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I changed the fuel pump and the crank shaft sensor. Now it will start on the 3rd try but at idle speed it misses and tries to die
Should I follow the maintenance schedule in the Owner's Manual or do what the dealer is selling for $589? The manual description is much shorter and cheaper than what the dealer is offering.
On two separate occassions while using my a/c, the blower motor quit when in the "recirculate" position. Moving it out of "recirculate" cured the problem and the motor began to work again. Any ideas what could be fa...
I have a strange light that came on my vehicle this morning. It looks like a horeshoe with an this sign :!" inside the horseshow looking thing
also jumps 500-1000 rpms's when in drive rpm's jump up without acceleration
Every display light works except the clock and radio stations display. Is there a specific fuse for just this?
Factory alarm system has randomly engaged stopping fuel flow and preventing re-start. Re-set randomly works. Have disabled at overhead console but still experience random stops. How do I disable perminantly?
When I start driving my truck it feels like it is getting ready to cut off. I press the gas and it starts to shake while i press the gas like jerking almost. I would like to know what is the problem could it be my tra...
harmonic balancer if it brakes off would it cased damage 2 my motor n how do i install the new to the right timing n how would i no i have the right timing
Service 4 wheel drive switch pops up on my computer readout? How can I find it? I put the 4 wheel leaver into the low position and it works ok. But warning still pops up even in 4 wh hi
should a transfer case develop a leak after being parked and not driven for four to five weeks? how may shop hours are required to correct a leak in the transfer case, and what parts/supplies?
50% of the time when I stop my rpms drop and it wants to stall. The only way I can keep it running is if I put it in neutral and rev it up. It sometimes feels like its bucking when I drive it as well. Again if I put i...
I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I replaced the battery now all the windows won't roll down except for the pass. side window. But you can only roll it down on the pass side. Also when I turn on the alarm the drivers...
I purchased this car used about 2 years ago. Now I need to replace the breaks but can not get the rotors off. I have tryed heating them and used a penetrating oil but nothing will loosen them. Any suggestions will ...
Hi I have a 2 wheel drive 2001 jeep grand Cherokee that has a right rear axle seal leaking onto the brake pad. I was quoted $900 to replace just the right axle seal (parts and labor) and another $200 to replace brake...
Our jeep got swamped by another vehicle's wake when we were traveling down a flooded road today. When it started to sputter I immediately turned if off but not sure it was fast enough to keep water from being pulled ...
I replace the switch on the steering wheel the switch in front of the brake pedal and the light bubles on the both brake lights I keep blowing the fuse and the brake lights dont work when i hit the brakes
My steering wheel shakes uncontrollably when I hit bumps on the road. Why is this occuring?
Taking it to the garage Monday. Might need a stabilizer bar replace. What I'm looking for the repair cost?
when i turn on the a/c water leak on the passenger side. How to fixed?
it overheated one time , will not cool down, thermostat replaced - after just one time of overheating the repair shop says I need a new head gasket to the tune of $1600. does this sound right
ac blows out top of dash only no matter where the knob is turned
ac blows out defrost when accelerating. you say there is an additional check valve that will fix the problem. so what is the valve and where does it go.
What does a tune up include
i have 1997 jeep over heating blowing cool air when heat is on blowin smoke out of exhaust
Everytime i make a sharp turn the rear end of jeep makes a grinding noise. I suspect carrier bearings going bad, how much to rebuid rear end?
how do you know if the recall problems have been fixed?
my jeep use to start right up but in the last few months its hard to start if it has been sitting awhile. i had the spark plugs changed,new rotor,pcv valve still the same. any ideas?