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no fuel flowing to fuel injector

The noise is more apparent on the passenger side of the car. The Jeep is a LTD

the check engine light will not go off. another test was done and it shows that we should ceck the circuit fuse relay, were can that be found on the liberty jeep 2004,code P0038

rockers all in place wondering if engine flush might help thinking maybe oil port plugged off to lifter

they checked the alternator on the beach..and tested both the battery and alternator in the Jeep. Both Passes again...Battery light comes on and off.. Code P0562 I need some help.4


when reached 50-60mph and been noticing burnt smell had a tune up truck stopped jerking 2 days later while driving large clunk noise pulled over car turns over but wont drive transmission fluid looks black.

My ac compressor is going out I think I can bypass it. Right now I am still driving it but the ac compressor makes a lot of noise and smokes.

Jeep replace all my window due to failure to open and close. Yet the driver side still stick once in a while and I have to take it back down and then it will go all the way up. Also Jeep extended the warrant on its windows for 10 years.

My 2004 jeep liberty has a flashing check engine light and there is a knocking noise prevalent when pressing the gas pedal. Power is lower. I can also "feel" the knock in the gas pedal. Any ideas?

i took the plug out after researching misfire code to check compression instead of compression coming out i had suction and it ran without a skip with the plug out

it seems to be making a strange sound that is coming from the engine

I turn the key and nothing do it about 10 times before it catches and starts sometimes 20 times sometimes first try. Helpppppppp

My 2006 Liberty has 111000 miles and has been very well maintained. Yesterday the engine began knocking. I pulled over, checked all the obvious issues and found nothing. After about 30 minutes it started again. Today, I was doing 50 mph when I heard the knocking again. This time I began losing power and eventually the Jeep died. I towed it to my office. Here's the weird thing. When I try to start it, the starter engages, the serpentine belt starts turning but the engine is not trying to start. The starter was changed about a month ago as was the battery. I have people telling me it's the timing chain, but I have one guy who's done work for me before telling me it's the MAP sensor. I really don't know what to do next. I pulled the MAP sensor and will buy a new one tomorrow and try that, but after that I'm stumped. Any ideas?

When I turn key fan and belt engages. I can hear starter. No ignition. No warning lights. Just won't start. Was driving around 50 mph when I lost power. When I stopped engine died. Thinking it's the timing chain or the timing sensor. Anyone else with this problem. Jeep was running fine until today. Fluids okay. Nothing leaking.

My Jeep is making a loud knocking sound and the check engine light is on. Anyone know what might be wrong with it

My heater works fine, speeds 1 2 and 4 work. When I turn switch to 3, it does not work. Is this the switch, blower motor or something else

seemed odd, fuses are OK, is there a relay that controls both? Happened in summer, so no parts were frozen

I have checked for blown head gasket no steam from exhaust no water in oil and no bubbles in radiator no water in cylinders, ?? i am at a loss

3.7 engine

check engine light was flashing replaced all coils checked all injectors (all firing) replaced computer (brain) check engine light went off. still misfiring compretion test numbers were between 125 and 140 except one cyl was at 25 pulled passenger side valve cover. valve rocker had fallen out now the hydrylic lifter wont seem to hold rocker in place got it to stay in place for a short period of time (very short period of time) but ran well for that short amout of time before it fell back out why wont the rocker stay in place? lifter was pumping oil out so figured it would have enough oil pressure to hold it in place please help. thanks

Defrost and upper vent work fine

The other night the door sensor started sticking in one of the door latches saying a door was open and thus keeping the dome lights on. Can I disconnect this instead of buying new door locks?

The dealers throwing out big numbers just to look at it, and I didn't feel confident with them.

I'm unsure what to/or how check the heater.

Took pump off. No obvious leaks found. so where should I begin? Can tell it must have been leaking for sometime. All greasy on that side under pump. New to him Jeep. Hoping its not the rack and pinion steering. Any suggestion?

P0202 Fault Code exit. The Jeep ran fine for 3 hours following the FI replacement but now is running rough. I compared the old injectors and it appears one is missing the end seal and may have fallen into the #2 injector port on the engine. How do I get it out? what should I do to fix it?

does jeep liberty have a timing belt or timing chain?

heat is not blowing hot air, only cold.

it seems to be glued with a sealer

This occurs all the time.