the battery loses its charge somehow. we tested at A.Zone.it was low but good.fine for a day or so, then it starts but immediately quits when I put in drive.

When I am crusing along at about 60 or 65 mph, all of the sudden I hear and feel a violent thumping sound that sounds like it is coming from the front end or center of the car and the wheel pulls to the right. When I stop, the problem stops for a few miles and then starts again. I recently had the transmission rebuilt and have changed the roters, calipers and brake shoes on both the right and left front.

changed out tie rods.motormounts,shockabsorber,brakes, hub,rims, had alignment and balancing, changed knuckle and the knuckle keeps on stripping where the screws hold on the calipers. what is really going on?

No air coming out of vents for hot or cold.

all4x4 is not working, when the back tires are spinning the front tires do nothing. The back drive works fine. when I put it in low 4 it works fine all tires spin. help me out it snowing Thanks

What would be a fair price to have my rear differential and radiator replaced?

I put it in reverse and nothing happens when i step on the gas. forward works

how difficult will it be to put a 4.0 from a 1998 grand cherokee in my 2002 grand cherokee (also a 4.0)

I got into an accident yesterday where I bumped into a Jeep's front bumper. So, I left a note for the owner with my contact info. Well, today I got a call from an auto body telling me that it would cost about $750 to repair because they will have to remove the bumper, repaint it, etc. I don't know much about repair costs... Am I being ripped off here?

Was I over charged?

My Jeep has performed flawlessly until now. In August my gear slipped into Neutral while on the freeway and corrected it self when I stopped. Check Engine light and code P070. It was cleared and never exhibted this issue again. However, my fuel mileage continues to drop. It has gone from 17/18 around town down to 14 mpg and now at 11 mpg. Computer shows no error, so I had had my sensors manually examined and spark plugs replaced. No other symptoms. I feel like I'm waiting for my Jeep to break down.


Engine light comes on when I start the car. NO detectable problems.

This problem started about a month ago. It stops and all of a sudden there is a click and everything is working again. It has happened 3-4 times lasts from a hour to days. Also the battery had to be replaced because it kept dieing. I thought this was the problem but I guess not.

My daughters car won't stay running unless you have your foot on the gas the minute you take your foot off it dies

Oil coming out of grommet. How do I get this off and replace?

bad manifold

Recently,I left my car keys in the car. A tow driver was called and he opened it by placing something down the drivers window. Since then ,I can not open manually with a key. The doods do lock and unlock with my signaling device.
How can I repair so that the key itself will open with out using the signalling device?

1999 jeep grand cherokee transfer case rear main seal removal

car heats up quick and runs slightly hotter than usual but doesnt produce heat, when heater is turned on, blows COLD

I have owned my jeep for 4 yrs or more. I let my husband drive the jeep which he shared with our 21 yr old daughter. About a month ago my husband told me we are having shifting issue's,he said that while driving at 45mph the transmission would down shift for no reason, (no brake was applied or deceleration started) I drove the jeep in both 4wh and 2wh and noticed little change in its shifting. Thinking my husband was nuts I started driving Jeep daily to and from work about 10 miles. Recently in the last few weeks I did start having issues when accelerating. The transmission acted as if it didn't want to shift into 2nd gear, I found if I raised rpm then released gas peddle this would solve issue, going into 3rd gear never seemed dificult, and no extra prompts were needed. Last week the jeep just stopped going into 2nd gear at all unless forced by useing gear shifter. I have kept up on transmission fluids, all have been ok and needed very little fluid. when it stopped going into 2nd gear this week i did a full under body check. No the fluid does not a burnt look or smell, and has been at proper level. There is a line that has a leak and it looks as if it is also leaking around tranny seal of pan area. Did I mention 1st gear works, reverse, and park also work with no hesitation, I am going to try new filter but like I said fluid is clean before tranny and at the back where the plug hole is. Any possible Ideas friends dont think filter is issue. Help need to drive not walk to work.

i had no rev. so i put a trans with 13,000 miles on it. now the rev is doing the same thing. It will shift into gear but not move.Does the tcm still think that the old trans is still in the car? And should it be flashed? If not please help me out.

how much too replace?

On Dec. 10, I drove my new red GC Laredo off the lot. On Jan. 10, I put on my new plates, and five hours later, the vehicle died as I exited the freeway. Now I've been told it had a major malfunction and a new engine is required. I was also told this is the first case of this problem according to the service manager and Detroit. Hmmm. I want a new vehicle, not a new engine. Actually I think I'd rather have a refund. Five years ago, I drove off another dealer lot with a 2005 GC Limited, and then proceeded to bring it in 16 times the first year for stalling issues, which were never repaired. A new Chrysler?? Doubt that. Anyone else have an engine problem with a new 2011?

what is cost of having a oil pump replaced?

Just started happening. Cold starts ok and runs as long as you give a little gas. If you remove foot from peddal it will die. If I let it warm up, it will idle ok. Throttle body is clean.

My check engine light is on! I was told to inspect Charcoal Cannister. What should I be looking for to fix problem or does it have to be replaced? Help Cherokee Larry

what is the cost to replace the timing chain cover "gasket", the gasket is causing anitfreeze to leak out

Since last winter, I have had an issue with my ABS kicking in when I drive in the snow. I can be backing out of my driveway with 1 in of snow on the ground and they start pulsing. I get to the main road in my development and can be going 10 MPH, as soon I touch the break, the ABS starts up. This is our 4th Jeep product and 2nd Grand Cherokee and I have never had this happen before. Tires are 1 year old with plenty of tread, so that isn't the issue. I took it to the dealer and was told this is normal...as I took a mechanic for a pulsing ride in the parking lot. It does not occur on dry roads and it hasn't thrown a code. My husband has a Subaru and has never had this occur during similar conditions. When this occurs, I don't feel like I am in charge of the vehile. Is there an issue?

i have 1993 g cherokee 5.2 v8 and 1994 with no motor or trans, can i take and put my running gear from my 93 in to 94 body?