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How do I replace the Heater core?
Had a/c charged because blowing hot air,blew cold air for 3 weeks then hot air again.I was told needed new compressor.He went ahead and charged a/c until compressor came in,its blowing cold air.If the compressor was b...
transmission doesn't slip 1st and 2nd Ok but is delayed shifting to high gear at times
My sunroof does not work.
I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limit with a 6 cylinder (4.0 liter) engine. The engine is a replacement with 70k miles on it. I have driven it under 500 miles and it now is stalling every 5 to 10 miles. I'm forced t...
My 2005 Grand Cherokee (hemi) bucks at speeds between 38 and 43/45 mph. The dealer can't find the answer even though we were able to duplicate the problem several times with the tech in the car. No codes that we know...
instaled new water pump and small drip of anti freez stillleaking is this normal
when i run a/c condensation fills up floor boards and puddles under back seat
where is the relay for the cooling fan the owners manual doesn't say or is it a temp. sensor.
my fan continues to run all the time. when the battery charger is hooked up it says theirs a problem. could my battery be causing my fan to stay on?
Car heats up while driving cools down while ideling. Had car at garage replaced thermostat, radiator Mechanic thought we needed a head gasket and may have a cracked head. Help what to do next??
where might I find BLOWER MOTOR RESISTOR on my 06 JEEP Liberty, do u think it will B easy to get at, Thank u
car smokes black smoke when accelerated... runs but has rough idle uses a lot of gas 6 to 8 miles to the gallon
Wen stopped in traffic, the engine temperature rises to hot.
Thermostat is blowing out white smoke after replacing. Does seal need a lubricant?
Can you give me step by step directions on how to replace the camshaft postion sensor. The truck acts like it isn't getting fuel, we checked the fuel pump and fuel filter, and we're getting fuel all the way to the rai...
I have already replaced my remote key battery. Last time my remote didn't work (had to buy a new one)I was still able to get inside and when I turned on the ignition the alarm would stop. This time the problem is not...
I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee,it wont start,hooked up code readerand it showed code p1492,i need to know what this is please if u can help me.
I was wondering how much it would cost to get rear bumper replaced or repaired for my car?
i have the part ready, just i have to figure out where is located on my car grand cherokee 1999 v8
every time i fill the tank
My front and rear differentials are leaking. What should be done and how much should it cost
dash guages are flipping out and radio time keeps reseting to 1200
loud humming noise coming from rear of the jeep especially on the highway
drver side turn lights will not operate, bulbs are good. What could be problem?
the circuit board was replaced in february, the bulb is new but my brake light doesn't work Is this really expensive to fix or can I fix it myself. thank you very much
my rear power windows are not working. the front work fine
got code 1494 fuel pump sensor where is it