My jeep will not start! The radio turns on and the power locks work. But I can not use the hazards or turn on any lights. When I turn rhe key, the gauges fo crazy and I hear a little click but nothing else. I let it sit overnight and nothing. I just got it jumped yesterday and the guy told me the negative was loose. How do I fix it. Should I get another battery altogether. Also what type of jump starter should I buy for this vehicle

Im meaning in yrs type

Will it blow the fuse & act like a dead battery?

I added fluid in the morning and by the evening it was low again

I just recently had a transmission repair/replace and the engine light is now coming on. Is the transmission a part of the engine?

The fan won't come on? Does it need a fuse?

Just like to know ig the rear and front spring coils will sit fine

is my battery done, ? charging it isnt really doing anything,,clicks starts again turn off engine no power to stero or door locks surity light comes on when running

They made a pype from the steering pump to the fan motor at a hydraulic shop and they put the wrong oil in the system.I changed the oil and pump but still no steering.Air bleed out.Could the wrong oil in the system damaged the seals in the steering box or could it be the made up pype.

My last step to removing my old starter was to slid up the red tab on the starter/silanoid sensor. I broke off the top part of the red plastic tab with a screw driver while trying to slid it up to remove the sensor and now I can't install the new starter. How can I try and slid up and unlock the damaged red tad without damaging the sensor. Help please! Thanks.

I recently bought 2007 Jeep.The previous owner was involved in an accident and didn't want to spend money for the repair.So we bought it assume that it was only body repair it needed.We replaced bumper,radiator,headlights and front cradle. Had it test drive for about a week or so and then it began.The truck would not start at all, at first it would not start for a few minutes then a few hours(12-24) now it doesn't start for days(2-4).Makes a click nose like it wants to turn up.The repair shop told us it needed to get alignment done because the code machine flag alignment.So we got it align while all this is going on the ESP/BAS and skid light are on.Then we were told that they thought the clock spring was broken because the steering wheel would lock in place and the truck would not start.So we replaced that.Now we thought we were done and we are told the code machine is giving different codes on passenger side accident was on driver side. Any suggestions on what it can be?or should I take it to the dealership?

All was great, went to fill up, got in started her up. Right as i pull off it starts to ride rough, with hesitation,
Sputtering, n LOUD. Correct gas was
Pumped. Also, check engine light came on, not a steady light but a blinking one. Since timing got worse with each start til it completely stalled
And would not start back up it would turn over you can hear the engine turn over but it would not start. Crankshaft
Position sensor replaced, after, we could get it to start again and stay at a idle but rough n noisy ALMOST as it was before but alittle better I suppose. PLEASE HELP, ANY IDEAS
All i did was fill her up.

Recently got a notification from the Jeep's computer telling me that the coolant level is low. Went to the store, bought coolant, topped it off to the fill line, drove home and the very next day, got the same notification and the level had dropped to where it was before I topped the reservoir off. I noticed some fluid below the Jeep after i filled it the third time. After filling it for the 4th time, noticed the drops coming from somewhere in the engine bay, but couldn't see where the fluid was coming from. If anyone knows where the leak is coming from or knows any reputable independent mechanics, that'd be great

I tried giving it gas and it still wouldn't stay running. The alarm doesn't work either. I tried taking out the computer and sanding the grounds out but still nothing. I'm guessing it electrical. Gages won't move, it'll start but won't stay running. Only runs for a good 2-3 seconds. I'm not sure.



started smelling about an hour after 100 mile trip, coming from back , strongest around both wheel wells. Lowered tank about 1" and noticed fuel lines can't confirm that is where it is coming from. Fill tubes seam fine, but is hard to fill lately, must add slow.rear quick fit ends to sender were rusted, bad. but can't confirm leak there. I live 20 miles from town and is my only car so I must have at least 3 fixes per possibility or I'm stuck. Thank you & GOD BLESS

It is my only car, when I drop the tank I must know all possibilities cause I live 20 miles to town. Thanks