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acceleration when i'm drive in it I need help what to look for and how to fix it please
I have low oil pressure when idling
cleared codes,now getting code 12 55 but still wont start????
Changed the coil.. Still nothing. Iv got power at the coil and distributor. But no spark coming from the coil. I was told if it was the cps at fault the fuel pump wouldn't kick on. But it does.please help
when going up a hill it feel like a turtle . but when I hold the pedal down it take off like jet
Start. Looks like a key with line through it in top right corner of cluster
is this the range sensor and if so can it be cleaned or does it need replaced?
my rear o2 wiring harness got caught up in the drive shaft and tore two other wiring harnesses up in the process. i cannot figure out where one of them goes to. it is a round 4 pin female adapter and it has a black/bl...
driving on interstate about 60 i thought it died cause rpms went really high but went back to normal. i pulled over and stopped, when i tried to drive off i could only go about 25 mph??? with the rpms around 3-4
Also it has over size tires which rub the fender do I need a lift kit or will a good pair of shocks do the trick ????
I was wondering what gas mileage i will have and the power I can expect. Plus the same thing if I were to lift it 3 inches and go from 27's to 29's. Thank you
Transmission seems to be in high gear all the time.
And is it possible to test speedometer cable from transfer case by turning the gear manually ? Also if there is no movement on the gauge how than can you determine if the cable or gauge is bad ?
Went out yesterday and it will not turn over. Replaced spark plugs along with router and cap and am getting g a spark. I am thinking maybe fuel pump.......
Might a vacuum leak be the cause ? Looking for ideas / possible things to look for. Any ideas ? Of course it's winter. Thanks' to all who reply ! Happy 2015 !
At 45mph.when I pull over, it is hard to turn with out feeling as tho I'm gonna brake something when doing do. It does make a little cvc noise during this time.. remind you it only does this after driving it at 45 for...
has died while driving on freeway, roads, etc. Turns over, but!!!
with dash control in heat position the valve activates but by passes the coolant back to engine, w/vacuum removed coolant flows thru valve & core & i hav heat. My question is have u ever seen the valve rotate on the s...