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Is the coolant resevior the only way to pour something into the radiator, or is there a seperate radiator cap?
I need to replace both O2 sensors for upstream bank 1 but not too sure exactly which sensor, please supply picture diagram, thanks
check eng light on with code 071 code 3 times,
The air was on one day and it just stopped blowing through the vents.
I've a 2003 Jaguar X-Type 3.0. About a month ago I started having problems starting the car. I've replaced the starter and battery and still vehicle will not start. Now if I place a metal extension next to the connect...
when car did not start i charged up battery, radio works,dim lights work but headlights dont.battery is 7 yrs old.gearbox fault light came on. should i change battery and see what happens
C/H gauge is going over to the Hot and the red light is coming on. This happens after driving approx 3-4 miles. I took it and had coolant topped off, however, it appears that it may be a leak because the reservior is ...
how to replace coolant fan on this type of vehcile
Is it possible that a lot of rain could effect the emissions system to the point that the check engine light (CEL) comes on? It's been raining for days here and yesterday afternoon, the car started "spitting and sput...
how to remove the transmission
Just got a 2002 jag Xtype with navigation the touch screen worked good for the frist few days and now it stopped working - the screen works , you can change it with the buttons but the touch part no longer responds - ...
Upon removal of negetive battery cable to clean post and clamp, a small connector appeared out of nowhere. It sits at the end two green wires and has a small green horeshoe shape on the connection face. I've looked ...
I have been told that I have a dead cylinder, and no one knows what to do or how to fix it? I am looking for some guidence as to what to look for? Or how to fix the problem?
I had the fuel pump replaced and the car is still not holding fuel pressure, this car does not have a fuel pressure regulator so what els could it be? Iv'e changed all the sensors knock, o2, crank shaft, all codes has...
no check engine lite, new plugs,air filter,checked vac hoses/replaced hose to valve cover(pvc). only happens under medium to hard acceleration only in high gear or over drive and torque lock, RPM @ about 2000, engine...
when I turn the key to start the car it just clicks the battery appears to be ok the lights radio ect.all work
how to replace trunk latch?
All gauges to include speedometer have stopped working; Blown Fuse?
car won't start because it's in the anti-theft mode. how do i get it out of the anti-theft mode?
Can someone tell me what comes with the 100,000 mile service for the Jag Xtpe?
I have searched and just can't seem to find where the radiator cap is located on this car (2002 Jaguar xtype).
My heated seat stopped working on my '02 x-type. Any suggestions on what the issue is or what I need to fix it?
Wondering about a repair cost on this type of problem?
Average price for brake job?
growling noise coming in at 10-15 mph and up. listen with scope on hoist and noise from case. remove and disassemble and found pos fiber spacer material between planetary gear and mating part but all bearings seem fin...
What does the DSC System Fault code means it comes on after driving the car about 10 mins sometimes it stays on the whole time the engine is running.
the hood has two latches that need to be released to open the hood one latch will not release has this been a problem for anyone and how can it be solved
my car is making a crunching sound and it seems to be coming from the brakes because my abs light has come on. what could be the problem?
how difficult is it to replace a power steering pump on a 2003x-type 2.5?