so should I clean it or replace it?

engine turns over tries to fire-up but won' can spray starting fluid in it and it will run ,then it dies

My Jeep has 47,000 miles on it..the Check engine light came on, flashing. Brought it to a local Midas where they told me that I need my fuel injector replaced. How is that possible this early in the Jeep's life? How much should it cost to fix?

it just sounds like i hear a roaring or whineing.a mec friend says all the bearing in trans are bad.shifts and goes down the road is a manual trans.

The AC liquid line on my Jeep has a pin hole and needs replaced. I got the part but the "Kit" we bought at Auot Zone that was supposed to fit everything, did not. Anyone know where I can get this tool?

my 99 jeep wrangler started but then back fired, so my son turned it off now it turns over but won't start acts like its not getting enough fuel to start, can anyone give me any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Haven't driven jeep in a couple weeks and went to start it this morning and it would not turn over. All lights, and radio came on as well as AC so does not seem like battery. Any suggestions?

Engine is a 1995 with 1998 accessories for all I can tell. IT over heated and blew up. engine bored .030 over new engine kit pistons, gaskets, etc. Timing was an issue now it is set correctly. Now sounds like a fuel problem. It basically sat since last Oct. 2009, could it be fuel pump? To many mechanics in on this one.

I replaced the slave cylinder on my jeep, but i have had air in the lines 2 since replacing it, my mechanic has bled the lines to get the air out and that was a week ago, and now it is doing the same thing, I have to pump the clutch to get it into gear. Cannot find any leaks but obviously there must be one??

how can I know to replace it and ho exactly to get at it, does dash have to be removed, it's a right hand drive (SPORT) model my wife delivers mail with. Pretty hot in it with this problem. I need to fix yesterday - thanks, TONY


I lost a rod bearing in my 2.4L Jeep Wrangler. Manual transmission. 2004.

I replaced the crank and one connecting rod. All bearings and seals. New Rings. New timing belt. New plugs.

It sputters every so often, but isn't consistent. I tore the whole front end apart and rechecked the valve timing and it is as described in my Haynes manual.

It is only throwing one diagnostic code, 1489, which is a High speed radiator fan error.

The plugs are getting wet and the compression feels good in all 4 cylinders, although my compression tester isn't long enough to reach the plug holes.

I also used a ratchet to manually turn the motor over and ensured that it had a compression cycle then an exhaust cycle because I was still worried about the valve timing.

I've tested the plugs for fire, and found that the coil fires the plug every 3rd time the engine goes over compression.

With the lack of diagnostic codes, I'm thinking that the coil pack is the problem, but don't want to buy a new one without anything to back up my suspicion. The engine was running when I stopped, it hadn't seized. The coil pack was covered in oily crap, so I cleaned it with gasoline and a brush. Could that have killed it?


Where is the Shutdown relay in this Jeep?

Do the expansion joints on some exhaust headers prolong the life of the header?

Bad motor mounts causes cracking in manifold.

bearings are going out on my clutch for the air condition and I want to by pass it until I can afford on do you have a diagram of the belt routing

when to replace spark plugs and wires

I am looking at buying a 93 jeep wrangler. It has low miles and runs and shifts great. However there is a clicking noice at the back right wheel when you turn. I was told it was the spider gear and needed to be replaced. What is the estimate for that repair?

The back left wheel makes a popping or clicking noice when you turn. I was told it is the spider gear. What is the estimate for this repair? It runs and drives great.

i have a 2.5L and i want to change over to a 4.0L ,can i use the same transmisson?

what kind of gears oil is reqired in my i992 jeep wrangler 5 speed manual transmission and how much is required? also the same 2 questions pertaining to my transfer case-i believe this is a c16 tranny

wipers work, but washer fluid doesn't. is there a fuse or have both motors gone bad

When I turned the ignition key I suddenly lost power to everything, none of the lights work including the dome light and there is no power to anything. I have checked the battery, alternator and all of the connections under the hood and everything is good but nothing works?