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What repairs and changes are really needed at a 60.000mile
inspection? I don't wanna have unnecessary things done. It's a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007

how to replace lower Radiator Support on a 1995 jeep grand cherokee laredo?

When I acclerate I hear a pinging or knocking sound. It is worse first thing in the morning but continues when ever I acclerate.

want to know where the drain tube for the sunroof comes out underneath. I tried to unplug with wire but only goes to the bottom of the windshield and is stuck. I pour water in the sunroof drain and some water comes out on the ground, but then it comes in by the plastic on the side of the window. Please help my floorboard is soaked and it is going to rain again tom. Thanks!!!

makes noises when try to put in 4 low or high and just wont go in , but says in allwheel drive

back wheels locked up could it be transfer case on 98 gr cherokee or could fluid b low put truck in reverse then drive and it went

believe it to be a miss fire, but not sure. have already replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor. still has small miss while stationary. when driving it begins to buck, spit and sputter while trying to maintain any speed that keeps the rpms around 1500-2000, if I press the gas more to make it accel harder it stops but when I back off in order to maintain speed it spits and sputters. doesn't act up if rpms are below 1500 or while decellerating

cost of parts and labor to replace timing chain in 95 grand cherokee limited 8 cyl 4 wheel all time.... time without vehicle and is it a real b*** buster to do?

Tail lights work but no brake light when the brake pedal is down. Is this a fuse?

bout front seats doesent slide back and forward, what could be the problem ?

when traveling down city street with car in drive transmission seems to disengage motor will rev up you have to stop put in park turn off the ignition restart the car then all will works fine for several days until it happens again

Jeep makes a squinking sound when I turn the defrost on then ck Battery light comes on, after I turn defrost off and shut down engine everything starts back just fine

What tools are needed to replace the petcock/drian valve?? How long does this repair usually take and how difficult?

My coolant light keeps coming on 2002 jeep grand cherokee. The radiator is full and the over flow tank is full. The light stays on even after reseting it. At first it only came on once in awhile. And stayed off when you reset it til one of the doors to the car was opened and closed. Then the light would turn back on.

My coolant light keeps coming on 2002 jeep grand cherokee. The radiator is full and the overfill is full. The light keeps coming on even after I reset it.

For about two days the jeep was not always starting when you turn the key. After a few turns with it doin nothing then it would start. It still has power the battery is brand new and the battery cables are clean, starter is about a year half years old.

The alarm/key light is flashing and motor will start but will get shut down.

what could cause a vibration at about 50-55mph sounds like it could be in the rear

replaced power boost and brake lights stay on

I can't get the key our of the ignition. It was fine one minute then all of a sudden, I put the jeep in park and the key won't come out. It won't turn to the "off" position in the ignition. This usually only happens when the vehicle isn't in "park". My son even crawled under the Jeep to watch the linkage as I shifted. It is in :park:. It has 205,000 miles. What is wrong?

Hi my 94 jeep grand cherokee sometimes when i put it in drive it wont shift into all the gears i check the tranny fluid, it was three quarts low but it still doesnt shift properly, and when im park on a hill it rolls real slow in park, what could it be?

ongoing problem with backup lights...have to be fixed over and over again...keep going out...any suggestions?

driving along lite came on speed dropedto20mph tack jumped to 30000rpm then it went away but lite stayed on

During below zero weather, the driver side rear view exterior mirror cracked down the middle. How much would it cost to have it replaced

My check engine light is coming on with a code P0750 Shift solenoidA Malfunction. I have had the light turned off about 4-5 times at a local Advance Auto store. This code has been appearing over a period of about 4 months now. I have been told all kinds of stuff about it and a little leary about who is telling the truth. I have been told that the part cost $85 from one mechanic and $500 from another mechanic. I am on disability and live on a very limited income and can't afford to overpay or pay for dishonest work. The Jeep is shifting fine except when the light comes on and then a couple times when you give it the gas it does not go with full power. The RPM's go up but with little power to the drivetrain. Each time that has happened I used some Lucas transmission fix addative. That has happened twice and once I used a quart of regular fluid. I have not noticed any leaks on the ground since the problem has started. But the fluid was low 3 times and I added a quart each time. So that has been 3 quarts added. The transmission was serviced about 9 months ago with a fluid and filter change. The Jeep presently has 160,000 miles. It has not been driven rough or harshly with most miles being highway. Most recently, when the check engine light came on and the fluid was checked it was full. And the drivetrain was responding with little or no power. It was immediately parked and later checked and the light turned off at another Advance Auto and it was shifting and doing fine. This issue is just about enough to drive you crazy and you do not feel comfortable driving anywhere. I am alway afraid of breaking down and an expensive bill. I really can't afford to just go and buy another auto. I need my transportation for groceries and doctors. Thankyou in advance for any honest advice.

trans stays in low gear too long all the time, my mechanic tested it, says it needs trans job quoted me $2400. I trust him, but want to know if this is good price

driving out of driveway press the gas peddle but no speedthe vechile runs good

I'm changing 97 5.2 for a 93 4.0. I need to know here the plug is I need to change for the electical is located, and what else I need to change?

i have been working and researching on this jeep for almost a week. it is a 1999 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7 v8. drive down the road get about 35 mph and it acts like it is starving for fuel. it will bog way down the more you step on the gas. get below the 35 and it runs just fine. replaced the crank sensor cause that's the first thing that i ran across on the research. what could be the problem?

im getting like 3 miles per gallon, what could be causing this?