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We replaced the idle speed control a year or so ago, but this seems a little different. It shudders and shakes like it is going to cut off, but if I give it gas with my foot on the brake, it does not cut off. It will...
130,000 miles, 4.0L motor. Engine runs good. Have checked MAP operations, good. TPS-good, O/2 sensor, all four are new and good. IAT-good. Coolant temp senor good. No DTC. Using to much gas. Could their be a r...
It started making a scraping kind of noise which I thought sounded like my brakes; then a rattling noise that got progressively worse. Now the part time idiot light comes on, so I assume it's going into 4x4 by itself....
The oil pan needs to be replaced due to some rust causing a leak. The Rear Main Seal will also be replaced. These total about $550. Would you recommend having anything else done at the same time, such as a new oil ...
shop or have extra cash so i want to do this my self.
wont start has new fuel pump,crank sensor,map sensor,plugs wires and cap
There was an issue with a loose negative cable, after it came off, I fixed it now the front wiper blades will not turn off. Ideas? Thanks!
I'm working on a 1997 jeep cherokee with the v8 and it starts and runs fine until I put it in gear. When I put it in gear it jerks real hard & shuts off where should I start???
How can I check to make sure the heat light comes on in case the engine heats up.If i take the wire off the sender unit by the thermostat the engine light comes on not the heat light.
out of the blue would not start changed fuel pump and battery and there is no power to the coil or distributer. think it is a asd relay but don't know where it is.
i had selanoid replaced and still the overdrive does not release the light not working when pressed
This happens occasionally when I shut the car off.
My 4.0 engine in my Cherokee was running rough, and engine light came on. Put new plugs and it still ran rough. Reset code over and over till light wouldn't go off. Put in new ignition coil pack today. Still runs roug...
Is there a fuse to check if I don't hear the fuel pump? if so where is it.
I have approx. 107,000 miles on my Jeep. I purchased it used with 65,000 miles. My question is should I have the trans. fluid changed? Some people tell me not to mess with it cause it may start problems.........