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theres a leakage in the left brake line, can someone tell me how to fix this please
should spark plugs be replaced at 30 or 35 000 miles-current mileage is 35000
should spark plugs be replaced on this vehicle at 30 or 35 thousand miles-- current mileage is 35000?
I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee and the following problems started about 1 month ago: ABS light is on. Low Coolant beeping When the car is turned on and I stop the car starts to accelerate on its on, RPM goes up and then...
Our speedometer doesn't work at all. Neither does the cruise control (logic says though if the speedometer doesn't work, that won't either). Also the ABS light is on and the check engine light is on. That light, check...
The alternator has been replaced as well as the computer. the battery is good. still low voltage - any suggestions
passenger side windows want roll down. how do i fix it?
check engne light stays on when drving any ideas what the problem may be.started today and remained on driving 35mph for 2 miles.
This 2005 Jeep Cherokee Laredo has 63,000 miles on it. No problem, just need the info re when to replace the timing belt.
Engine has tapping noie. sounds like valve lifters
I purchased a Jeep at an auction with only 1 key. These use the FOBIC key with the built-in chip. The jeep dealer wants 150 to purchase a key plus 20 to program plus tax totaling nearly $200. To buy a key online co...
Jeep Grand cherokee I am told needs an reconditioned engine. It is a 2001 with 140 thousand miles. I paid four thousand for the car. Is it worth putting in an engine.
My jeep had 40 lbs of oil pressure at idle (@750RPM's)and something changed now it sit at 600RPM's when hot. How do I adjust this back to 700plus to maintain good oil pressure.
Water is leaking onto the floor of the front passenger side when air conditioner is operating.
Is the pcv a dealer item only? None of the major after market stores carry it.
Does a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited with 4.7L v8 have a timing belt or chain? What is the recommened replacement if it is a belt?
The key symbol is lit on the dash. Manual says to take it to dealer
I have 120,000 miles on my vehicle and change the engine oil/filter at 3,000 mi and do a transmission svc each 30,000 miles; but, I have never changed the front or rear differential fluid or the transfer case fluid. ...
I have had the fuel pump replaced 3x, censors replaced, plugs, etc then it will work fine for a hours and then it starts again. Im will be driving the the truck will jerk and then the RPM falls to 0 then it shuts dow...
My Car needs coolant replaced about every three days what's wrong and how much is this gonna cost me
When I hit a bump going 40mph or more my whole car shakes and will usually stop after about a minute, what could be causing this.
Its almost that I have to pump them at times then other times they will grab. I was told that it has something wrong with my tires not being even.
braking surges & jerks when almost to a stop
ok, The coolant sensor was going out I was driving down the road and it just died. I put in a new rotor checked the spark, it has spark and it has gas but it won't spark.
I already have the parts, just need the labor done.
Installed new fan motor. Will not come on when tempeture reaches 215 degrees.When fan relay is grounded with key off fan will turn on and stay on. When remove from ground fan shuts of.I Have new fan relay.When i plug ...
one day a.c. worked probs...the next when i would accelerate it would switch from personal vents to window defrost vent and then when u let off the gas it would go it just switches to defr...
I changed the fuel pump and the crank shaft sensor. Now it will start on the 3rd try but at idle speed it misses and tries to die