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Numerous mechanics can not track down the issue due to the lack of consistency or pattern. I hear guesses of body control module and wiring in the front doors.
I replaced oil pump pretty sure I put it back on time now it cranks starts then immediately dies help!!!
The linkage is fine the vacuum houses going to the front wheels look fine. Any advice?
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was in a low speed accident that deployed both airbags and I am just interested to see if it's worth repairing
Noticed an error code in odometer 'no 605' Noticed TX shifted with 'hard noise 1st into 2nd just before start problem'.
should I redo installing the thermostat or is there something I am missing. I bled it like instructed, but it is still running toward hot on temp gauge
cleared codes,now getting code 12 55 but still wont start????
Seems like 1 or 2 cylinders aren't firing. It's the 4.0 6 cyl. Could it be the "computer" ? Crank sensor was replaced long ago. Thanks for any suggestions.
I just changed both front bearing hubs and rotors and pads. My abs and esp traction control light are on. someone at work is telling me I didnt align the hubs with the axles, causing the lights to stay on. I dont beli...
Had misfires changed all 8 spark plugs and coils but still have code p0356
This does not happen all the time. The buzzing stops when the car is started. No other problems just the short buzzing when the key is turned on.
That the jeeps string wheel moves to its like about to loose control and the right wheel to other drivers looks like it going to fall off
Changed the coil.. Still nothing. Iv got power at the coil and distributor. But no spark coming from the coil. I was told if it was the cps at fault the fuel pump wouldn't kick on. But it does.please help
when i accelerate the mileage disappears and the brake and abs lights come on..when i brake the AIR BAG light comes on and dings really loud.. the radio was still working saying it was playing a song on the 10 disc cd...
when going up a hill it feel like a turtle . but when I hold the pedal down it take off like jet
When the lights are off the left brake light works, the right does not. When the lights are on both tail lights work fine. When brake applied, the left side shuts off entirely and the right side does not brighten. T...
Came on about 6 months ago, been reset, comes back after couple hours. Had exhaust manifolds repaired about 4 months ago, thought that was issue but light came back again. No operational problems at all. Has approx 90...
Hooking up the computer, it says threshold efficiency , what is that??
Start. Looks like a key with line through it in top right corner of cluster
console and air slowly turn on when key is in the on position
I just rebuilt the rear end. it had a Dana 44 with new disc and gears. when I take the rear drive shaft down, and spin the wheels you can still here it coming from the rear end.
is this the range sensor and if so can it be cleaned or does it need replaced?