Leak near the right front passerger seat, mosture is headliner just above window sheild.
I believe it is right front windows glass. The glass is perfect, but should I seal it with calk and something else?

Have been having problems with door locks and some windows not working, so I never lock the car or lower the windows--but now the car acts like it is in alarm mode. Meaning when I start the car, it shuts down immediately. The alarm does not goes off--just the car shuts off right away. I just would like to be able to drive it into the dealer rather than a tow, but I have no idea what is causing this or how to "disarm" it--if thats whats doing it. I drove the car, all was fine, battery went dead, I charged the battery, so thats now fine but it will not continue running.

when I accellerate the jeep jumps and rpms rev but the vehicle mosves very slowly or not at all.
this happens at a red light or just while driving. Do you think it might be the fue injectors or fuel pump

the starter relay buzzes and vehicle will not start---replaced starter still has same problem.currently wont start no codes active or stored.

I am just wondering how long it will take to change the torque converter seal on a 1995 Grand Cherokee 2 wheel drive?

is there compatible engine that will mount up in my jeep cherokee limited v8 2002 mine is blown and that engine is expensive to replace

Could anyone tell me about what it should cost me to get left front & rear fenders put on car with labor. I took my car to a new body shop and I believe $2000.00 is to much to pay.

My vehicle pulled severly to the right. I took it in for a wheel alignment and was told that couldn't perform the alignment. Said although they had heated something, it was too rusted and couldn't be moved to allow aligning. It this scenario possible. By the way, we rotated the tires and the pull is gone!!!

i just got a good used engine put in car now it over heats fan comes on when it wants to the car is not leaking so i went to have the temperature sensor changed and the guy at the shop showed me 2 codes that showed up on the computer P0117& PO118 so are there 2 sensors that half to be changed because he changed one

No power at half to full throttle

how to diangnos a auotomatec transmisiou

My wife since she bought this 2004 Cherokee, cries as it uses ALOT of gas. I'm thinking the auto doesn't need to be in 4 wheel drive constantly as she was told by the dealer that sold it to her. Can't the Jeep run more efficiently in the 4 wheel drive nuetral setting?

how many hours should a shop charge for replacing a waterpump?

I would like to know what years have the same motor and housing for replacement.

Why doesn't my car excellerate past 10 miles is it the transmission?

Everytime I turn the ignition switch on or off the front wipers make one full sweep and then park. The wiper switch on the column is off.

Oil pressure will fall to zero at idle. Want to replace the oil pressure switch, but I do not know where it is located.

my jeep runs great everything fine on it but when im at a stop and turn the wheel all the way right or left and take off it feels like somthing hoppin in the front end or somthin it only does it when its turned all the way either way the cv axle boot on the passengers side is busted im just trying to get an idea of whats wrong with it it has AWD quadra trac 4x4 nothing seems loose on the front end any info would be helpful it has a 5.2 engine ...thanks

There is a knocking noise in the motor. The crank rod shaft has been ruledout. Dealership says engine must be taken apart in order to diagnose which would be three to four hours labor just to diagnose. How accurate is this?

a c works till the fuse blows then no ac.

is there a safety valve on this or can I siphon gas out?

how do you reset the check engine light so it will go off.
Need to run it through emissions and they will not run it if this light is on. Repairs have been done

door locks keeps locking and unlocking and the interier lites keep coming on and going off at the same time when i'm driving.

The repair manual does not state where to support the vehicle (The frame or the front axle) when changing the bushings.
Thanks for the help

Sensors indicate that--not the main, but one of the 2 mini catalytic converters have failed and have priced the two mini catalytic converters, they come together as an assembly. Can I do this myself, and if so where do I get good instructions? Or what do I look for or ask when getting estimates?

It fires right back up after it dies but the intermittent miss is still there until it has sat for a couple hours then it will run fine for about 15 miles. It has new tune up plugs wires cap & rotor. new fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. no check engine lights.

labor price to replace universal joints

my jeep runs fine but when ur in park and rib it up it goes dead but it idles fine when i crank it up just doeant want to idle when i hit the gas and let off theres no check engine light on does it have a idle sensor maybe? and info would be appreciated...thanks Bobby Jordan

1994 Jeep GC rear drum brakes grab on damp days and low speeds. All hardware has been replaced including new shoes and drums. The shoes are oriented properly.

I hit a deep puddle of water 6+ inches at about 20 mph and the lights dimmed and the volt meter went to zero after about a quarter mile everything went back to normal.