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Average price for brake job?
growling noise coming in at 10-15 mph and up. listen with scope on hoist and noise from case. remove and disassemble and found pos fiber spacer material between planetary gear and mating part but all bearings seem fin...
What does the DSC System Fault code means it comes on after driving the car about 10 mins sometimes it stays on the whole time the engine is running.
the hood has two latches that need to be released to open the hood one latch will not release has this been a problem for anyone and how can it be solved
my car is making a crunching sound and it seems to be coming from the brakes because my abs light has come on. what could be the problem?
how difficult is it to replace a power steering pump on a 2003x-type 2.5?
Looking for a estimate for replacing the transmission control module on a 2002 X-Type Jaguar. Looking for estimate using new and used part/parts.
I'am changing my oil pan. I cannot remove one bolt that by the transmission transfer cas. How do I removed it
got the calipers off,do you need some type of puller to take off the front & rear rotors for replacment. thanks
where is the fuel pump at on a 2002 jaguar x type 2.5 liter
I Changed the Crank Sensor, Cam Sensor, All 6 coil is not getting fire; also check all fuses!!! I am thinking it is the ECU Computer, any other options?
I changed the brake fluid at 100,000 miles and now can't get them bleed, I am getting a little air from the back rear, but can't get it all out. The peddle goes to the floor, any help?
my jag just turned 30000 miles i was told all the coolent hoses have to be replaced the car just turned 3 years old. i was quoted 2,2oo dollers i have looked at them my self they are flexable shinny and look and feel ...
I recently brgan hearing a sound form underneath my 2002 X-Type Jaguar, a rapid knocking sound when the car in in Drive, any ideas on what that could be?
Can the front lower ball joints be replaced separately from the control arms? Is there an aftermarket ball joint available where you can install nuts and bolts instead of the original rivets?
My 2002 3.0 X Type has a brake issue. When you step on the brakes it is like stepping on a rock, step a 2nd time and it responds. Car stops but I am concerned that next time it won't. No leaks at the wheel, has good r...
Cruise Control not available sign is on when i start driving. the light would not go off when driving and if I accelerate the car jerks. then suddenly the light goes off and the car is normal
Anyone else notice that this is primarily a rear wheel drive vehicle... and that the car has to be moving in order for the AWD to engage? If you're stuck, only rear wheels spin. Car doesn't have traction control. I...
What is the cost for engine oil pan replacement including labor?
04 Jaguar X-type.. All 4 brakes will gradually lock-up within 10 miles!. Left rear caliper and rear pads replaced. also bled brake system w/Dot 3 fluid and replaced reservoir cap which was cracked.Note: brake lights a...
Cannot get the fuel door open to refill or the handle is not working. Not sure. Had to replace gas cap too.
2005 X-Type. The battery light came on intermittantly. When the light was "on" the alternator was not charging. If I turned the car off and removed the key...when I restarted the car the light was off and the alterna...
the ingition light turns on and a red light turns on . thae car feels like its dragging
The ingition light turns on and a red light turns on and the car feels like its dragging.
Car failed inspection due misfire on all 6 plugs and report of engine ruing lean
My 2005 X Type wagon has coolent but continues to overheat and the coolent does not circulate through the engine. What can be the cause and how can I repair it?
have noise in left front. checked pads, calipers, bearings. any ideas?
I am considering buying this vehicle. I went for a test drive today at a dealership. The engine light is on. should I be c oncerned?
had the transmission and transgear box changed. now the car drives forward, but when you put it in reverse it jumps and won't reverse. HELP, is there a reset button to reset the system? or is there something else tha...
transmission & transgear box was changed and now the car slowly jumps forward & backwards, won't drive. Is there a reset button that needs to be reset?