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I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 4.7 HO engine in it every time I started it puffs out a cloud of blue smoke and when I have it in park it seems that the engine compartment it's full of smoke as well!....
I replaced the bulb and the brake light comes on but when I press on brakes the light goes out , what am I looking for so I can fix the problem before it becomes a bigger problem . I have a children , so I need to kee...
how to fix a sunroof that leaks onto the driver and passenger side floorboards
This just started yesterday morning. I was told that my front strut was leaking...could this have anything to do with the noise?
I myself took the drivers side panel off and tried to find any breaks in the wires. now first I must tell you when you get into the jeep put the key in the ignition, but do not turn the ignition at all. the ding bell ...
I replaced the radiator and thermostat.
What do I do? Do I just add antifreeze or what plz help
I have replaced the starter a month ago. When I get out of the Jeep and hit my remote car start the Jeep starts right up. Any idea what could be causing this?
the carpet is soaked on the right side and the engine coolant light came on saying the it was low. Smells like antifreeze. What is the problem?
Panel says driver door open, when its closed
It just would not start this morning and the tow truck guy said he could not jump it and it might be the starter.
Says lift is open even when closed. Have had to turn off all interior lights when driving cause dome light will stay on. In dark its hard to read gages. Been unplugging battery at night so I don't drain battery
Every now and then it hesitates to go when i give it gas and idles hard at times. Ive taken it to 3 different places and they say they can't find anything. Does anyone have any advice?
Just recently my heater has started to fail. It would turn on when it felt like it. Most important my battery has been draining. I replaced the alternator, and battery. both brand new. still getting drained. so Today ...
While driving, my car will wobble and, well, sway a bit. I was told that my sway/stabilizer bar needs replaced. I am curious as to how much it would cost? All parts plus labor. Thank you
Been ticking for the last 3 years now a tapping sound