I hit a deep puddle of water 6+ inches at about 20 mph and the lights dimmed and the volt meter went to zero after about a quarter mile everything went back to normal.

Air conditioner won't blow unless you wiggle wire

Seems to wander more on the bumpy roads than the smooth ones, but it still wanders. What causes this and what should I do about it. Or is it a Jeep Thing???

My jeep runs good but stalls when I stop and starts right back up and runs great while driving

is it hard to change the a/c clutch

My jeep cherokee keeps jumping out of gear. I dont know if it is the shifter or the transmission. But as soon as it takes off it drives normal. It just started 2 days ago.

my jeep starts and dies out.if i push on the gas pedal it wont start at all.it will stay running when i spray starting fluid in the carb.could it be a bad fuel pump.

could the timming be off to cause the coil to go out every month or so? can someone please tell me smtng im just trying to help my lil cousin out he has no idea and is not mechanicly inclined!!!

brand new coils go out every month we have replaced 3 of them and just gave up. was wondering if the computer have anything to do with it.

Driving vehicle home had trouble pulling hill, then smoke coming from under hood towards headlights, anitfreeze okay

Just bought a 04 Jeep cherokee 4.0L. Can anyone tell me if its common they whine when driving. Sounds like a remote control car. Is this common with Jeeps( as someone has said) or a tranny related problem? transfer case? Needs a pwr steering pump, But i dont think that is the cause? or is it? thanks

If anyone out there has had experience in installing a 3.5" lift kit on a 1998 2 wheel drive jeep grand cherokee I sure would appreciate any helpful hints before my kit arrives in the mail next week. ROcky Mountain says its a fairly simple install, but if anyone has run into any issues and would be willing to share I sure would appreciate it. Thanks. Bob

Just purchased the used 2006 Jeep last week, after 2 attempts by the dealer to correct a pulling to the right, it is still not corrected. They said they did alignment, but still has extreme pull to the right. Only 21000 miles on car

how many exhaust manifold gaskets are in my jeep? shop states, "replaced exhaust manifold gaskets and broken bolts." I only see one gasket in the illustration.

Whats the going rate to replace a transmission on an 08 SRT8? I have the replacement, just need to know how much I should expect to pay to have it swapped. Its the Mercedes NAG1 722.6 W5A580.

After changing rear rotors and brake pads I find the ABS lite is now on. I did not touch the speed sensors but may have affected them when removing the rotors. What sould I look for?

Hi, I just bought a 2004 cherokee 4.0L with 70,400 miles,(quadra trac 2) I notice that when driving their is a whining noise. I was wondering if that is a tranny problem or is that standard for jeeps. I checked the fluid, and looks pink, (no smell either) yet there are bubbles on dipstick past the fill line as well. I read that can cause shifting problems and/or noise? Should i be concerned? t

I have a 1994 JGC where the blower motor does not chnage speed with the automatic temperature control; the flow paths change properly with the ATC; the blower runs with the ATC off and also when the ignition is off. I have pulled the blower fuse to stop it from ruinning. Is the BPCM located in the blower housing next to the motor? I have pulled the two connectors off and the blower will not run with the ignition on. Is this the cause? I have read that the harness could be an issue also. Thanks for the help.

Water coming from under the dash when AC is on. Prior to the water appearing there was a "clanking" sound that has deminshed since the water appeared

need a catalytic converter replaced prefer an aftermarket one Chrysler's is way to expensive. need this work done by next week. was diagnosed with with bad right converter. engine light stays on. I need an estimate.
thanks, Mike

whenever i am driving in the vicinity of 45 mph and above the car sometimes starts shimmeying and wobbling..

the problem occurs after dirving in heavy snow covered roads or in deep muddy roads. The vehicle has 200,000 miles & the problem has just occured since last winter. When it was newer the mud or snow didn't cause this proble. After sitting overnight it will then shift out of 4 wheel drive back to 2 wheel drive. thanks for any help.

the upper door hinge on the diverside crack in half how do I repair it or what is the cost to have it done

I accidently drilled a hole in the top of my gas tank. can I plug it?

I replaced the sensor and put in a brand new cooling fan I did not get a new ceramic block what ever it is and it is brooken would that be the problem and if so where to get a replacment and if not what could cause this

I need to remove my sun visors, How do I detach the wire harness for removal.

I will take this time to thank you in advance for you help

2 days ago door would not unlock with clicker window does not wrk side mirror not working control for other windows and locks not working

I cannot take my left rear wheel of because one nut is somehow welded

The sounds come when the ground is wet or snow or maybe anytime I have to acelerate the sond goes click click click

My jeep will only start when the gas pedal is held wide open and stalls after I let off the gas pedal. I replaced the air idle control valve recently. Whats next? the TPS?
Can I check the old one?