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Numerous mechanics can not track down the issue due to the lack of consistency or pattern. I hear guesses of body control module and wiring in the front doors.
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was in a low speed accident that deployed both airbags and I am just interested to see if it's worth repairing
should I redo installing the thermostat or is there something I am missing. I bled it like instructed, but it is still running toward hot on temp gauge
Seems like 1 or 2 cylinders aren't firing. It's the 4.0 6 cyl. Could it be the "computer" ? Crank sensor was replaced long ago. Thanks for any suggestions.
Had misfires changed all 8 spark plugs and coils but still have code p0356
That the jeeps string wheel moves to its like about to loose control and the right wheel to other drivers looks like it going to fall off
when i accelerate the mileage disappears and the brake and abs lights come on..when i brake the AIR BAG light comes on and dings really loud.. the radio was still working saying it was playing a song on the 10 disc cd...
When the lights are off the left brake light works, the right does not. When the lights are on both tail lights work fine. When brake applied, the left side shuts off entirely and the right side does not brighten. T...
Replaced spark plugs, filter, sensors.
could I possibly have something going on with my suspension? I don't know too much about suspensions so I'm wondering if I have overlooked something.
Changed spark plugs and fuel filter
Power comes into the transmission relay switch for a couple of seconds then throws code ( not sure but I think its 753 and the mechanic told me it goes into limp mode) and then kills the power. We have replaced the t...
It doesn't matter if it in neutral or put it in drive if u give it gas an let off it dies like u turn it off
seems to only make noise once truck is in drive
going to replace heater core. windows fog up,condensation releases threw vent
doesn't make the sound when outside temp is below freezing. Had the power steering pump fluid changed. Didn't help. Can feel a slight drag on the steering when the moaning sound occurs.
took it back to the dealer i bought it from and the macacic had replaed sevearll bad lines on the emission lines and some of the vacume lines i now believe the gass filler might be bad are he has not ofound the line...
Pep boys says we have to replace the whole module Costing like $600 or so dollars Cause they have to order it from the factory. Is this true?
All other lights work fine. When headlights are turned on only the turn signal, break, and backup lights work
The dashboard will work for about a minute and then stop work and I have tried testing the battery and its not that. Any help please???
while I drive down the road or press the brake to stop their is air like swishing (been told I need a brake booster replaced)the past two days when I press the brake all the way down it makes my jeep stall out. or idl...
The air flow is working along with hot n cold temperature, and even with new actuator, it still doesn't seem to move or rotate. What could be the problem?