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Recently, I tried to fill the gas tank which was almost empty. About one minute into the process of filling...gasoline began to spew out from the filler hole. Same thing happened yesterday when I was only able to p...
turn over greatly,but being told i need engine because saw scrapping at bottom of engine by using some type of camera.
not long ago the lightes started flakig and diet out
It comming from below the frame on the drivers side.
iI have to wait fot 30 min or so for the car to start again
I replaced the lights on my car,with no reaction so i checked all the relay,after i pulled all the relayies nothing happen,i played with the switch and the lights started to work,the low beam works,but thare is a low ...
Engine turns off when driving at 70 mph. Came off gas pedal and stepped back on when engine didn't respond and turned off. Happened twice approximately 2 months apart. No indicator lights turned on. No indication ...
The car did not come with an audio or navigation system users manual. Does anyone have these manuals or know where I can get them?
Hello, there, I have bought a software Mitchell OnDemand 5 Q1.2012 online, the website is recommended by one of my friends, it is However, after I installed the software, and click the button of "add...
other than that works fine on freway and streets . days before brake lights were check could be a short by toching a the brake light the shorted out the transmission sensor¿
only accelarete on flat surface sims to be on 4th gear
replaced fuel pressure regulator and filter
An intermittent grinding noise comes from the rear end. This only happens during a light acceleration - just above maintaining a speed, and only happens between 35 and 45 m.p.h., so it seems to be a harmonic. The effe...
Can't open glove box and windows will not roll down. It just suddenly stopped working. Could it be a fuse?
Door was broken off. I have a replacement. Need to know how to get access to mountings
I have since disconnected the shifter cable at the tranny. The Shifter on the console wont move. How hard is it to change the shifter cable/shifter itself. Is this a common problem??
I have a air suspension fault on and the right rear of the car sinks down. Does this mean I need to replace the rear strut?
let it rest awhile and the transmission worked again - then would not move - is the transmission shot?
I have a 1998 Jaguar xj8 and blowby is coming out of the valve cover and going into my mass airflow sensor, going into the intake and fouling out my plugs.
When you press the adjust button to move the seat up,it only moves slightly
Its only occationally but has been happening for a couple weeks, is it going bad & what part would that be, if anyone may know. I'd really appreciate the help.
just bought this used car, they said it needs a brake job
I am replacing it because my headlights flicker off sometimes when I turn on my turn signals.And my automatic headlights option does not work.
am repairing the wheel bearings and need it asap. Eric
I have seen in diagrams that you need all these special tools is this correct or can you do it with tools that are normally in your tool box