Absolutely no heat going to the driver side floor but all of the other vents work fine. They're almost too hot.

the plastics clips and cable broke on my top could not shut the back part after opening. took to dealership and was told the whole top and assembly had to be replaced. why does the top have to be replaced when it was ok. can't they just replace th clips and cable.tjis has only happened once.

should I swap engine at 128,xxx miles? bought this used in TX from female college student after returning from attending VA Tech 4 years. do not know how severe the college student's driving habits were. will have her get codes read; should she pay for reputable or have read at the parts house for free?

Our local dealership replaced the pump and charged us $132.00 for the pump and $91.50 for labor.I have priced the pump and it isnt even close to being that much.Have we been ripped off?

I had this jeep since new but always at start, sitting 7 hours, it sounds like a rattle for 3 minutes or so. I worked on cars in my younger days and know this is not right. I been told by 2 different dealers it is normal and they all do it. They gave me excuses that the pistons shrink cold and rattle side to side until they heat and expand. I was told it was the over head timing chains rattling until oil hit them. I know others that have the same engine and they always hear knocking sounds at idle that go away on acceleration. It has not gotten any worse in 3 years but the engine has power but just sounds like crap. The dealer says they all do it and that's why they stopped making it. I also notice when they change the oil and first start it up the whole engine growls and grinds for a few seconds like the crank is falling out but goes away fast. Anyone have the similar engine problems. I know with the extended jeep contract they do little engine repairs other then if it blows up and they replace the engine according to the dealer....

this just atarted happing when i hit a bump in the road

I have attempted to drive it in reverse to see if that helps but to no avail. Can i drive it in neutral safely on the highway and normal streets?

The mechanic that did my oil change brought this to my attention. He stated rear brakes normally last 30k. Does anyone else seem to have a problem with this? My front brakes are fine but rear are almost shot.

When I try to start the car sometimes I can put the key in and turn it and nothing happens, try again same thing happens. Put the key back in and it starts fine. This doesn't happen all the time. Had it at the dealer for 2 days and they couldn't get it to repeat my problem, yet when I first brought it in it happened in front of the service manager. They had it on the computer and it checked out fine. I tried a different key and it happened again today. I had the skim module changed at 30,000 miles for the same problem (under warranty). Jeep has 62,000 miles now and same mechanic worked on it again. Says nothing shows up on the computer. It started fine the last 2 days until today. I can't figure it out. Please help.

There was no noticeable leak...this was the first time I used the heat this fall...can a vehicle just dump out like that...

I noticed the roof was not comply closed and pushed the button to close it. First the front started to open so I pushed to the button to close. It was then that the back stated to open, now the front and back are open and a horrible clicking happens when I push the button to open or close. The driver side rear is locked and will not close or move, the passenger side back will slide back and forth. I read it is a bad cable if so how much to they run?

One morning my Jeep would not start .Now we can,t get it in neutral to move it.Is there a recall on this?

I checked gas cap which is tightly closed. Light doesn't always go on but most of the time it does.

Please detail the costs - the actual parts, labor, etc. thanks.
Also, is it wise to put in a used transmission? If so, what are the costs involved to replace w/a used unit?

Cost to replace transmission.

my jeep was running hot on and off, finally figured out it was the fan, as the mechanic was testing the fan antifreeze came from the front left side area near the lights, we are trying the process of elimination praying its not cracked. He replaced the top radiator hose, but this morning after parking, I noticed the drip again. How much should it cost to be replaced, how long it takes and more importantly how long can I ride with a cracked radiator.

I also noticed the sound of the fan still going for about 3 sec after turning off the jeep. I lift the hood I noticed the coolant boiling. Yesterday I had the radiator fan checked and it was good. I had the thermostat replaced and it seem to solve the problem(the air was cold and temp did not go up. Today the same thing happened when I turned on the air, the temp went up and warm air blew out, but this time I heard a noise like a horn. I turned turned the air off and the temp went back to normal. Should I get the water pump replaced as well? What do you think the problem is? Help!

You can hear the tick while driving and more so when turning.

I have a 2003 jeep liberty sport....a couple of days ago the temp went up and the air stopped working. I began to pray and started to drive. The temp returned to normal and the air started to work again. Yesterday it happened again and this morning I was out of gas and the air was not working. I filled to half full and immediately the air stated working. this is a reoccurring problem for the past couple of days. What do you think it is

Does not stay on and comes on intermittantly.

lights come on while driving,after shut off and started back up lights go out,but will come back on diff time frames.lights have came on after being put in park.could this be a bad sensor or computer

i had front end lined up new tires and new right boot and bearns only rowers when driving and turning wheel to the right it a 4x4 please help on a fixed income cant keep spending on the wrong thing thanks and god bless

it has black smoke coming out of the tail pipe and then the spark plugs on that side are black and it wont run at an idle it shuts off immediately

abs, brake, and check engine lights flicker on and off while driving. Chrysler ran codes and found nothing.

I took car to mechanic who said he couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was showing different codes every time he diagnosed it. Another mech had same problem. Took it to Jeep dealer who said it needed fuel injectors. Had them replaced, also plugs and 2 coils. Still having problems. It is running rich and exhaust smells like rotten eggs. Any ideas? I'm running out of money!

Car did not come equipped with tmps. Part of the repairs included a new stem module and new keys.

how much to replace a brake light

Jeep making loud noises and leaking

in morning it runs fine, but then when it warms up, it starts cutting off.

i started it this morning& gave it a lil gas & it just reved. I put it back in park then tried it againg. This time it went. It seems to shift hard sometimes. I got to work and was backing into the parking place& it shuttered bad while backing up