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I need to replace the tensioner on my 318 and do not know how. Can someone help me? Thank You, Gary
Is it "normal" to have to replace the oil sensor frequently? I've had it replaced 4 times in the past 5 years. Could it be a faulty part?
What is a fair labor rate for replacing a rear axle in a 96 Grand Cherokee?
What is estimate to replace the door window mottor and regulator
how do you go about fixing the leak from the AC evaporator to the passenger floor?
were is the anti theft alarm at
First brake lights stopped working-replaced blown brake system fuse fixed problem. Afterward tail lights do not work, headlights fine.
My JGC runs well, but my marker lights in the front and the license plate lights in the rear do not work. Headlights, hazards/turns, and fog lamps work just fine. It does not seem to be the lighting module in the dash...
Just had refrigerant topped off, so it's not low... was blowing nice, cold air when sitting @ stoplight, horrible noise, burning smell, then no more cold air. Turned off a/c button, kept fan on, popped hood, belt sti...
I recently noticed that whenever I drive over bumps in the road, my jeep begins to shake severely until I slow my speed down to nearly 10 or 15mph. What could be causing this to happen and how much will it cost to re...
gave my old (but in good shape) 1990 jeep cherokee to my grandson. has been workiing fine until he drove it to school one day. no problem until he tried to start it to come home. got ignition but that's all. car ha...
where is the 4wd switch and how do you service or disconnect
won't shift into overdrive
The engine runs find and had a timing chain replacement recently on my 96 grand cherokee. However, the tranny will not shift into the next gear when driving. It stays in the low gear and I can only go as fast as 25 mp...
after using heater or air conditioner the front passenger side floor is soaked. could this be a problem with the heater core?
i need to get a transmission replaced in my jeep and i dont want to be taken to the cleaners whats a fair price
What should I pay to have a front axle pinion seal leak repaired and do you have any suggestions where to have the work done?
i had my jeep running about 3 to 5 mins but it quit what would make it do that
problem is on going.wan't to find out cost of new relay and installation costs.
Sometimes it won't start at all. Sometimes it starts and will run but dies and may or may not restart. While it was running I wiggled the wire harness going into the ECM and it died. I have pulled the 3 plugs and clea...
just drove 80 miles,stopped and smoke coming from passenger rear wheel,smelled like tran. fluid?,rim is very hot
have replaced the distributor plugs wires idle sensor on throttle body what e;se could cause this, it does it when i take off at random times and during mass accelorating
This Jeep has auto temp control. The connector to the blower control module had become hot and melted. Made the blower work for a few weeks by wiggling the wires to the connector. Have new wiring to a new connector in...
Occasionally while driving, a reading on my instrument panel is flashing "4WD Switch". I understand this switch is located on or in the Transfer Case? Is there much involved in replacing this switch?
what would be the cost of replacing a blend door for the a/c
how do i bypass the alarm so my jeep will start
Just need to know where clamps go on drivers side window is there a place to get a diagram?
Intermittent message, replaced sensor and grommet on coolant recovery tank, ohmed out new sensor @3.25 ohms.
The serpentine belt shredded off about an 1/8 inch width of the belt which of course wrapped itself aroung the fan. We replaced the belt and it did the exact same thing first time out. Why does it keep shredding the ...