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one important question for me, i purchase a 2003 jaguar s-type and the question is will i have a lot of engine problems, it has over 69,000 miles and i am the fifth owner, what else should i check.
i just put a new engine in this car and i have a wiring harness that comes from the fan but i cant figure out were it plugs into or what it goes to please help thank you
Is Cylinder #2 on the driver or passenger of the motor? In other words, the side where the spark plugs are covered with an esily removeable cover or the side where a major panel covers the spark plugs?
How do I access the tail light assemby in order to repalce a brake light?
My mechanic in San Francisco sold me the coil pack for my car since he bought it for me and I moved. The diagnostic said #8 to be replaced. Where is Jag mechanic located
I Had my engine coolant changed,& now I don't have heat. Could these be related? Or was this just a coincidence???? Thank you for your advice.
my drive way is on an incline (not too steep). noticed since i stop parking in the garage, a leak on my driveway. no leak in the garage which is flat. does the incline make a diffrence?
I recently purchased this used jaguar. I am trying to locate why None of the power windows or sunroof work? My guess would have to be something electrical for all these components to stop working at the same time. A c...
rear noise but new bearing
rear noises but bearing new
Happens when I start car. No engine light. Also there's soot in tail pipes. I have been getting a small drip of oil (it looks like watery oil) once a week. Thanks for your help
I parked it in the garage for about 2 winters know and when I tried to start it, it would not start bought a new battery and it still does not start.
how do i fix a dead cylinder?
my indicator lite shows"gearbox fault" it wont shift into overdrive (or 5th gear?) However if I shut my car off it will go into overdrive until it shifts to a lower gear. From then on out it will not shift into OD. ...
I have 41117 miles on my Jaguar. I notice that when it sits during the winter months the Fault Brakes will not release and the light shows cannot apply Park brake but park brakes will not release. I took it in to the...
Advice on how to repair lumbar pump in drivers seat. Suddenly stopped working although rest of seat movement is fine
Ihave replaced all bulbs,socket carrier assembly and blown fuse in trunk fuse panel.Has anybody had this problem or know how to remedy this problem?
why do i have excess oil in the spark plug holes win i took old plugs out?
my engine light came on and stayed on
on the passenger side of motor what do u need to do to get to the spark plugs.
put new thermostat in because of no heat.still no heat now car over heats.
will the fuel sensor stop car from working and how can i fix this problem
the problem was no heat.change the thermostat now car the thermostat upside down. Bobbyoo
Started night before last. Turned corner, no power, lights on. Turned it off. One hour later, no problems. Drove call all day next day and late yest. eve, same problem but now it is becoming where I have had to stop x...
the head lights wont dim . I was told that a front light control module needed to be replaced. where is it located at & where can I find one at a reasonable price.
can i replace the ball joints on my 2002 s type 3.0 jaguar sport myself, and at what cost. thank you
Hello ,right wheele wople from side to side. looked under the car , and saw that a balljoint was loose , stem seems to have broke, how can i replace it myself,and whats the cost.
Passenger side duel climate control is stuck on full hot. Does not respond to set temperature. Driver side works fine.
how do i replace the heater core 2000 jag s-type 4.0
I have 153,000 miles on the car and my engine light came on with a gas canister valve. Any idea if a $1000 is the correct figure to fix.