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While driving over 60 I lose all power to the rear wheels. If I slow down to 35 or 40 the power returns. Several caution lights have been coming on including the one that disables the car as well as the antilock brake...
Car will run for awhile. Turn off, then starts and dies, might have to sit for 24-48 hours. It might work again, more frequent on start and dies.
earlier problem battery positive cable insulator in trunk was damaged and shorted to ground costing an alternator and battery
I found one with one hundred and sîx thousand miles. It runs in it sounds really good. it's been well taken care absolutely beautiful. She wants $11,000 . is it wort is it worth it ? thae interior is beautiful the ...
bought two weeks worked fine. tried to open it today,back windows go down,thats it.
go backwards but not anuf foreward pasenger seat will not go backwards or forewards
I drove the car about 60 miles without any problems . I stopped at a place for about six hours and when I went to leave the car would not start. It would just crank and crank and crank.
this is in addition to cars actual fan.when engine off, the fan noise stays on for about 30-45 seconds. is this a servo type problem? none of the indicator lights are registering this activity when ignition is off.
Is automatic transmission fluid compatible with the ESSO LT 71141