My Jeep Liberty 2009 is jumping gears while driving. I want to check transmission fluid but my book states I have a close transmission. Is their access to transmission fluid without opening transmission?

Very scary, while driving or turning, while excelerating, it makes a noise and stops driving and then kicks into gear!

no diagnostic codes show. it only stalls on steep hill and not on level ground

I have had it put on a tester. It read that it needed a map sinser, and both oxy. Sinsers's.The Jeep is loud motor wise. Kinda sounds like its working two or three times harder then it should be. Im sure getting the above items fixed will most surely help but is there anything else it could be?!?

While driving, car will have no acceleration and be stuck at 40 mph randomly. If I pull over, turn car off, wait a few, then it may work. It seems that it wont downshift while this happens. Happens more when travelling up very little inclines. Been is shop many times. Could this be a filter repair?

I checked out other 2014 Jeep Patriots and their transmissions purr, mine sounds very noisy. This started a few weeks ago, at about 25K miles.

I bought this car in October of 2015. In November we went on a road trip and among other issues I noticed the cruise control doesn't function properly. When you are cruising at highway speeds and climb a hill, it'll down shift and the RPMs will shoot up to 5,000 (this is understandable it is a 2.4L engine) however, my issues is coming down hill. No matter the speed, no matter the distance as we are coming down hill the vehicle will not shift again to lower the RPMs. You have to physical dis engage the cruise control, wait for it to shift (when it does it shifts hard) and then re-apply the cruise control. I had a friend follow me in another vehicle told him no matter do not change your cruise control. Normal flat land we would stay an average of 2-3 car lengths, going down hill we would get 7-10 car lengths between each other. So who knows how fast I was actually going.. anyone else have this issue, or any hard shifting transmission issues?

standard trans is junk. ihave an automatic what do i need to do

instrument cluster started working intermittently. car still ran normal.disconnected battery checked all connections fuses to see if clean and tight.connected battery starts right up every time runs for four seconds shuts down do not have security key system

Steering wheel casing has a sticky glue like substance all over the steering wheel

Hi, I took my jeep to change the lights for HID lights and had my windows tint, when they finish with my car I was about to leave and when I started the car the AC and Screen were like the car was off, all blank and the check engine light was on.
They put the scanner and these are the codes that came up:

Please help me!!

2011 bought new. Regular maintenance, turned in for recalls. Not driven hard, some 4 wheeling on hunting property. 36,000 miles. Driving on highway sudden pop pull over and oil leaking from bottom. No warning lights or nothing. Use synthetic oil from beginning.

someone tried to steal my jeep and damaged the door, so I´m trying to find out if I only can change the frame of the door, instead of replace the door.

My 2004 Jeep Liberty goes in reverse but only goes about a foot in drive and the back tires lock up. No one knows whats wrong or how to fix the problem. Death trap! I almost got killed!

Original radiator has no hook up for transmission cooler lines, all replacement radiators have them. Checked all part stores and they all call for the same replacement part with the ports for tranny lines, how do i remedy this problem?

Problem is it feels like it's hesitating at speed going up hill. Will not down shift. It will manually or under passing conditions.

That jeep cranks over but won't start

How heavy of a trailer can my jeep tow?

When I go over uneven roads I hear a popping sound like fromo the rear end. i hear it when I turn the steering wheel.

Where is the fuse box on my 2007 Jeep patriot?

When I drive my car for a few days my antenea keeps coming loose. How do I keep it tight?

Every time I shut off the car and exit, i hear a faint clicking noise. what is it?

I notice it when i cross over speed bumps. Only then,

Is there a part that needs to be replaced?

My car sometimes bucks on the highway.

How would I reset it if that is the solution?

I've been told that I can go 3000 miles between oil changes. What would you recommend?

In addition to oil changes in changing the brakes, what else does a vehicle of this age require?

When I went in for recent repair, my mechanic attempted to weld my heat shield back on. As I was going down the road today it fell off. How important is it to the operation of the vehicle?

My front doors the power locks only work some times. I can hear the moter engage but they dont always move. Using the key works fine.