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my jeep cuts off while driving change ignotion coil sometimes it wont start but if it sits for a while it would and when it does not start the check gauges light comes on
cannot find the starter solenoid on our 1999 jeep cherokee, and help?
My 4.0 engine in my Cherokee was running rough, and engine light came on. Put new plugs and it still ran rough. Reset code over and over till light wouldn't go off. Put in new ignition coil pack today. Still runs roug...
I replaced the rear O-2 senser at the cat. converter and I replaced the t-stat with a 195 failsafe and also the temp senser. started it up and the check engine light was on and did not go off. It it possable I have a ...
I changed out the rear O-2 senser at the cat. converter, and cheanged out the T-Stat and the temp. senser. The t-state is a fail safe one. when complete the check engine light came on. Is there a defective senser or i...
I've got a 95 jeep cherokee, i noticed this winter it was takin a while to get the heater to blow hot air, it was takin bout 15 minutes of driving befor i would get it, and slowly gettin worse, now its spring and it w...
we replaced plugs and coil packs the light is still blinking and is still miss firing
what would the recomindation be for the heat rating for the t-stat and why, 210 or 180 for this engine size?
what would the recommended temp rating be for a t-stat for a 98 jeep cherokee? 180 or 210 and why.
i have a 2004 grand cherokee i need my rear axle seals replaced an i was told i they have to cut out an replace my bearings to do this. is this true?
when car is not running brake pedal feels tight when not running pedal goes to floor and don't stop
Pulled belt and one Idler pulley wobbles and the center bolt just turns. How can I remove the pulley to put a new one on. thanks
Air Conditioner blows cold air for a little while then blows hot air. It will usually start blowing cold air again but always stops after a short period of time. What's up ?
Air Conditioner blows cold air for a little while then blows hot air. It will usually start blowing cold air again but always stops after a short period of time. What's up ?
Makes a loud squealing noise just after being cranked, and up until it reaches about 45 mph. We have replaced the belt. What else could it be?
MY head gasket for my Jeep Cherokee Laredo, 6 inline cyll. engine blew on the water intake side as I was driving. Engine started rattling and shaking, power steering went out, acceleration ceased, engine cut off and s...
battery unable to keep its charge for only so long,next test drive,when I try to start the jeep it clicks twice and it won't even start,no power,absolutely nothing!
the engine on my jeep cherokee will just quit, at various speeds and anywhere from 10 seconds to 1/2 hour after restarting - it always starts right back up. Idling is ok and it runs fine at speed. Also occasionally ...
where is the coolant sensor located
Why don't I have any heat in my jeep?
While the AC is blowing, it is not blowing cold air. The compressor was replaced in 2007 but the problem began last summer. What may be wrong?
I need to know exactly where all coponents go in order and would like to get a picture of them so I can put the whole exhaust system together and on the vechile I have asked for help at different Muffler places and ...
where can I find the torque specs on a 2000 jeep cherokee limited on line for free
How do I replace the heater blower motor on the referenced vwhicle. Where is it located and how do I access it?
The truck runs fine.. the catalyst dont turn red just the intake.. its starts perfect and dont overheat.
what would cause my wheel wells to rub my tires under say medium bumps or with anyone in the back seat? (both shocks have been replaced and nothing in the cargo area)
starter will not crank.have replaced the starter and relay also cheched fuses.the battery test good. the new starter after jump the solinod spins but does not hit ring gear. there also a vallet control box under dash ...
problem with parking lights, brakelights work. friend says ground wire but cannot find it.
i am not sure how to go about fixing this code(evap purge sonenoid open/short) any suggustions...and i just replaced the solenoid itself so its not that
Is there a fuse to check if I don't hear the fuel pump? if so where is it.