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I was driving home a month ago and noticed my power was cutting out and it would die and I had to jump so I found out the alternator was bad. I havnt had the money to get it fixed until now so I figured if I charged t...
I am trying to replace the ecu on a 2004 xj8 jaguar
after starting car up went about 4 miles radio went off and on then completely went off..windshield wipers stopped...transmission fail warning came on messages then completely stopped had to pull off road with everyth...
i took it to a mechanic and he replaced the firing senssor and the engine computer and still it does not work. the engine will start rough but it is not locked or it does not overheats.
on board conputor reads restricted performance plus yellow light displayed not red light
how do you remove and install new front sway bar bushings
Codes said I need a new coolant temp. sensor. I have the part
not long ago the lightes started flakig and diet out
other than that works fine on freway and streets . days before brake lights were check could be a short by toching a the brake light the shorted out the transmission sensor¿
only accelarete on flat surface sims to be on 4th gear
Can't open glove box and windows will not roll down. It just suddenly stopped working. Could it be a fuse?
I have a air suspension fault on and the right rear of the car sinks down. Does this mean I need to replace the rear strut?
I am replacing it because my headlights flicker off sometimes when I turn on my turn signals.And my automatic headlights option does not work.
My 2001 Jaguar has 60,000 miles on it, the transmission was rebuilt about 1 yr ago, and it has gone into failsafe mode (limp mode) 3 times. My OBD codes are PO116, PO125 and PO128. My mechanic tells me it is a fuel ...
I was at West Virgina Motel started my car in the morning and got the error saying supension fault and then after a while it started to say car too low i stopped the car and took the ground wire of the battery off. wh...
Engine cranks with fuel pressure at rail.Checked ignition relays.Changed engine control module.Still no spark.
My heated seats & steering wheel have failed can anyone help - there are no blown fuses!!
1999 Jaguar XJ8L sat in garage most of winter months. I have replaced dead battery (properly) and replaced fuel pump fuse and relay. Car cranks normally but will not start. Before I arrange expensive tow to have fuel ...
The Car acts like it it trying too take off with the brake on and I hear a air leak in the middle of the engine towards the back...It has great
need to replace knock sensor
need to replace the throttle body
My ABS and traction control lights have started coming on but only after the car has reached 15-20 miles per hour. At idle and low speed it stays off. Any ideas ? Also, my windsheild wipers have started coming on by t...
My 1999 XJ8 was running great- now, after 1 month of storage in Maine, I now have a reduced performance message with an amber light. When I attempted to drive it after warming it up, the engine def lets you know you ...
i have a 1999 s type jaguar it starts when it is cold but after about six miles if i turn the car off it will not start again sounds like it is flooded
stableizer failier