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AC at any point (whether hot or cold) will not turn on when the button is activated.
I just gave it a tune up and replaced the ABS censor ?
after starting it and letting it run about 2 minutes the car raises and message goes away
cost to install valve cover gasket?
When I use the key to open it, alarms go off. The lid does not latch to close.
Trunk latch on the blink since I forced it to shut with a large box in trunk. Will not open electrically with key fob or interior button. Hard to shut trunk manually. Warning sirens go off when I use the key to ope...
i have a consumer wt a 2000 xj8 and he want to do a timing chains and the complete tensioner kit... i have the car to my shop but i try to star up the car before i take it a part and it dosnt star up .. i think t...
A order the enters the cavity of the vehicle immediately after I turn on the ignition. The smell is best described as a sweaty body. Dissipates after a few minutes. Someone told me to change a filter under the hood on...
Car was repaired after it would not start. Battery was good and starter motor cranked the engine but fuel would not ignite. The car repair involved replacing a leaking hose that affected the air flow sensing at the fu...
was running fine before I parked it for two weeks and battery went dead.
I get a signal to check brake light. The left brake light bulb is out. Both the bulb and fuse are good. When I press the brake petal I hear a click by the shift lever. Any ideas on what going on?
Happens every time is used, do not know if it will cool or sweat it
Working backwards: 1)This morning when turning the ignition switch all the dashboard lights flash and the headlights flash along with a clicking noise but the engine won't turn over. 2) Yesterday the warning message...
I just last week replaced alternator and battery at dealer, 3 days driving and now this happens. The loud click/snap is coming from engine compartment, seems like from underside of engine.