The problem is ongoing and needs to be fixed according to the repair shop. Can you tell me where the Sensor is located on my vehicle, and how much it should cost to replace it. Can it be replaced by me or will it require an expert?

Just replaced the head, valves, springs, spark plugs, wires, starter, altenator,fuel injectors, distributor cap,roter button....you get the idea!! All of these repairs took place over the last few months. The check engine light is back on and the enngine seems to be overwhelmed when shifting the transmission!! It was running grea tjust after the head was changed...then the light camme on and it went back to that. I do have a remote starter and it hooks into the cylinder 4 fuel injector. Not sure what else to look at!!

I went in for a normal oil change and the service person at the dealiership told me I need to get 4WD service performed even if I never used the 4WD. I'm a little over 21,000 miles and never got the service with my previous Jeep. The service is about $200 and I would like to know if it's something that's absolutly necessary?

A squirrel chewed up most of the small wires in my engine, spark plug wires ac wires hood light insulation in hood etc. The lights dont turn on in the interior, the headlights don't work on auto, onlt on regular, and who knows what other wires she chewed. The car was shimming badly and check engine light came on. When I opened the hood I found the damage.

2004 Jeep Grand cherokee, used vehicle to jump another vehicle, parked it then next time we used it the interior lights will not go off while driving, power windows and power lock on doors do not work..

oil pump replacement costs

my jeep sounds like a diesel truck, why is this? it sounds like this all the time

I need front diff work...pinion gear any estimates?

When my headlights are on, the front passenger side headlight is on but its very dim. The headlight on the driver's side is normal. On the tailight on the passenger side the turn signal light stays on permanently when the headlights are switched on but it is dim. And on the overhead message center in the vehicle (where is says the temperature and compass etc.) is beeps all the time and says "turn signal on". But when i actually turn on the right turn signal it blinks on and off at the normal brightness. I understand this is most likely a wiring issue but I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this before and exactly what it was and perhaps the cost of the repair.

Looks like the fan is not coming on when the engine is idleling or when the temp gets around 200

when I first start up my oil pressure indicator pegs out on high and only moves slighty after warn up

my service 4wd system light is on and i'm worried that its something serious

I really don't feel comfortable replacing engine in 10 yr old car.

I came out to my car to go to midnight mass on Dec 24 and when I turned on my car the car was shaking and the check engine light was on. When I opened the hood I saw a broken wire(which was attached to the left side of the engine). It looked like there were 2 wires there but I'm not sure. Also the hood lining/insulation was all ripped up as if something hit it like a whip. What is this wire and can I drive my car to the shop w/o damaging my engine? How much do you think it will cost to repair?

I've been experiencing engine shudder and have also experienced a reduction in power going uphill accompanied by a flashing check engine light. The check engine light has for the most part remained on, though it did go out for a brief time. The problem started about a week ago. I have codes p208 (#8 cylinder injector malfunction) and p308 (#8 cylinder injector misfire) and understand that I'll likely need to have the injector replaced. It's probably too late, but I've added fuel additive to a full tank of gas which claims to clean the injectors and remove water, among other benefits. I'm visiting relatives for the holidays and plan to use the Jeep to give it a good run with the additive (Ever-Wear Triple T). How much risk is there in running it until I can afford the repair?

I own a Wrangler and love it. I have owned an older model Grand Cherokee and loved it. I just bought this used Grand Cherokee and like it a lot, but the new computers are driving me crazy. I have had a few different things happen that I am uncertain to the cause. Three times in the last month, the message center said "Service Electrical Brake System" and the check engine light came on. As soon as I turned off the vehicle, the check engine light went off and so did the electrical brake system message and no code was stored. The first time it happened, all of the instrument cluster gauges went off and then came one again with the engine still running. However, this is the fourth time I have gotten the electrical brake system message and the check engine light stayed on. So without shutting it off I had Autozone check the code and it came back as U1411. This has happened right after starting it and after driving a few miles down the street. I am only in a major city for 2 more days (of which the dealerships are closed for the holidays) and live 4 hours from a Jeep dealership and don't want to take it that far if I can fix this myself. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Ignition switch? ECIM?

Need to replace my alternator

How much is it going to cost me?


yesterday went to start the jeep with the auto starter.It started up normally. It suddenly made a loud noise that sounded close to a backfire.Then the car stopped and didn't start up.Tried again and it started.Then smelled a burning smell like fire.I left the car and saw a white smoke 10 minutes after at the windsheild. Smelled the burning until we turned the heat off. Then the jeep ran normally until the check engine light came on two hours later with an error code P1294. any idea what's wrong?Their no no high levels on the meters and unless I put the heater on no burning smell.

I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The blend door is not broke yet but there is a loud ratcheting sound in the dash, sounds like it's comimg from the vent on the right side of the steering wheel. When I start the vehicle, It will ratchet for about 30 seconds and then stop. Heating, A/C and controls are still working. How long do I have before this breaks and do you have a solution to fix this problem ??

Thank you.

happens all the time

Accelerating while in gear feels very sticky and uneven.I replaced detent cable and no luck.Vehicle accelerates fine in nuetral and park,but feels like something is dragging or hanging up when in gear?

we recently had new seals installed in the rear axel along with all new rear bushings.Oddly the front end now wobbels loudly.Upon applying the brakes the wobble stops.It seems to be opposite of the normal complaints.We also installed 4 new and balanced tires.Wobble begins as soon as the vehicle moves and progresses in speed with the vehicles speed.

As I turned on my jeep this morning this light remained on while driving- it stood flashing all the time! What can I do to repair or what is the next step I should take?

Let me begin by saying I have replaced the flasher relay,all bulbs(front and rear) and rear sockets and checked fuses.My turn signals click rapidly and not at all in the rear.The bulbs that do flsh in the front are the outside reflecter bulbs.Anything else to check before I take it to a dealershop.My mechanic said he'd change the turn signal switch on the steering and "maybe" that "might" solve the problem.For what he's asking($400.00)"maybe and "might" just don't work for me,no disrespect to any mechanics who might read this post.

Need to junk this car and to get 50 bucks worth of gas out of it. They tell me there is a safety valve and you cannot siphon gas out of it. Is there a way to break this and if not can you give me details on how to get it out of the tank from underneath--I am a woman, so explain in detail, thanks in advance.

Was told I need a shift assembly for my 2006 jeep grand cherokee. Engine light flashes on and off. Sometimes I here a sound.

believe problem is electrical as sometimes it will start
but otherwise no contact?

Occasionally my engine will stall while driving upon a complete stop or if i take my foot of the gas and my engine is running lower than 2000 rpm. I also notice that when this occurs my voltage meter on my dash drops below the running volts of 12-14. It only happens on occasion not all the time, and it's been going on for around a week or so. What could cause this and how can i fix it?

I believe my transmission is not shifting into overdrive, but I'm not sure if that is the correct answer or not to my question of why I would be running at such a high rpm value at this speed. Normally i'm running around 2250-2500, but for the past couple of days on/off it has been running higher. What could cause this and how can i fix it?

Hello, I have a 97 Grand Cherokee w/ the 4.0L i6. It has recently developed a problem where it starts and idles fine in P or N, but shifting into gear causes it to idle very roughly and eventually stall. I can shift into gear & then rev up quickly to get it to drive, then it drives fine, shifts fine, etc, until I come to a stop, where it will idle roughly and stall eventually. Any ideas?