make a noise like a strong wind.Before that went I was driving the car and I stop and press the gas to continue, I feel an impact like a car was hit my car on the back very strong that happen all the time went I stop and press the gas that happening before the gear problem .

Yesturday a light came on that said "Gearbox Fault" with an amber light. This is the first time I have ever seen that come on!!!!! Does that mean my transmission is ruined?!!!!!

new automatic trans install.

battery is new,fuel filter is new,mechanic says fuel pump is good,(fuel pressure is good)if can sits a while it will start and runs fine. next day won't start

head light did not work. Changed bulb and that did not solve the problem.

DSC not available
Engine systen fault
Park Brake Fault

Car was stuck in Park but had R illuminated and reverse lights were on. Car would not start nor shift out of park. Tow driver was told not to use flatbed but did, car shows up with busted shifter/linkage...will now start, but will only go into reverse and Neutral. Shifter moves freely thru entire range. Is this tranny shot?

I want a clean well revving engine with power restoration. 9893262028, Alden.

it leaks so I need to replace it like yesterday!

when i changed my belt i drained all the coolant but when i finished i filled it thats when it started to show the warning light

I need to jack car other than the jack pads. Can I jack from front? I know tow trucks can't however, Car is now on two lane designed driveway and up against flower bed. Towing to garage is not an option at this time. Thanks. -ole coot

from diognosis is B2477 control module configuration failure. How do I solve this problem?

My dad did not buy the car new but it is in ecxelant condition. I read about all the lights comming on and I am going to try to change the battery first. My father told me the car just sat for a long time and the battery had to by taken off and charged before it was gone over by a machanic. My dad said he did not know if the battery was original or not when he got the car nor if it was the correct battery. gel or amg. can anyone give me some help. thank you very much, Byron Harding.

i have changed the transmision oil, drove car for two days, now no gear responds,engine starts up fine, but when shifted to R,D,2 and 4 car does not move. please help me understand what can be the problem.

I took it to get the climate control module and when I got it back the lights dint work the wipers didn't work the doors don't lock