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Engine was running when I was degreasing engine compartment. I used a good amount of water at a car wash rinsing it off and it ran for several minutes after I finished the rinse. Engine cut out just as I was about t...
my cruise control not available light had started going on/off or staying on. its getting worse and when it stays on the car acts like it wants to die. what could this be? how can I fix it
just replace rear wheel bearing drivers side and got ABS, engine light on and DSC system fault;is anyone out there have answer how to clear this codes please?
Do I have to fix this right away or can I still drive the car, is it a costly repair ? They r telling me over two thousand dollars most likely if this is the case I will not get fixed rather get a new car. Is it ok to...
When I try to start the car the ign key is hard to turn and then I have to jump start the car because the battery won't turn over I testeted the battery which is fairly two yrs old and it starts when I jump it but the...
Every time the backseat gets taken off it causes the leather to ripple real bad
When I pull the hood release inside the cabin only one hood release works
I changed the alternator and still having the problems.
I just gave it a tune up and replaced the ABS censor ?
performance of the car in terms of power of movement. It is also indicated by a yellow light that comes on. Sometimes, it goes off and the car resumes good performance. What malfunction is the 'cruise not available' s...
after starting it and letting it run about 2 minutes the car raises and message goes away
changed spark plugs and coil wires and had the injectors checked and the compression checked. No problems where found. Repair shop thinks the check engine light needs to be reprogramed. Does anyone have any experie...
is it electrically opened?
cost to install valve cover gasket?