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Does anybody have any tips or anything to help me out, I have to change a transmission in a 2002 jaguar x-type and I haven't done it before. Ive changed a transmission but not In this car so please help

How much is parts and labor for a driveshaft 2002 x type model

It's making a whining and vibrating noise when I pass 35

Car keeps lossing power code reader cylinder one misfire changed spark plugs still nothing any one help

Owned x type for couple months. A couple days ago i decided to clean/detail under hood. Bought a degreaser sprayed all over.. Rinsed it off with a lot of water i didnt cover any thing... Then sprayed engine detailer... This morning as i was driving i felt some shakein.. Drove back home the car has very little power and vibrates alot when im hitting 49mph... Might i sprayed or wet soe sensor or something... Any help apreciated

had rear break light replaced at sears. 3 days later could not get out of park. Shop ran diagnose replaced brake light fuse & adjusted break light switch. 3 days later could not get it out of park . Shop has had my car 2 days and cannot find the problem. Help

How much cost for repairing speedometer for jaguar 2004

I have 2005 x type sport

I was told, by the Jaguar dealership in Birmingham, that replacement of my headlights -- both have gone out, but the parking lights are still on -- would cost between $500 and $1,000, because the bumper had to be removed.

Does this sound right?

My transmisison slipped today upon excelleration. I've owned it two years the transmission has never been serviced. What firt line of defense should i take?

The transmission has never been serviced. What should i do?

car stalls out most of the time

Hi, My 2003 JAGUAR XTYPE 2.5 V6 AUTOMATIC, went into limp mode while i was going 80 mph on the freeway. The engine light came on and the limp mode light. My mechanic said its in need of a new transmission, Im hoping for something else. The car will go about 5 seconds and drive with just the engine light on and then the limp mode light will go on and car wont really accelerate. Whats weird to me is before this happened, i would be sitting in the car and listeningto music with the switch on right before you turn the car on and if i started it from that point it would go into limp mode, but i would just put it back in park and turn it off. Then it would be fine once I restarted it. Help! I really cant afford a new car or transmission. Im carless and hopeless right now.

What is the crank sensor

it was running fine then engine stopped, struggled to start , when started it will only run for 30 secs, then dies, if i wait awhile it will start and run for 30 secs,

is there a certain way to replace the coolant cap on an x type jag

Starts out low then louder

The leak is fast flowing on the drivers side front by the tire. Is this a hose,
crack in the radiator, coolant system, or what? How much will it cost to fix?


front axle boot is leaking

leaking right front axle boot

No codes showing

how do i turn brake lights off while driving and not using brake pedal.

fuse f99 blows as soon as I put it in

replaced light bulbs didn't help

car looses power

just curious

what has started leaking my coolant.

My 2004 X-Type Jaguar will start, but it will not move when I put the car in reverse or drive.

Had to replace compressor for a/c, the 02 compressor because check engine light came on and failed inspection, then passed inspection. Then all lights and gauges showed engine overheating, check engine light on, so thought it was the thermostat but took to Auto Zone and ran diagnostic check temperature sensor reading was at 104. Engine block reading temperature was 179 to 185. Diagnostics Codes show P0117 and P1000 and P1647. Thinking that temperature sensor is bad and it is not letting the fans turn on? NEED HELP PLEASE. Car has 64,000 miles only and mint condition. Need to fix ASAP. Thanks!