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what is the cost range for a routine transfer case inspection and fluid change in the Tacoma, WA area/ thx
What does the Engine Light COde P1756
when heater is on smell comes into cabin of antifreeze. Antifreeze level has not gone down.
My Jeep was barely idling and ran rough so I replace the Idle Air Control Motor along with plugs. It idled up to 1500 and never went down. Then I noticed my precat turned red hot. I replaced my catalytic converter but...
How do I disable the door buzzer on my Jeep?
I have had to replace the oil presure sensor several times, once within 6 months and it has been under the warranty and now it's not; is sensor just a faulty part or do they go out often? What should I expect to pay f...
I have no airconditioning or cold air, and can not adjust the heat temp. When you turn on the heat it is what it is, and can not adjust. I believe it is a blend door. Want to know what it should cost to repair.
i am getting really bad gas milage, in the last day or so we went fifty miles and our jeep used almost a half tank of fuel what is a sugestion
my jeep grand cherokee has no power,want light up ,won't start
Car has been sitting for 18 mos. Battery dead. Need to know everything to be done to get auto working again. Please advise
Sacn found code - U0103 - lost communication with shifter module Dealer says new module right around $1000. Any less expensive or perhaps other suggestions on how to get this fixed.
My jeep starts shaking when the temp guage reaches the first line. It feels like it was out of gas but my tank was full.
I've got 2000 Jeep Grande Cherokee with 200,000. Wouldn't start. Goodyear felt was computer & recomended Dealer replacement. Dealer said crank sensor bad not computer. Replaced & worked well. Next morning car leaked t...
Does the coil spring need to be compressed to replace the strut.
What would be the cost of a cooling fan replacement. I have had the fan moter relay replaced and that did the trick for a couple years.
More of a comment: How can the labor charge for changing rear rotor and pads be higher in rural Massachusetts (01098) than in Manhattan (10028)? Maybe it is possible, but I suspect something is wrong with your labor...
the dash lights don't work. But according to the manual, everything else on that list does. What's wrong??
interior lights comes on when switch is off
do i have to lift the engine to get to the oil pump
having trouble removing the stabilizer bar link from the stabilizer bar, tried using a tie rod end remover with no luck, also tried usins chisels along with the tie rod end remover with no results
The problem occurs everytime the negative cable is attached to battery; the fan will not shut off even when the ignition is turned off. Also, the lowbeam headlights will not turn on and they are good, with fuses okay.
my engine feels like its misfiring only whena load is put on it, example- crusing with cruise control on when i start going up a hill the engine starts to jerk like a misfire but the MIL does not come on like a misfir...
everytime i turn on the car it starts but then it goes off leaving just the radio and the ac ob what can i do it occurs really often
Driving on flat road with cruise engaged or not, transmission will downshift for no reason (as if I began going uphill). Also idles high at times. Revving up momentarily usually drops idle rpm back to normal level. B...
Everytime I use the AC, I get water on the passenger side. The mechanic blew out the hose, but I am still getting water. What could it be. Thanks
Im replacing my air bags and the brain but I dont know the location of the brain in my jeep?
Do I have to take the fan off first. How do I get the fan off. If I install the belt will that hold the fan enough to remove it?
Where can I buy back wheel bearings for my 2003 Grand Cherokee CRD Overland?
ignition coil thru cpu code. Replaced: coil, distro cap, rotor, plugs wire, crank assemly, cam shaft sensor, started(cause it failed). 400 miles later the same codes came up. While moving and stalling accures can put ...
Is it possible to fix a power steering box leak yourself? What is involved??