The brake light is lite on my dash. When I press on my brakes the pedal goes right to the floor. My brake fluid level is fine and my pads are new.

Need front brakes

Chessy code *IJ4GZ78Y3PC577664*chrysler i tried different computer engine no one start it the old one have the number how do i know what is the perfect computer engine who correspond to this vehicule and what is the serial number to this computer ?? Thnk u

Volts good

The seat is electrical; the electrical still works, its more like the base broke. The base is broke - the seat sits slanted even after I raise it higher.

Radiator replaced last week due to crack causing a serious leak. Now AC blowing not as cold. More lightly cool, defiantly not cold. Also doesn't seem to be blowing too hard on high either. Drove for 30 minutes, no change. Should I go back to repair shop and question if they even inspected the AC system? Could something they have done caused this issue? 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 3.7

car engine shaking with no power and loss of power steering

First off I have a 2000 Grand cherokee limited with the 4.7 v8. Just recently I think I blew my head gasket (maybe cracked head or something) but I was burning coolant until the motor got warm then it didn't smoke. I was told it was okay to drive just get it replaced soon. I had a family emergency and HAD to drive it on a 4 hour trip. It ran fine on the way here nothing wrong and I parked it and didon't do anything out of the abnormal to it. About 45mins later I went to start it up to drive and it was running way hotter than 210 and burning coolant the whole time. 210 is halfway for me and it was at the 3/4 mark before I got it parked and pouted water into the coolant resoviour. Waited for it to warm the watter so I didn't run cold water through a hot motor or was about an hour. I started it back up and it was about 150 and it smoked like normal and got up to 210 when I was driving (about 2miles) and when I stopped at the house it started overeating fast. I don't know if I can make it home can seine tell me what the problem could be, I'm thinking maybe either thermostat or water pump. All help is appricated.

Information flashing alarm 4WD Switch
What and wear is the switch?

it will restart after a period of time which is undeterminable. What could be wrong how do i fix this?

Jeep squeals upon start up. I replaced the belt twice , replaced the idler pulley and the tensioner and pulley, it still squeals at start up and continues to squeal until engine is warm

Can I see an engine diagram of a 5.2 liter jeep grand Cherokee laredo v8

Then kicks back in gear .and a loud ticking noise when I turn on the heater

Problem started all of a sudden after running perfectly for the last year.

It sounds like there is a rock is in the tire but there is not. I feel it in the accelerator. But it is loudest when I am coasting. Any ideas? Drive shaft seems ok.

This is the second time in two weeks it's appeared. Just had my transmission fluid flushed and replaced last week.

4.7 litre cuts out and stops running only when outside temp is 80 or above. Will restart after 30 to 40 seconds. Have replaced cam sensor, crank sensor & throttle control sensor. has hydrolic fan. No codes.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 v8 replaced crank after a bearing went down. Ran great before replacing the crank. Replaced cpu iac valve and tps. Dies when accelerating off idle but will run fine if you can get it above 1500 rpm. What am I missing?

I have a 1995 jeep grand cherokee Laredo 2 wheel drive. Will a transmission out of a 1997 jeep grand cherokee 4 wheel drive fit in my 1995?

My jeep will not start! The radio turns on and the power locks work. But I can not use the hazards or turn on any lights. When I turn rhe key, the gauges fo crazy and I hear a little click but nothing else. I let it sit overnight and nothing. I just got it jumped yesterday and the guy told me the negative was loose. How do I fix it. Should I get another battery altogether. Also what type of jump starter should I buy for this vehicle

Im meaning in yrs type

Will it blow the fuse & act like a dead battery?

I added fluid in the morning and by the evening it was low again

I just recently had a transmission repair/replace and the engine light is now coming on. Is the transmission a part of the engine?

The fan won't come on? Does it need a fuse?

Just like to know ig the rear and front spring coils will sit fine