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Windows won't ho up and downmakinv a noise

One window comes up othe other side goes down won't work together

getting ODB codes p0455 & p0442

i purchase a 2002 jeep grand cherokee, it did not come with a key fob or original key. So when i go to unlock the door with the after market key that i have, the horn will honk until i get in and start the Jeep. My question is, can i get a key fob and key from a local junk yard and have it reprogramed to work on my jeep?

had an o with the ceiling know it is bad

Engine leaks front of engine and by the firewall how much to replace rear main seal, how long to fix it. Put in "lucas stop engine leak" and 3-4 qts oil every 6-8 weeks.

Wife called me at work to tell me she had tried everything but it would not stop. When I got home 45 minutes later, it was still going. I had to unplug the horns under the hood. Has anyone heard of this happening. What could be the problem.

The door locks stoped working. Wipers stoped working, and blows both of these fuses. I tried to unhook the battery terminals and hook them back up. After doing this there is no power to anything at all. We did get the parking lights and dash cluster to come on for just a minute and a no bus coad popped up on dash. Other then that the jeep still has no power to anything at all except dome lights that I had already stated. What is the problem??? Could it be a problem with TIMP or WCM ?

The switch that controls direction of heat doesn't work. Only blows out front vents . Windshield fogs up on inside. Can drive for an hour on defrost & is fine. When sitting at idle, will blow cold and fog up. What needs to be replaced?

Also uses a lot of gas 13 miles to gal

Any suggestion for what might be causing problem ?

I got my old changed last month. Since that day the engine light came on.So I drove that day and that night I went to the store.On the way back home the car engine just died. I waited about ten minutes tried to start and it started up.until today I have to go through the same thing. I can't go on the express hlghways.Because the just die.This happens​ each and every.Most thee time in the morning it will not start. Eventually it will.

My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee runs great. But when the outside temp is 65-70 degrees and driving at 55mph or greater and hit a small bump like a seem in the pavement or a pothole, etc... it will hesitate sputter for a few seconds. I have tried a tune-up, shocks, sway bar, steering damper, ABS, brake pads, brake calipers, throttle sensor. No luck so far.

Mostly but not always after an open road drive of 30+ miles. Then resets itself after about one minute. Repeats every few minutes in traffic once it starts.
Dealer suggests replacing differential position sensor after reading fault code.

anytime the heat or airs on

1. After remote start, engine shuts off.

2. error code p0481?

rpm and speedometer plus headlight flick on and off and other gauges comeon and off ..rpm and speed rev up and down

the rear p/s wheel bearing and both alex have been replaced

engine was running fine, shut it off for few minutes when i restarted it #2 cyl was dead. also affects #1 but compression is good there

O have no working wireless remote to my car until the one I order arrives. But Ive been having a issue with when I unlocked the doors of the truck after locking it the horn and singnals start to light and the horn blows. What could be wrong? Also my 6 changer cd player keeps flashing eryor and wont allow the disk to eject or play now.

my fuel pump was bad, replaced it, lasted 2 weeks then did the same thing again. then when trying to styart it was spitting out codes, so then I replaced the the main computor, two diff. sensors, new spark plugs. still wont start!

I've changed steering column and I was told by lock Smith that the key and skim in the column I installed doesn't match my computer so it can't be reprogrammed I've already spent a lot so wats easiest way to fix problem?

Not sure if it's the altinator or if it's an electrical issue

I have an 01 Jeep Wrangler sport (manual). It is on 35's and has a 4 in lift. Every time I
shift it throws the jeep to the right really hard. Also it shakes VERY bad and
you are never able to keep it straight. It is very hard to control the steering
and is getting scary to drive.
Could my tires be off balance or is it something more?

Can I turn off the "Automatic Mode" to avoid turning it off every engine start?

Why would I have 3 fault caution light son at the same time; Slippery road, ABS and EAD light(s) all on?

Sometimes it has to sit alittle while before it will crank back up

Replaced the primary, it was stuck, closed. Also heard the system needs to be flushed or burped.

How much should a transfer case cost?? I believe, I payed too much. I payed $600 for the part and $300 for the labor for a, total of $900.

the owners Manuel states do not use power washers over 1200psi & I have no idea what the psi is at the auto car washes. Also a concern about it coming out of neutral when being pulled thru the car wash??? I am just a stupid concerned lady any advice would be appreciated. Thank you