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when changing rotor button &cap do you need to remove intake, or is. there a. trick to it?

the other 3 doors will unlock with remote and the inside lights sometimes stay on and sometimes go off.

While backing out of the church parking lot, I "nudged" into a parked car. The damage to my bumper was minimal...a dent to the far right side that we pushed out ourselves and a smudge. The interior backup lights worked fine for several months but are not working now. I'm quessing the lights don't work because of backing into another car even though it was at very slow speed with very little damage. Can you tell me how this can be fixed?

I have had an alignment done, and they told me that it still shakes because I need to replace my gear box. It shakes the most when I am slowing down to stop. Like when I apply my brakes.

when ever I get between 50 and 60 I can hear a noise from the engine. it's louder than my radio. sounds like when your engine is reving too high but my tac is between the 2 and 3. i'm stumped

Is there any way to restore the paint finish without repainting the hood?


p0175 code
changed o2 sensors , changed coils and plugs truck still will not idle smoothely

what would be the cost to replace the front brake lines? What would be the cost to replace the rear brake lines?

dont know if it prys out or if there is somthing to relase it?

drive or if I park and start engine the same thing happen

vechile drives fine tranny shows no sign of promblem what should i do?

took it twice to mechanic couldn't fix it. he told me it was the left ball joint. another mechanic said i need new shocks?

My power steering hose had a crack in it at first, now it has completely broken off. Is it inexpensive to replace, could I replace it on my own?

Fan is working. Shop suggests computer problem.

The engine is locked

first off it takes my jeep multiple times to turn over, and when i do get it started its weak at first and it back fires from the air filter. And when i drive it loses power i can put the pedal to the floor and it just loses power like im pushing the breaks or something what do i do??

where is 1999 Grand Cherokee ac drain tube located?

its been real hot in the 100's and i see brake fluid inside the rim. could new pads be crystalizing too or the heat is the problem or possible brake fluid leak.Just started having trouble braking on july 21st. put pads on july 1st.

when the ac is on cool air is only on the drive side , warm air on the passanger side ??

nees fuel replaced

having a mechanic do the work

I think it's near the evaporator.

water on floor

I was driving when my car started jumping and the oil gage when to the danger mark. I immediately pulled over and had to add 5 qts of transmission fluid. Drove less than two miles and pulled over to look under car. The transmission fluid was running out of the lines by thte radiator.

where can you get an update software for the PCM and is it free

the car will not start with the keyless entry

When I hook my scan tool on the 96 jeep grand cheerokee I keep getting no communication with vehicle.Scan tool works fine on other vehicles. Could this be a sign the PCM is bad.


I recently replaced the drive and passenger doors on my Jeep Grand cherokee Limited. Originally all the windows were working, but now only the passenger side work (and only from the passenger window switch). I don't where to find the circuit breaker on this truck... help!