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Would like to open trunk

When I use the key to open it, alarms go off.
The lid does not latch to close.

has this damage my engine

Trunk latch on the blink since I forced it to shut with a large box in trunk. Will not open electrically with key fob or interior button. Hard to shut trunk manually. Warning sirens go off when I use the key to open it. Help!

i have a consumer wt a 2000 xj8 and he want to do a timing chains and the complete tensioner kit...
i have the car to my shop
but i try to star up the car before i take it a part and it dosnt star up ..
i think the chains broke and i like to know before i take it a part if this engine bed the valves if the chains brake???

Just bought a 2005 Jaguar XJ8L 2 days ago and drove it to work this morning. Nearly had 2 accidents because the "night mode" on my mirrors (side and rearview) make it so dark, it's impossible to see the cars around me! I checked owners' manuals online, and don't see the answer on any forums except to say that the feature is "automatic." Does that mean I cannot adjust or disable this feature? Maybe just buy non-Jag mirrors? I find this really frightening.

A order the enters the cavity of the vehicle immediately after I turn on the ignition. The smell is best described as a sweaty body. Dissipates after a few minutes. Someone told me to change a filter under the hood on the passenger side up against the fire wall; which I did to no avail.

Trying to find the fuel filter on the xj8 05 jag

Car was repaired after it would not start. Battery was good and starter motor cranked the engine but fuel would not ignite. The car repair involved replacing a leaking hose that affected the air flow sensing at the fuel injectors. While driving thereafter noticed the cruise control would not work.

was running fine before I parked it for two weeks and battery went dead.

I get a signal to check brake light. The left brake light bulb is out. Both the bulb and fuse are good. When I press the brake petal I hear a click by the shift lever. Any ideas on what going on?

possible a heater coil or ??

Discovered car with lights flashing after sitting for 3 days. Put key in ignition and started up & lights stopped flashing. Turned off and lights started again. Tried to restart would not start but engine would crank. Key also stuck in ignition. Eventually turn of key would not even turn over engine but not because of no battery strength just would not turn over. Hooked up jumper battery and same would turn over but not start, key stuck. Eventually turn of key gave nothing but still juice in battery and jumper. A security problem??? Maybe battery not enough power. Have not checked age of battery or strength. Looks brand new. HELP!!!!

up and down is very slow-needs manual assist

Happens every time is used, do not know if it will cool or sweat it

i fix it.

the car started this morning no problem but when I stopped and switched off and came back the car opened with remote put key in ignition all lights came on but engine would not turn over, then I tried to lock it up but would not lock wiper was still going, tried to start it again success this time wiper still going, got home switched the car off would not lock or restart wiper still going had to remove fuse any ideas thanks

I had only travel about 2 1/2 miles from home. I was able to turn around before the engine shutdown and will not crank. It has 101,486 miles on it. I have replaced the battery and new sun roof. I had the following replaced in Feb 2014. Housing Thermostat replace,- 1 AJ82217 HOUSING - THERMOSTAT, 1 NCA2270AC CAP -THERMO HOUSING; 1 NCA2213AC HOSE; 1 AJ86484 THERMOSTAT; 1 NCA2246BA SEAL - THERMOSTAT;1 AJ85875 COVER - THERMOSTAT; 1 999-52A COOLANT FLUSH; 4 CLAMP CLAMP 98961 INSTALLED NEW THERMOSTAT HOUSING, THERMOSTAT AND THERMOSTAT COVER. WATER RAIL ASSEMBLY - REPLACE; CS19 WATER RAIL ASSEMBLY REPLACE; 1 AJ85885 PIPE-OUTLET; 2 C2C11477010; 1 NCA2269CA SEAL; 98961 INSTALLED NEW WATER RAIL ASSEMBLY AND BYPASS HOSE. INSTALLED NEW HIGH QUALITY CLAMPS ON BOTH INLET AND OUTLET HOSES. COOLANT FLUSH; 0NCOOLANT FLUSH; 98961 PERFORMED COOLANT FLUSH. I** REPLACE WATERPUMP - CS20 WATER PUMP - REPLACE; 1 AJ88912 PUMP - WATER; 989691 GASKET LEAKING INSTALLED NEW WATER PUMP. J** OIL AND FILTER CHANGE. 1 EAZ1354 FILTER-OIL; 7 5W30 OIL; 1 AJ83017 PLUG-DRAIN 98961 PERFORMED OIL CHANGE. IT HAD 96,,961 MILES. IT HAS OIL IN IT NOW.i REPLACE THE TIRES IN THE MAY 2014. AND A NEW ANTENNA LAST WEEK. I had to leave it on the street 2 miles from my house until I can get it towed to the Jaguar dealership on Monday. It had 96,586 miles when I purchase it. Can you give me any idea as to what may be wrong with it.

I have a new High Mount assembly to install on our 2002 Jaguar XJ8, but I cannot discover how to access the plug which seems to be below the rear glass deck. I tried through the trunk via the gas tank cover, but there is no access there at all. All I need is to plug the unit in and mount it. Sounds simple, except for the plug!! Any help appreciated!!!