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i lost pwr steering while driving. I checked pwr steering fluid it was good. So what should i do next to determine what wrong
The Car acts like it it trying too take off with the brake on and I hear a air leak in the middle of the engine towards the back...It has great
My Jag Dealer installed a brand new ignition coil for #3 cylinder to clear "Restricted Performance" light on my panel. They also told me that my valve cover gasket is leaking and I should change that part to prevent i...
need to replace knock sensor
need to replace the throttle body
I've ordered the front air shocks and need a mechanic to replace. How much will this cost and can you recommend someone in the palm springs ca area. Shops wanted to add $400.00 to the parts and I'm running on empty $$...
My ABS and traction control lights have started coming on but only after the car has reached 15-20 miles per hour. At idle and low speed it stays off. Any ideas ? Also, my windsheild wipers have started coming on by t...
dealer wants $400 to replace spark plugs. this seems unreal to me.
Hello; Need to find business in or near Southfield, Mi zip 48025 that can replace broken blinker lights, fix bent wheel, and has used "brain" for computer sysyem other than Jaguar dealers in the area.
Need a reliable shop that can repair or replace the engine for Jag XJ8 year 2000
The engine turns over but will not start. I sprayed starting fluid into the air intake and the engine fired, making me think that the problem is not electric. I have checked all the fuses and a relay and no help. Do ...
My engine icon came on today. When I placed the car in reverse the car actually moved backwards slightly, without my applying the gas. It had not done this prior, though there is not change in the sound of the engine ...
My 1999 XJ8 was running great- now, after 1 month of storage in Maine, I now have a reduced performance message with an amber light. When I attempted to drive it after warming it up, the engine def lets you know you ...
i have a 1999 s type jaguar it starts when it is cold but after about six miles if i turn the car off it will not start again sounds like it is flooded
i noticed my car had no oil after it stalled i put oil an it started but it makes pinging noises and it stalls idont know if i busted something
what is the min.compression on the cliyders
How difficult is it to change headlamps? Can I do it myself? To clarify, I mean the bulbs only.
I am told the rear differential is worn and needs to be rebuilt? What is the part and how much? It absolutely must be done as there is a grinding noise and oil leaking. I initially thought it was back brakes.
serpintine belt installed 1000 miles ago; now have coolant system leak with black smoke passenger side under hood; are the two related?
I have a fault light on would like to know what the likely problem is.
The engine light is on and won't go off. I recently had to replace the fuel filter then the fuel pump. But, even now, sometimes, when I'm driving, I get a message "restricted performance". The engine light was on b...
on a completely empty transmission, do you add trans fluid in the collar between the bell housing and the transmission. There is a plug on the top right side of the trans. Do you put trans fluid in this? If so, how much?
At my 50,000 mile service check up the dealer recommended replacing 2 brakes, a brake fluid flush and the replacement of the 2 rear tires.
My jaguar does not start and I don't know where the battery is located. Can you tell me where I can find it and also can I connect battery charger to help kick it over and start?
My 2000 Vanden Plas won't turn over. I parked the car, which had never exhibited any similar issues in the past, and when I tried to crank it again, 8 hours later, it wouldn't start. The battery is good, and the ins...
where is my diagnostic plug location
coming from store car started missing so I replace the spark plugs and valve cover gasket since I seen an oil leak after completion it was missing more after taking it around the corner it back fire.
does anyone know or recommend an independent mechanic shop in westminster or huntington beach CA area ... good and reliable
my car has been acting weird lately last week . it's died on the free way twice when I was stepping on the accelarater free then after 10 to 15 minutes it started the dash board show ABS and ASC....can som...