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the car is shaking badly, it's hard to keep it from moving. Pushing on brake pedal with the max force cannot prevent the car from creeping forward. It's scary and very dangerous. What can be a problem? It happened twi...
is it electrically opened?
I have a 99 jag xj8 goes in limp mode.cluster says stability and traction control malfunction.checked wheel speed sensors there fine has code u2012 communication bus error non scp and u1041 scp vehicale speed signal...
When the windows aren't working the dash says "drivers door is open" If I disconnect the battery it will work somewhat but when the car sits for awhile, it will quit working again.
Stuck in valet mode could it be relay or sensor
When I start the car, the panel says the cruise control is not working. If I turn off the engine, then restart, the warning is not there. It shows up every time I start the engine.
will not start from the ignition switch
Are there other year Jaguar passenger doors that I might use to replace 2 damaged passenger doors in my 1992 Vanden Plas
Want to buy '89 Vanden Plas 131,000 .... Owner states Stall Sensor Light comes on sometimes .... I am researching this problem. Anyone have any stories ?
2003 VDP .Driver window control switch not working. All fuses and relays intact. Want to buy used replacement. What year- model etc will interchange. I bought a used switch but it will only operate the driver window. ...
Car sat in Garage for our months while we were in UK, came back and battery is dead. Neither key will work in trunk lock to jump it. Never used keys before. Any way to get in?
trunk door stopped unlocking at same time. Now trunk opens randomly on its own (indicator light comes on)
I recall reading in the manual not to use a de-icer. Since I only have one key, I don't want to turn too hard.
Every time I get in my car the warning light and the message the bonnet is open comes on in my car. I check the hood and it seems to be securely latched. Do these sensors go bad and if so, where are they located?
while at traffic light,it stops. in stop-and-go traffic it shuts down
How do i repair d.t.c.44