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the jeep drives only in 4 low you feel it engauge like it will drive in 4 high or 2 regular but it only moves in 4 low the drive shaft fell out half way and i dont know where or what to start on this is my first car i...
would the computer stop the jeep from getting spark to fire it has 3 places for plug in pcm,ecm,ecu
Are jeep ha rubber hoses on both coolant line by the radiator. Is that standard equipment ? Why would it all of a sudden blow one of the off?
Failed the HC GPM. 3.7797 Limit 3.0000 Failed CO GPM 57.8648 Limit 25.0000 Before test I had spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap and rotor, new air filter, changed oil, and new oil filter.
Also been hearing a little groaning from power Steering when real cold
Recently I had the starter changed. After, there was a ticking coming from under the hood. I was afraid it was the motor, but I think I have determined that's not it. The belt also squeals terribly when I start it ...
I bought it used but there was no owner's manual
new to me jeep. It is skipping and bogging down when excelerating and now has started overheating and has no coolant in both heater hoses and the thermostat housing is bone dry. I don't see an external leak anywhere. ...
Had work done on crank shaft sensor maybe 3 months ago. Pretty sure it was crankshaft,,, i did not take it in. It would not start like i ran out of gas. So they said it was a sensor. boom fixed. Just changed my bre...
4.0 hi output 6 cylinder 2 wheel drive, I noticed it's quite common for the exhaust manifolds to crack, on other years as well, is there a flaw with this part which is causing it to crack?
from the front right tire, also a little vibration in the stearing wheel, what is causing this?
How much is that to repair? Thank you,
The horn stopped working, checked the fuse box, seen one fuse that was blown and replaced it. Now I had no owner's manual or any reference to go by for checking the fuses. So I just pulled one out at a time and chec...
motor overheated electric fan does not come on
The clunk is coming from rear but sometimes seems to come from the front and at times from t-case/trans area. It happens mostly when accelerating from dead stop but at times accurse while in motion.This has been accru...
I idles a little rouhg . Could it be my fuel injector
drive revices nothing what could be the problem please help me
how difficult is it to replace?
gasket,exhaust manifold, oil, oil filter, coolant,injector seals, and MAP sensor. Still getting 1300 read @ 25mph. this sucks
i want an estimate for transmission and labor costs for my jeep.
Heater core was replaced and even setting dial to a/c/cold, hot air blows from the vents. There is an issue with the A/C not working too, which i have not had diagnosed yet.
Tried replacing thermastat and radiator fluid
turn car off then turn heat off gadge light off
Today, I had the starter replaced. Even with the old one the vehicle would start quickly and run smooth, although I knew it was on its last legs. Now that I replaced it, it is harder to start. The guy that replaced it...
The headlights will turn on but the tail lights and running lights wont work. Would it be a relay?