The Transmission Fault light lit up yesterday. The car drives fine, but has been hard shifting from P to D lately. Could that be something simple (I hope) or does that mean something seriously wrong?

I notice a crack on my dashboard would this be a reason(near the sensory). Would be the cost to fix? Thanks

I'm refilling the coolant every 1000. or 2000. miles
My air condition has a odor at times.

My alarm also goes off when I turn the key it goes off I would rather disconnect it is there a fuse for the alarm

Should I just purchase another car? Trans needs overhaul/torque convertor, trans cooler lines.

light . whats needs to be replaced. the whole parkingbrake system or what. took car to shop her in Rochester ny. I mean no one works on jaguars

MyABS caught on fire. Had a regular mechanic put a used one in that I bought on line from a company. Used part was the full ABS unit with a harness (not full harness). mechanic rewrired it and I think its wrong. Speedometer don't work, E Brake, Cruise and few other things either. I think it needs a new full harness to connect from firewall to used ABS.

make a noise like a strong wind.Before that went I was driving the car and I stop and press the gas to continue, I feel an impact like a car was hit my car on the back very strong that happen all the time went I stop and press the gas that happening before the gear problem .

Yesturday a light came on that said "Gearbox Fault" with an amber light. This is the first time I have ever seen that come on!!!!! Does that mean my transmission is ruined?!!!!!

new automatic trans install.

battery is new,fuel filter is new,mechanic says fuel pump is good,(fuel pressure is good)if can sits a while it will start and runs fine. next day won't start

head light did not work. Changed bulb and that did not solve the problem.

DSC not available
Engine systen fault
Park Brake Fault

Car was stuck in Park but had R illuminated and reverse lights were on. Car would not start nor shift out of park. Tow driver was told not to use flatbed but did, car shows up with busted shifter/linkage...will now start, but will only go into reverse and Neutral. Shifter moves freely thru entire range. Is this tranny shot?