Diadnlstic test was done

a problem i had 1st was with my a/c the drivers side vents were barely coolto warm and the passengers side blows really cold. working on that now spmeone said check the blend door. doing that now. im not sure if it startd making the noise before the ac problem or not.

it doesnt chirp, or overheat it just started yesterday. what does that sound like. wish i could explain the sound better. It sounds sort of like when u were a kid and you would clothes pin a playing card to your bicyle wheel. the faster you go the sound changes. Is there anything that could be rubbing something under there. I know this isnt much to go on. I need some direction. thanks.

They turn but wont go in. Do they screw in or push in?

sometime the sport mode switch lights, and other times it does not, checked switch is ok

get car to ready up for inspection is there a different drive cycle to do than the norm have all but evap and components ready

the car overheated had to be towed

Engine is missing and never had a tune up.

really need to know asap.

every time i put gas on my car it takes too long it seems like it fulls but its not full its stops at every dollar or half a dollar if i dont stop it, it will spit the gas out

I checket the coolent is good.

have a used car dealer warrenty through an extended warrenty company.

i've been told nothing is wrong with car

computer read cruise control not available

had it put on plug in computer read (running lean bank 2)

(could it be the mass air flow senser)

This happens when I turn the steering wheel in any directions

Took it back to dealer another fee to hook up to diagnostics and told us needed a battery 4200 plus so had my local tire and battery guy put the recomend battery in still no fix dealer said to bring it back in and they would hook back up the diagnosticmachine and they would try to figure it out anyone have a ideal fix Thanks

Is it mounted on the canister? if so where is the canister located>

i want to learn cause i seen people do ant i dont thing its that difficult

i have not change my oil in five months but i did change my water pump, the radiator, the spark plugs and all the gaskets associated with it.

do u need a puller

makes a clicking sound cant be battery just was replaced

manually no response

Do the transmission and differential fluids and filters need to be changed at 49000 miles?

diagnostic code P0171

can abad torque converter make engine turn very hard

how do you remove engine .through top or bottom

Is the coolant resevior the only way to pour something into the radiator, or is there a seperate radiator cap?

I need to replace both O2 sensors for upstream bank 1 but not too sure exactly which sensor, please supply picture diagram, thanks

check eng light on with code 071 code 3 times,

The air was on one day and it just stopped blowing through the vents.