ongoing problem with backup lights...have to be fixed over and over again...keep going out...any suggestions?

driving along lite came on speed dropedto20mph tack jumped to 30000rpm then it went away but lite stayed on

During below zero weather, the driver side rear view exterior mirror cracked down the middle. How much would it cost to have it replaced

My check engine light is coming on with a code P0750 Shift solenoidA Malfunction. I have had the light turned off about 4-5 times at a local Advance Auto store. This code has been appearing over a period of about 4 months now. I have been told all kinds of stuff about it and a little leary about who is telling the truth. I have been told that the part cost $85 from one mechanic and $500 from another mechanic. I am on disability and live on a very limited income and can't afford to overpay or pay for dishonest work. The Jeep is shifting fine except when the light comes on and then a couple times when you give it the gas it does not go with full power. The RPM's go up but with little power to the drivetrain. Each time that has happened I used some Lucas transmission fix addative. That has happened twice and once I used a quart of regular fluid. I have not noticed any leaks on the ground since the problem has started. But the fluid was low 3 times and I added a quart each time. So that has been 3 quarts added. The transmission was serviced about 9 months ago with a fluid and filter change. The Jeep presently has 160,000 miles. It has not been driven rough or harshly with most miles being highway. Most recently, when the check engine light came on and the fluid was checked it was full. And the drivetrain was responding with little or no power. It was immediately parked and later checked and the light turned off at another Advance Auto and it was shifting and doing fine. This issue is just about enough to drive you crazy and you do not feel comfortable driving anywhere. I am alway afraid of breaking down and an expensive bill. I really can't afford to just go and buy another auto. I need my transportation for groceries and doctors. Thankyou in advance for any honest advice.

trans stays in low gear too long all the time, my mechanic tested it, says it needs trans job quoted me $2400. I trust him, but want to know if this is good price

driving out of driveway press the gas peddle but no speedthe vechile runs good

I'm changing 97 5.2 for a 93 4.0. I need to know here the plug is I need to change for the electical is located, and what else I need to change?

i have been working and researching on this jeep for almost a week. it is a 1999 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7 v8. drive down the road get about 35 mph and it acts like it is starving for fuel. it will bog way down the more you step on the gas. get below the 35 and it runs just fine. replaced the crank sensor cause that's the first thing that i ran across on the research. what could be the problem?

im getting like 3 miles per gallon, what could be causing this?

Loud growling nose and vibration in the front that can be felt in the pedals and the floor of the vehicle. My Dad thought it was a wheel bearing but a local oil change and repair shop said it was the differential. What is the cost likely to be for the repair?

I haven't been driving a lot due to the snow, I went out the other day and the car started fine and we drove around for about a half hour then the engine died, I turned it off let it cool down and it started fine, then died after about ten minutes later I stopped again, waited restarted it drop my wife off and took it to the garage the mechanic said it was a sensor problem that he had been seeing it all winter and said because it was late saturday to come back monday and it would be fixed, picked up the car and it was running fine no problems then this morning I went out to drive it I warmed it up for about five minutes, and then drove around for about 15 minutes looking for a parking space, when I went to park it the temperature gauge said about 110, but the car was shooting out radiator fluid, I opened the hood let it cool down, checked the gauges, and it still only said 110, but it was clearly over heated

My jeep was towed without a key, when I p/u my jeep later that week I noticed the 4 wheel drive was not working. The place says I cannot prove they cause this problem and will not be liable. I would have to hire an attorney. How much do you think it should cost for repair? Thanks:)

how much will it cost with parts?


We had the front rotors replaced and an alignment done in
December 2010. In February, my daughter said her brakes were sqeaking and grinding and her car was veering to the left. Also the brake pads were supposedly replaced. This was done at a Big O Tires in Trinidad, Colorado. She goes to college in Colorado Springs,Colorado and went back to a Big O Tires there. They said to bring it in tomorrow and they would see if anything else is wrong. Do you think it is possible that they did not replace the rotors or the pads? How can we be sure? They never gave us back the old rotors.

My air conditioner does not work. I have replaced the compressor and one other part and after paying $1200.00 it still does not work. How much should I expect to pay to get the air conditioner working?

How do you repair 95 jeep grand cherokee when the back floor on the passenger side fills with water whenever the a/c is on?

passenger side a/c blows warm air and temperature gauge rises high quickly

I purchased a used 2001 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo with the 6 cylinder. I had the jeep checked out by the dodge dealer before I bought it and they found it had a hard time going in to four wheel and when it did it would bind and not come out of four wheel. The car lot warranted the four wheel for 3 months and since then has put 4 used transfer cases in it. Has any body had a problem compared to this? Could it be anything other than the transfer case?

how do i install fog lamps in my vehicle? is it prewired for that purpose?

cant get the bearing assembly off my jeep to replace upper &lower balljoints

My fuel gauge would only read 3/4 full after fill-up and then it became that I was unable to fill the tank completely before the pump would shut off. The dealership said the rollover valve was defective and that the entire tank had to be replaced. However after spending $1,000 on this I still had the problem They then said the sender valve was defective and replaced it at no cost.The problem then went away. My question is was it really necessary to replace the fuel tank or were they trying to cover up an unnecessary repair?

Starts and runs fine but the amp meter runs high and when you put in reverse or drive it dies and will restart with no problems

I would like to know a reasonable charge for installing a Body Control Module in my Jeep. They are charging me $500 for the part.....

When: everytime it's running. where : gurging behind the glove box.

the car did the above for a while but now no restart at all, only the click

my jeep stards shaking real bad when i drive at 40 miles pre hr.i change tires balance them.

Car wont engage drive or reverse. Engine starts fine. Fluid looks fine and car is held in Park without brake. I can feel the rpms go down when in reverse and drive. Car simply does not engage in either. Happened suddenly. kpiazza@daa.com

Can I put a motor from a 1998 jeep grand cherokee in a 2000 jeep grand cherokee. Also would the transmission and 4 wheel drive work in the 2000?

my jeep has been squealing when you let off the accelerator and my mechanic has narrowed it down to the throttle body -- yet he tells me there is a NATIONWIDE backorder for these (?) Is there a recall on Jeep for such a thing if there is such a demand?