Where in Atlanta is the cheapest S-type body without a engine and transmission?

i replaced the climet control unit with a rebilt one.and i still have the same proablem.can u give me some test to preform.on this car.

still not connecting using T-Mobile. Almost hour gone by told him go repair tablet come back. Grabbed his cell phone and had tablet connect then said coil wire bad it was 6 which he moved to 5 but really it is number 4 and told me around 60 bucks for coil wire. Had another job to go to will come back tonight. But I paid for troubleshooting without really knowing what it is going on. If the coil wire is bad and misfire on 6 I am not understand how this move to 4.

When car running it has a heavy burning smell.

When they recharge the air conditioner, after fixing it,does that mean there's a leak?
Thanx, Judi

red and yellow light come on 3 codes "DSC not Available " "Parkbreak fault" "Engine systems Fault" it will drive very slow I have to turn car off ....and restart again until they go away oh and check engine light comes on as well

All of the year Jaguar s-type headlights will fit my 2001 Jaguar

What other later jag stype models headlights will fit my 01??

this is now constant. At first it only happened every now again and put the car in park and turning motor off then back on usaully fixed the problem temporarily.

Sounds like it is right at tourge convertor

I changed the alternator and still having the problems.

When going over speed bumps and sometimes just driving period

And restricted driving. I just got the car 2 days ago and took it to mechanic and they found rt tail light had a problem that showed up on dash board. Now engine malfunction(amber) has showed up after I have purchased much is it to repair and/or get specialized diagnostics to fix this issue?

have pulled back cover but do not see a "bulb" wiring harness or a slotted place for a bulb entry. there are several wiring pathways starting with a horizontal rectacular clip on top with 4 or five wires, more in bottem of cavity
pls help

lights left on. jump started car. since then parking brake fault light on. tried resetting module no luck.

Gear is stuck in park, but car is in neutral