I reversed with my driver door open and accidentally hit a pole therefore my driver door was jammed the oppiste way! After that none of my Windows have had any electrical power!

The transmission over temp, ABS and the light with the vehicle and slippery road behind it all shows up at the same time. When in park then ready to drive, it doesn't go pass 25 mph, but when driving it will come on and can't go pass 60 mph help!

It will sit and run in idle can't rev the engine

I'm somewhat of a newbie to all of this, so any suggestions would be helpful. I have 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 5.2l with 4" lift kit. I drove about 25 miles to some mountains this weekend. No funny noises on the way there, no funny sounds while on the bumpy mountain road..maybe on the way back but I wasn't paying attention. This morning as I was driving, I heard squealing (like a pig getting porked) that seemed to come from somewhere in the middle of the vehicle. It only happens when I drive. Once I stop moving and am in idle, the sound goes away. Also when I turn to the left, it seems to go away briefly. While going up the mountain road I did get an overtemp warning for the trans, but I stopped immediately and let it cool for a while (50F outside). Didn't have any issues or sounds for the rest of the day as far as I could tell. But now I have this squealing and can't pin it down. I had to take the freeway home, but as I increased speed, the sound seemed to lessen a bit. Any and all suggestion would be helpful, but I'm 110% positive that that sound is not the belts (recently replaced and properly tensioned).

overheating temp gage stays at 210

We've already replace the blower motor resistor the ignition and checked all the wiring all the way to the fuse box it will only turn off when we pull fuse number 19

I would like to know if the 4.0L Jeep Grand Cherokee changed or developed their tune up kit, I was told that 4.0 Jeep Grand Cherokee no longer have distributor cap anymore and it has the coil packs instead since 1994. Please advise.

gas it will shift and somewhat recover my codes read 3 out 4 os are bad and 5outa6 cyl misfiring. if i change out the os will the cyl misfire dissapear? it also seems to have gas in the oil and just bellows out smoke not to mention 6.1 mpg

the gas it shifts and recovers still running rough my codes say 3out of4 os are bad an 5 out of 6 cyl. misfiring. do you think that changing the os will stop the misfire? i also seem to have gas in the oil?so it just bellows out smoke and gets 6.1 mpg?i havent done much new plugs and coil bar so far

a message comes on saying to service 4 wheel drive switch

I have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee laredo with a blown 4,.7 liter engine /the eighth digit in the serial number is "n" I found an engine from a 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo with a 4.7 liter engine /eighth digit in serial number is also "n"
is the wiring harness the same on the 2004 as the 2002?

The Jeep came back from a transmission place. As far as I know they dropped the pan to look at things. They replaced fluid, put pan back on. Drove car home and radio had died. Screen is totally black. Can't turn on the radio. Any suggestions? Is there a fuse for the unit?

Serious vibrations when accelerating, especially up any incline. 100,000 miles on engine. Also experience slight delay when push pedal to accelerate. First told I have to replace transmission. Then told a Valve Box update and new torque converter would be an option. What should I do?

this started when my battery went dead and i jump startd the car.

driving on toll rd. About 70 mph. I noticed the heat was on very high. Jeep stalls .4 wheel light reads in low. Thought I was out of gas. Got gas. Started jeep and drive. It was locked in 4 wheel low. Jerking wouldn't go over 20-30 mph. Transmission Electronic? This happened Christmas day.

my electronic brake lights on and.traction control. I checked wheel sensors ,maybe i used wrong procedure? they did not showing any voltage or resistance? need the correct procedure to check this ? I'm suspecting its the electronic brake control module unable to drive. properly, brakes act eratic when applied any Ideas Help!!!!!!!!!!! 2005 jeep grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 over 200,000 miles. The problem appeared when I had to remove the dash to correcte a blend door problem. when I re installed steel cage,.dash and re connected battery service electronic brake system message appeared. now what???

Anyone else have a problem with short circuits in the brake lights?

What's wrong with my jeep grand Cherokee Laredo? My jeep had a leak in the radiator and then the engine started over heating. Replaced the radiator and thermostat took engine apart cleaned engine and replaced the head gaskets put it back together and tryed starting it well it started but there's a knocking in it and the piston isn't in the best of shape and it seems to work but it doesn't look like the sound is coming from the piston and it's still overheating I'm not sure what is wrong with it and i don't want to take it to a mechanic because I would like to fix it please help me figure out how to fix my jeep.

I just got a tune up, the serpentine belt replaced and a new fuel filter put on.