All of these things happened at the same time.

There is a deep ruble when I start my jeep and a clatter when it runs
Sounds likes interning in the exhaust
Just replaced cat and muffler 3 months ago can't hear anything from the engin bay, only in the cab

It happened once now its more often

My 06 GC with around 110,000 miles, V8 4.7 liter engine runs fine apart from the automatic transmission failure -- won't shift out of 3rd, probably a result of failure to flush transmission regularly and/or keep trans fluid full. What's the range of prices I can expect on a rebuild as opposed to just buying a reman. unit?

I brought a 2002 jeep and now after 2 weeks of having it ..it won't start and pep boys is telling me it don't need a battery but the wires are messed up and it needs a wiring job..help..need to know the price please.

I just bought this jeep and everything works except the interior lights do not illuminate automatically when you open the door. It also has an after market stereo - what are best recommendations for where to buy a factory stereo that will hook up to steering wheel controls? And where is the best place to but another key FOB?

shifting is normal in all other gears, fuild looks good, no burnt smell or discoloration. i have however been getting a trouble code for random cylinder misfire.

I had my front lower control arms replaced. They did not mark the bolts, new bolts in wrong direction and impacted on. Can I undo it all, using the same parts and redo it? Will my bolts torque correctly since they have been tightened to the max? Is it true once these bolts have been torqued before they cannot be torqued again? How will I ever get them lined back up like they should be?


So two weeks ago my car was in the shop for a new starter because i was out at the store and it didn't want to start. I finally got it back this last week and in the parking lot of some store didn't want to start again. So i got it towed took the battery out apparently the battery was no good so I got a new one. So my car is still sitting in my drive way still wont turn on and i just replaced my starter rely on it today to see if that was it but it still wont start. I honestly don't know what to do anymore?

2004 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE- OVERLAND $4700 OBO 161,831 Miles It has,
10 Disc CD Player,Adjustable Pedals, Auto Dim Mirrors, Auto Defrost Mirrors, Cruise Control, Fog Lights, Heated Leather Seats, Moon/Sun Roof, Power Windows, Power Seats, Power Mirrors, Programmable Driver Seat/Radio For Two Drivers, Roof Rack, Tow Package.

New in the past two weeks : Front & Rear Brakes & Rotors, Front Shocks, Fuel Filter & Spark Plugs
New in the past year: Oil Pan, Front & Rear Wheel Bearings,

Any advice would be great, thanks.

Fuse for alternator blew after being replaced 1 wk ago, charged battery on a charger for 4 hours, and now it won't turn over at all

The engine seized, probably due to low oil pressure. I need cost ballparks.

you cant hear it but the feeling is similar to bad bearings