It cause my engine light to come

Sometimes when driving, the wipers will come on automatically followed by air conditioner vents closing. Then certain issues arise.

The transmission slips a little in the morning when after starting but once warmed up it doesn't slip

My gas door is not opening on touch. I've tried several ways - tap and touch. Is there a inside release for the gas door?

The tire pressure has been checked and the truck is locked and, but these messages are displayed. How do I eliminate these messages.

I hear a funny sound and the acceleration is not as fast as before? Could it just be a gasket issue, causing the leak or does the whole differential system need to be replaced?

I ran the car for a 40-60 miles before the I took it in to the dealership. It was in the Shop for a week got it back and then back in the next day for 3 weeks. Should I be concerned about any long term problems. SHOULD I TRY TO GET RID OF THE CAR?