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My Mechanic told me that power flushing an automatic transmission with over 100K miles will cause slippage in the transmission because "the gunk is what is holding certain parts together and is you remove the gunk they will not work like it used to" Is this true??? or is it he just does not have the equipment to do a power flush and he just does not want to loose an easy $100 ??

Where is the fuel pump relay in a 1997 jeep cherokee? nothing is labeled and the diagrams online don't show where it is.

abs light comes on from time to time but dont stay on very long at all. why does it do that, and is it ok?

replaced coil crank sensor plugs distributor cap and rotor
two sensors on trottle body

I have coolant leaking out of the bottom of the timing chain cover. My check engine light came on and my oil pressure went from 55 to 80 wich is max. Temp is right in the middle were it always is and supposed to be I think. What is the problem? By the way, It starts to leak only 1-2 drops per minute after driving it for aprox. 30 min.

i need to flush radiator but can't find radiator drain valve

How can I check to make sure the heat light comes on in case the engine heats up.If i take the wire off the sender unit by the thermostat the engine light comes on not the heat light.

out of the blue would not start changed fuel pump and battery and there is no power to the coil or distributer. think it is a asd relay but don't know where it is.

actually this is a 1988 Cherokee Pioneer. 2wd 4.0l 6-cylinder. no auto windows and no check engine light. I want to know what code reader to use or how to find one for this jeep. Also, I need to know what would prevent the thing from firing up. I replaced the rear main seal on the transmission. It was running rough and i found out the Fuel injectors were mis-firing causing fuel to enter the oil pan. After that happened it wouldnt start. I replaced almost all the sensors. heres the list: crank (speed)sensor, oil pump (rebuilt it dual gear type), entire harness for fuel injectors, new fuel pump, cleared out the fuel line, new fuel filter, new rotor and coil, new EGR and O2 sensors, even tried a different brain (computer), changed oil and new plugs and wires, cleaned out rockers and pushrods then re-lubed them. Still no start up. Fire is good at the plugs and the injectors fire fuel. any other ideas? I have done a few other things i cannot think of as i'm writing but need the answer to these 2 questions.
Thanks. emailis

Makes rattling noise. Sounds like coming from Timing Chain cover. At start up and while driving.

how much to replace exhaust system

This vehicle carries all of the california smog quipment. All of the ignition, thermostat and catalatic converter was changed. It is failing within 5% of the maximum No emission standard. Question is, Do I have the surity, if the head was removed and rebuilt. The vehicle will pass the smog test.

I need my unviersl joints put in. how much would that run me. I have the parts.

There is a nut on the front of the clutch. Can I replace just the clutch? It's the only problem I have with the a/c.

Yesterday while driving, felt the engine straining to reach 30 miles per hour. While at a stop, tried to move away but when pressed gas pedal, car did not move, engine still ran but car did not respond to gas pedal. Made revving noises but did not move. Car also makes loud noise when put into drive. I noticed a pink fluid leaking from under the car a couple of weeks ago, but leaking stopped so never did anything about it.

Car also used to shudder when driving more then 60 miles per hour, is there a connection to all of these problems?

2001 Jeep cherokee sport: Just had the radiator changed, after when driving jeep would idle when started. A day or so later it wouldnt start. When I tried to start it a few times it would turn over but not start up. One time I tried to start it up and one of the small hoses on the side of the engine exhaust blew off (pop!) then a small puff of smoke rose from the top of the engine. Next day tried to start and there was just a clicking sound, waited and then now it will turn over but wonts start up....I checked the oil for coolant leak (none). checked the radiator underneath cap and it is green fluid. I just dont know what happened??? Any help will be appreciated.

what is the cost of replacing the front and rear diff lines that are leaking and the 2 transmission lines that are leaking. I was told they both need to be replaced.

i had selanoid replaced and still the overdrive does not
release the light not working when pressed

This happens occasionally when I shut the car off.

drivers door wont open. tried slim jim ,took inside door panel off. meanwhile thumb button on door handle fell in! need help?

When I got to work yesterday I pull into a spot and turn the vehicle off. Steam is coming out of the engine compartment so I pop the hood and there's coolant pouring out of the water pump. After letting it sit for the day, thinking that I just need a water pump, I fill the radiator and the over flow with some water. It started right up, I figured I'd be alright for the 30 mile trip home. About 10 miles in with a rising temp gauge and steam coming out, I hear a loud snap and lose power steering. I continued for another 2-3 miles and now the temp gauge is pinned hot. I pull over and shut her off. Pop the hood and I notice water pouring out of the water pump and the serpentine belt had popped off and was entangled in the pulley of the fan. I get it towed to the local franchise car repair place. Still thinking that I need a new water pump and now a new belt. The guy calls me this afternoon and tells me his tech says the engine cranks but won't start, it has no compression, and the engine is blown. He's telling me that there's no sense in doing this water pump as the vehicle needs an engine. I'm stunned! How could this be? What would cause this? By driving it with no water pump for those few miles have destroy the whole engine??? I'm at a loss.

my jeep cuts off while driving change ignotion coil sometimes it wont start but if it sits for a while it would and when it does not start the check gauges light comes on

cannot find the starter solenoid on our 1999 jeep cherokee, and help?

My 4.0 engine in my Cherokee was running rough, and engine light came on. Put new plugs and it still ran rough. Reset code over and over till light wouldn't go off. Put in new ignition coil pack today. Still runs rough and light came back on. Did I mess the plug(s) running with the bad coil ?
What can I do to fix this issue ? Thanks

I replaced the rear O-2 senser at the cat. converter and I replaced the t-stat with a 195 failsafe and also the temp senser. started it up and the check engine light was on and did not go off. It it possable I have a bad senser or the failsafe t-stat which was not stock but the 195 is the recommender temp. or does the computer just need to be cleared. Your advise is greatly appreciated.

I changed out the rear O-2 senser at the cat. converter, and cheanged out the T-Stat and the temp. senser. The t-state is a fail safe one. when complete the check engine light came on. Is there a defective senser or is it because of the fail safe t-stat, or does it just need to be cleared and all is well? thanks

I've got a 95 jeep cherokee, i noticed this winter it was takin a while to get the heater to blow hot air, it was takin bout 15 minutes of driving befor i would get it, and slowly gettin worse, now its spring and it will not even blow any hot air out, just blows cool air, my ac still works just too let ya know.. where do i start? is the thermostat not openin, do i need to flush the heater core?? i have know idea.. never had to mess with a heatin/cooling system on a car befor, but can fix if i know whats up.. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Shaun Hastings

we replaced plugs and coil packs the light is still blinking and is still miss firing

what would the recomindation be for the heat rating for the t-stat and why, 210 or 180 for this engine size?

what would the recommended temp rating be for a t-stat for a 98 jeep cherokee? 180 or 210 and why.