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When they recharge the air conditioner, after fixing it,does that mean there's a leak? Thanx, Judi
red and yellow light come on 3 codes "DSC not Available " "Parkbreak fault" "Engine systems Fault" it will drive very slow I have to turn car off ....and restart again until they go away oh and check engine light come...
I changed the alternator and still having the problems.
When going over speed bumps and sometimes just driving period
And restricted driving. I just got the car 2 days ago and took it to mechanic and they found rt tail light had a problem that showed up on dash board. Now engine malfunction(amber) has showed up after I have purchased...
Gear is stuck in park, but car is in neutral
Yesturday a light came on that said "Gearbox Fault" with an amber light. This is the first time I have ever seen that come on!!!!! Does that mean my transmission is ruined?!!!!!
head light did not work. Changed bulb and that did not solve the problem.
DSC not available Engine systen fault Park Brake Fault
Car was stuck in Park but had R illuminated and reverse lights were on. Car would not start nor shift out of park. Tow driver was told not to use flatbed but did, car shows up with busted shifter/linkage...will now ...
when i changed my belt i drained all the coolant but when i finished i filled it thats when it started to show the warning light
i have changed the transmision oil, drove car for two days, now no gear responds,engine starts up fine, but when shifted to R,D,2 and 4 car does not move. please help me understand what can be the problem.
Can I put the air recirculation button on permanently? It keeps going off every few minutes.
Noticed clutch slipping and revving during acceleration or hill climb. replaced clutch plate, slave cylinder and thrust release bearing. after clutch bleeding now pedal solid hard. unable to depress to engage or dese...
so how much estimated will the parts and labor cost ?
Also, where can I find a C2032 battery for my car remote lock ?