what would cause a rough idle
what would cause lost oil to the tone of 2 quarts every 4 days


New gasket and grommets were replaced after the mechanic said everything looked good and suggested an engine flush and oil and filter change. The engine was flushed and serviced. The rattle and ticking noise is gone...now there is oil leaking and burning on the exhaust manifold.a lot of smoke. I've asked the mechanic to fix the problem as there was no leaks coming from engine prior to him working on the vehicle. He has had my vehicle for 4 days now And he said he's checked and over looked everything. But it is still leaking. He said he is just going to silicone everything and see what happens.if that is going to take care of the problem. Please help with suggestions, advice?

He said there seemed to be nothing wrong with the lifters. He did suggest an engine flush. So I bought the engine flush and oil and filter. He said he flushed the engine. Did the oil and filter change. The engine was quite. However when I went to pick my vehicle up he stated that there was a little oil that spilled while putting in the oil. So there maybe some smoke from oil burning off the manifold exhaust. I told him I took it for a ride and the smoke was bad and there was oil dripping. What could be the problem now. And is this acceptable? Should I take the mechanic to court?

replaced head gaskets test started and it ran shut down to finish puting on the fan and shroud and air cleaner and now it will not start no codes

Is brand new and I charged it up just to make sure that it wasn't dead and nothing works my power locks don't work and when I put the key in the ignition my gauges won't work and I can't even get it to click . I also tried a push start and that didn't work as well please help

i just replaced the master clutch cylinder and the slave clutch cylinder as well the whole complete clutch. the problem is that when i drive it for a long while it loses engaging power. i think something is not allowing the fluid to come back to where it needs to be when it gets to hot. if i let the truck sit for a few hours or so, i think it allows the fluid to settle back where it needs to be. after that i can drive it again, but than it will do it again. i am just confused on what the problem is. hopefully someone has experienced this issue before can help me out.

I have changed plugs wires cap rotor fuel filter timing belt when I get up around 70 mph it starts to get a miss used to be mainly going up hills but is now more frequent. It did this before I changed everything.

I have a 99 rodeo an I put a timing belt on an reset the timing but now it will turn over slowly like the battery need charging but it a new battery if anyone can tell me anything I thank you.

the old girls got 267,000 ml. On her. I hauled her out to AZ. from TN. & when I unloaded it I noticed a small spot of what looked like hydraulic fluid on the ground. Right below the transmission. Looked around for were it came from but couldn't find it. Sounds like my hydraulic clutch needs to be replaced don't it? Our could it be something else? Also mine has the engine tick to. I use ZMAX every 3 to 4 oil changes and that seems to quieten it down.

The firing order

would it be and let's go or fuel

makes no sound when i try how to test

Seems to happens only when I start it and sounds like I'm ready to run a drag race,it calms down when I pull the connector next to the iac valve. I am getting a code for map sensor

Went to start car and both the oil gauge and the gas gauge lost power and the car would not start! Cranks like crazy, but no spark! Have checked all 3 sensors, and 3 different meters are not getting a reading at all! It`s not throwing any codes! Maybe the computer went bad? Have also tried the trick with the key for the alarm system. That`s not the issue either!

When trying to start ,car starts Warnings lights come on ,no acceleration and stalls shortly after , had the crank angle sensor and alternator replaced , car will only start if alternator is disconnected , once started I can replace the alt plug, the car idle drops and the warning lights come on again but continues to run , once stopped it has the same issue until the alt plug is removed
Anyone have any idea. .????

This morning it won't start. Seems like it wants to, but doesn't fire up. When running it seems OK at high rpms, but when more power is needed for going uphill for example, it misfires.

We had a flood out in aberdeen washington. water got up to the doors on the rodeo. Now he runs rough and almost refuses to accelerate quickly. if i don't ease into the peddle he starts to bog down and around 2500 rpms he starts losing acceleration. also started doing this small bucking motion if it stays at a reasonable speed, also randomly.

just want to start off with I have replaced the starter and battery already. It does not want to turn over sometimes after small trips. long trips it does not seem to have this issue. it will not even try to turn over when it does this. any suggestions are welcome.

checked alternator; its ok, bought new battery; drove for a day and the battery is dead, something is draining it.