My jeep grand cherokee dashboard is going out, could it be my alternator?

My air doesn't work, but my heat works just fine. What could be the problem with my air conditioning?

Rust has started in the driver's side door. How to I keep it contained and how do I fix it?

The tire sensors keep going bad and giving inaccurate reports. How can this be fixed?

Sometimes after I drive my Jeep Grand Cherokee the tires will have a burning smell. Why is this?

it started 3 days ago.

Jeep Grand Cherokee '08 Check Engine light came on. Drove into parking lot and went into store, came out and engine would NOT turn over. Friend cleared 4 codes: PO152, PO300, P1129, PO152 and light went out and engine started. Drove yesterday no problem and no CE light and bought ACTRON PLUS Code Scanner. This morning engine will NOT turn over. My scan only revealed one code regarding ABS which I cleared, however the engine will NOT turn over. Question 1: Is the engine not turning over a safety measure as "limp mode" in other cars? Q 2: Is there something seriously wrong with the car that clearing the codes did not work the second time? I've only had the car one month, from a reputable dealer, and all CarFax reports clean. Also, new to JEEP so not educated on its computer/engine. Please HELP!!!

lites work, radio, windows, everythig else works , no codes show battery new and fully charged ,remote start makes a click under dash . turn key nothing!

this occurs 9 out of 10 times. when I press the brake pedal and hear a little "click", I can then shift it out of park.

There are 4 map lights in the overhead console area. 2 on each side. one of them is controlled by pressing it, and it turns off and on. It is the smaller one that turns on when I start the car, and just the light on the drivers side of the console. thanks Rick

All others work. I've changed the bulb, fuse, flasher relay, I even changed the wire harness for the tail light assembly and nothing has worked so far...Help...I love my Jeep!
Steven Cole

Car is running fine mechanic says it's safe to drive but it shakes n misfires n I hate it says cylinder 3 is open what do I do to close it

Unless I'm giving it a decent amount of gas it is extremely hard to steer (no power steering) I have to be going above about 15-20 MPH. Someone told me my power steering pump might be bad now??? Help

How to Disable Anti Theft System on a 99 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

Headlights and inside car lights do not come on either

battery and cleaned the terminals and still nothing, it did start in neutral one time for me, I have no headlight and no inside car lights . I can hear a faint ticking noise in the glove box. What can it be? Please help?

Vin number *lJ4GZ78Y3PC577664*

Starts to make the car run at a hotter tempature ac sometimes Blow's out of vents and cuts back off

its like it isn't getting any gas

Make: Jeep

Model: Grand Cherokee

Engine: 3.7

Year: 2005

Error codes: B223D

Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed: Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee that the blinkers have stopped working. I located the flasher under the dash on drivers side and replaced it twice with flashers from a salvage yard. Still no turn signals. Emergency flashers are working. Everything points to the flasher, but I thought the odds of two used ones being bad were slim. I am trying to test the flasher. Based on the wiring diagram, Pin1 is 12v+ from battery to operate emergency flasher and Pin 6 is ignition switch voltage for turn signals. When I tested the socket under the dash, I have 12v on the Pin 1 location with key on, but only 3.4v on Pin 6. Does this mean my BCM is bad? Should there be 12v on Pin 6? While the flasher was removed, I applied 12v+ to Pin 1 of the flasher and when I touch the ground to Pin 9 the coil engages (Hazard Lights). I applied 12v+ to Pin 6 and the ground to Pins 7 and then 8, but the second coil does not engage. Are 2 separate 12v+ required to test the flasher? Any help would be appreciated as a new flasher is $50 bucks! I hate to buy without being sure that is the problem.


The brake light is lite on my dash. When I press on my brakes the pedal goes right to the floor. My brake fluid level is fine and my pads are new.

Need front brakes

Chessy code *IJ4GZ78Y3PC577664*chrysler i tried different computer engine no one start it the old one have the number how do i know what is the perfect computer engine who correspond to this vehicule and what is the serial number to this computer ?? Thnk u

Volts good

The seat is electrical; the electrical still works, its more like the base broke. The base is broke - the seat sits slanted even after I raise it higher.

Radiator replaced last week due to crack causing a serious leak. Now AC blowing not as cold. More lightly cool, defiantly not cold. Also doesn't seem to be blowing too hard on high either. Drove for 30 minutes, no change. Should I go back to repair shop and question if they even inspected the AC system? Could something they have done caused this issue? 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 3.7

car engine shaking with no power and loss of power steering

First off I have a 2000 Grand cherokee limited with the 4.7 v8. Just recently I think I blew my head gasket (maybe cracked head or something) but I was burning coolant until the motor got warm then it didn't smoke. I was told it was okay to drive just get it replaced soon. I had a family emergency and HAD to drive it on a 4 hour trip. It ran fine on the way here nothing wrong and I parked it and didon't do anything out of the abnormal to it. About 45mins later I went to start it up to drive and it was running way hotter than 210 and burning coolant the whole time. 210 is halfway for me and it was at the 3/4 mark before I got it parked and pouted water into the coolant resoviour. Waited for it to warm the watter so I didn't run cold water through a hot motor or was about an hour. I started it back up and it was about 150 and it smoked like normal and got up to 210 when I was driving (about 2miles) and when I stopped at the house it started overeating fast. I don't know if I can make it home can seine tell me what the problem could be, I'm thinking maybe either thermostat or water pump. All help is appricated.