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I started my car and put it in drive and pressed on gas but the car didn't move. I put the car in park, turned it off and tried to restart. However, the car accessory lights came on but when I moved the key to III, th...
My car sparks all right but the engine revs don't move
fuel guage doesnt show anything
In general, what are the top reasons why a 2002 Jag doesn't pass the smog test?
The screen has been broken and I have a replacement one but can't seem to work out how to get the broken bits of glass with the terminal contacts on, out of the loom to allow me to fit the aerial terminals back on to ...
my pedal is acting up on me and no light on the dash, I buy a used pump and want to replace
My Jaguar S-Type car stopped suddenly accelerate. I turn on the ignition, the engine runs but the throttle does not work. What can be the problem?
Problem has been recurring for 2 years. Almost was rear ended when the rear brakes locked up and engine cut off. When I turn on the ignition, the park brake fault light comes on periodically. When I turn off and re...
After refueling with regular gas my 05 Jaguar S-type with only 53K miles did not change gear from the Parking position despite the fact that the engine was running. I had to tow the car. What is the most likely problem?
My friend, who is selling the car to me,told me the car had to have premium gasoline. Can I damage anything if I just put unleaded fuel in it?
never used yet & need to know
Before I took Jag in for 75,000 mi service check engine ligh was not on. After service the light is on. Mechacnic says I should replace faulty purge valve. How?
Battery terminal n still won't start any help please
It only does it when I'm driving not in park. It stutters then cut off on me.
It was put on the computer & showed no problem. The mechanic seems to think he just has to keep driving it to figure out the problem.
I've had car for 14 years. this is the first time I've ever had a recharge. Do you think the mechanic did something wrong? Thank you very much
When ireplaced the bulbs I noticed that by the sunroof latch there were three loose wires, black, pink, and wht w/blue strip...
i need to remove the third brake light from my 2002 s type jaguar
You man have to remove a soft panel to find them. Mine had some rear end damage and have been removed. I need to replace a computer and need these numbers..
how much does JaguarS-Type ABS rear wheel Long sensor wire cost.Can u send its photo What is it called
Hello, my Jaguar S-Type 2002 3.0 petrol was fine but after the engine maintenance does not turn off when I turn the key, even if I remove the key. only turns off when I use the brake. The park assist system does n...
It started but I only drove it 50 feet and it shut down.
car has a voice from engine its not crank shaft its behind the engine it gets start and make noise as it starts no vibration just voice and it was running with the voice now car is not going up from 3 rpm.. car engine...
Just finished 1100 mile trip.
all i know engine oil went down and now making noise during drive and knocking..