cant get the bearing assembly off my jeep to replace upper &lower balljoints

My fuel gauge would only read 3/4 full after fill-up and then it became that I was unable to fill the tank completely before the pump would shut off. The dealership said the rollover valve was defective and that the entire tank had to be replaced. However after spending $1,000 on this I still had the problem They then said the sender valve was defective and replaced it at no cost.The problem then went away. My question is was it really necessary to replace the fuel tank or were they trying to cover up an unnecessary repair?

Starts and runs fine but the amp meter runs high and when you put in reverse or drive it dies and will restart with no problems

I would like to know a reasonable charge for installing a Body Control Module in my Jeep. They are charging me $500 for the part.....

When: everytime it's running. where : gurging behind the glove box.

the car did the above for a while but now no restart at all, only the click

my jeep stards shaking real bad when i drive at 40 miles pre hr.i change tires balance them.

Car wont engage drive or reverse. Engine starts fine. Fluid looks fine and car is held in Park without brake. I can feel the rpms go down when in reverse and drive. Car simply does not engage in either. Happened suddenly.

Can I put a motor from a 1998 jeep grand cherokee in a 2000 jeep grand cherokee. Also would the transmission and 4 wheel drive work in the 2000?

my jeep has been squealing when you let off the accelerator and my mechanic has narrowed it down to the throttle body -- yet he tells me there is a NATIONWIDE backorder for these (?) Is there a recall on Jeep for such a thing if there is such a demand?

I am 72 years old and due to health problems COPD for one,living on fixed S.S. income. Live in Pensacola, FL. I need the cheapest and best help to repair this problem! Is the ONE decent person out here to help me


My dash board lights flash on and off by themselves.
Now the headlights are doing the same.
replaced the alternator no help.

when driving my jeep it cuts off after 10min of normal driving

My jeep has a 6 Cyl, 4.0 motor that is blown. What would it approx cost me to have the bad motor pulled and replaced with a used motor out of a wrecked jeep. If I provide the used motor. Average cost at a local garage.

left rear tail light, brake,and turn signal stop working when headlights are switched on. brake and signal works when not on. all bulbs are good.

All instruments in cluster work correctly , but two days ago the speedometer was not working when I looked at it upon leaving the garage.

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TYPE OF AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION MY 97 Grand Cherokee with a inline 6 cyl. have? My repair manual shows 5 auto trans for this year model. I looked at the model # on the trans and it does not match any of the models in my manual "42RE / 42RH / 44RE / 46RH / 46RE" The # on the trans was really hard to read but it looked like "PY21195 or PY521195". Please help


How much will it cost to have the cover of a headlight replaced it was broken in an accident

I have been told I need a cylinder replaced or possibly the engine replaced

overheating and I am not losing water anywhere other than when it explodes.

I have changed out my HVAC fan motor and blower resistor and the fan from time to time still will only work on hight. None of the wires at any time showed any problems. What should I be looking for next to get the fan to work consistently at all speeds?

what make the jeep stop running at a stop. it may run a whole day without stopping but the nest day it will stop running at a stop, but it will start rught back up.could this be expensive!

how long does a body control module last

My car is a 2004 Overlander - with electrial problems. I need a resonable price and a good mechanic to take it to. The seat heater shorted, the windows would not roll down, the lights done work sometimes, sometimes it will not start - there is nothing wrong with the starter, battery, alternator. I need a mechanic - but do not want to spend than 1500.00 to fix it. HELP

The brrens and axel went out on my Jeep and I need the whole thing. I think it is size 35.

My Jeep has been shutting off while driving in town, and also happened once while on the freeway. Sometimes it'll start right back up. but mostly I have to turn it over a few times to get it going. It will run fine for about a month or so, then it starts acting up again, usually about 4 to 5 times a week. I don't have any paperwork from the shop I took it too with me, as the Jeep is at my son's house with all of that in there. Now, the ABS light keeps turning on & I was told I need to replace something with the computer system in there.
The shutting off problem has been going on about 3 years, off and on. I've had several shops take a look at it, and say they fixed it, but it never does. Any suggestions? Thank you :) Julie


the battery loses its charge somehow. we tested at was low but good.fine for a day or so, then it starts but immediately quits when I put in drive.

When I am crusing along at about 60 or 65 mph, all of the sudden I hear and feel a violent thumping sound that sounds like it is coming from the front end or center of the car and the wheel pulls to the right. When I stop, the problem stops for a few miles and then starts again. I recently had the transmission rebuilt and have changed the roters, calipers and brake shoes on both the right and left front.