Im finding it impossible to locate an exploded engine diagram. free or not of course free would be preferred CAN ANYONE help me out in this quest?
Thanking in advance

Where is the release pin to allow the lock cylinder to come out?? I had to start my car with a screwdriver at the beach cause I lost my keys....woops! I hope I didn't do any further damage.. Anyone know where this pin is? I see a nipple looking pin at the top but it doesn't push down even with the car at the ACC position.

Radio goes off and dashboard gauges go nuts then return to normal but happens repeatedly,what could cause this?

There is no spots under the Rodeo of oil leak and it is not smoking from the exhaust. It may occur after maybe 300-400 miles. When the oil gets low the Check Engine light flashes but doesn't stay on.

My daughter bought a used Rodeo 'as is'. After a new catalytic converter and oxygen sensors finally showed PCM module needs replacement. Got sent to a isuzu dealer, they ordered the part, for $1200 and said they would install and program it for 1500.00 total. Part came in and now they say they cannot program it and recommended we find another isuzu dealer (which are few and far between). I've seen preprogrammed once and services offerred on ebay. Is it a scam or should i buy one of those and bring to a dealer to install?

It started running rough and now won't run more than 5-10 mph. It seems to have a dead spot in the throttle and have changed the TPS sensor even though ALL sensors are reading good. It cranks and idles a little rough and it seems to only get gas at idle and at full throttle. Any suggestions?

Used transmission placed in my old 2004 Rodeo. Looking at a ballpark as to how much I will pay for labor.

Original problem was "Check Engine" light & "Check Trans" light appeared on the dashboard. 4wd was working fine 2 days before it went in for repair. New TCM was installed in 2007 and has worked fine since, so this should not be the problem. What is the process to make the TCM recognize the new transmission? Is there a way/code to reset the TCM?

code is 1006 and engine light is on.

The vehicle still runs but it sounds terrible. I need a diagram of where the timing marks should be on the head covers.

I'm at a loss, service station says wiring is good, but code says low voltage. Cranks but will not start, where shoul I look next?

Changed the bulb, but the neu bulb did the same thing.
It is not completely out but only if you get close to the headlight you can see that it is on.

Im getn code p1239 n sometimes 0172. I have read the post and just want to make sure it my fuel pump or is it the throttle body?

It turns and tries to crank but won't start. Changed an ecm in it and got it to crank. I drove it around for a little while and when i turned it off i couldn't get it to crank again.

how to fix???????????

Cpk and igntion mod fine. i think its flooding out. could jumped time cause this? I have no backfire or smoke. just spins and vapor comes out of breather.

I changed the transmission filter and also pulled the valve body down and the check valve bearings fell out. Not sure where they go please help

needing new brakes, but otherwise all good on car

Purchased this vehicle over this past weekend man tells us that it has weak battery shows dated 2005 ok. 1999 Isuzu Truck Rodeo 4WD 3.2L MFI DOHC 6cyl; we try to drive home and wow stops running. Check battery 11.4volts. ok in a pickle, head to closet auto zone and change batteries. New battery. wow car runs for an hour. same problem. Not the battery. Charged the battery and then replaced the alternator. I assumed my problem was solved. An hour later I'm in a fix again. Next solution; buddy tells me is that it is the computer, so here I charge battery and get a replacement computer. I give up. same problem.. car does not stay running. Now I need to reach out for help.

After my Uncle and cousin checked my fluids and put oil. On the way home white smoke kept coming out from my exhaust and under my front end. I just understand, my engine runs strong. No check oil/engine lights came on, no overheating or oil excess found under the rodeo where I park it every night. Anyways, my question pertains to what my Uncle and cousin have as their theory but unsure because they normally work on Nissans and fords....I hope I explained clear enough, thank you for your help!

I'm experiencing engine oil getting on exhaust pipes-causing burnt oil smell. Oil is also getting on alternator. I've replaced valve cover gaskets which has cut down on oil leaks but still have leaking problem. I now suspect possible leak from oil pump located on front of engine. How difficult is it to rebuild oil pump?

i had my valve cover gasket replaced at around 110,000 miles, leaking. replacement gasket leaked oil from rear of passenger side(right) valve cover. replaced gasket 8,000~ miles later, seemed to fix leak. 8,000~ miles later, leaking again, rear of right valve cover. replace cover? check for warp-age? sell truck?

when accelerating from a stop, the volt needle drops from about 14v+ down to 12v in first, third and fifth. it returns to 14v+ on second and fourth shifts. it gradually returns to 14v+ in fifth when cruising. if I punch it to go around slower traffic, voltage drops to 12v. but with headlights on, voltage stays constant. one dealer and three shops have worked on the truck, but can't find a problem. any ideas?

start up and run.

I turn the key and get a ticking sound but then turn the key again and it will start! And once it is started the brake and battery light will flicker!

compressor interchangeable from 1997 izuzu rodeo v6 automatic to a 1994 4 cylender straight drive?

I have a 1999 isuzu rodeo i have fuel pouring out from in back of the engine when its runing its hard to tell were its coming from any ideal were it cause be coming from....

Truck runs well other than the check engine light and the loss of mpg.

I just replace the engine a few month's ago an it was runing fine until a yesterday now it's runing like it has a leak somewere an it's runimg rough in all gears.

Can please someone see if they can send me information regarding the replacement of an ECM for a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo LS with a 3.2 liter engine. The issue seem to have gone like this: I broke down with my car then I had to change the alternator I end up putting a higher amperage alternator from 60 to 70 amps then the rest is history. At the begining it responded well didn't notice anything unusual even after I tested for voltage and amperage; it was all within range then reality sunk in the next day the battery was dead and I bought another battery and to my dismay it was dead again. So I put in a kill switch in the meantime and I left it like that for a while since it's my spare car I was hoping that perhaps I'd make it thru the next winter. So I was kind of disapointed with this alternator and was ready to replace it with another more less amperage so that perhaps the computer would overreact since I was getting different scenarions like as soon as I'd put the main switch and some of the dash lights would go on but they would go off as soon as the car would start and so on. Another issue that perhaps made me realized that I needed to do something was that on ocassion some of the other lights like ABS and Battery lights or Engine would also go on and they soon would also go off but more whenever I would try to accelerate so finally on one of my very few rides around the block to get milk I finally broke down luckily almost infront of my house but not before it was acting like it was loosing power and at times it was kind of doing the same thing. So I guess that I responded a bit too late and today I need another ECM for my car or otherwise I won't be able to drive my car witch has cost me the cost of the car a couple of times over the real value of this car .. Please help with ECM I know I need one because the ECM fuse keeps blowing and I smell smoke from the inside of the car and when I checked the ECM surely enough there was a burned component to the electronic board So a couple of questions before I leave can the ECM electronic board be fix or is it better to just try to replace it with a used one or are there better solutions to this dilema. Txs for your kind response if you have an idea of what I meant but furthermore a solution to this problem would be appreciated. My name is Archie and you can E-mail me at looking forward for some meaningful answers to this pain in the potcket issue.