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have changed pump filter ,well pretty much the whole ther something im missing? im stumped

does not do when just cranking up. starts when motor is heated up and going speed over 60 mph.

in put gas in the car and only get 23 now i only get 6

Car is sluggish at speed and lacks low end torque

My ECM is bad causing all kinds of issues. I found a used compatible one, but now my motor won't turn over at all. Does it have to do with the chip in my key and reprogramming the ECM or what?

i am having eratic issues every time i drive. loss of power, eratic upshifting, dumping way too much fuel, backfiring, to rear breaks randomly engaging while driving and almost locking. If i clear the check engine light codes, it drives fine for anywhere from10-20 miles, then any of the previous happen again. Codes such as multiple misfires to bank2 fuel rich to abs .. they are never the same.. leads me to think the ecm is base cause.. sending improper signals for these to happen.. getting 126miles a TANK, but the random rear brake lock out of the blue to loss of power as if bogged down, to eratic upshifts are all seperate issues.. it has an electronic throttle body control unit which sticks at times but now i am wondering if the ecm is the cause...
i have an 04.. can you tell me if any other year ecm or perhaps an 04 honda passport ecm would be compatible and/or in fact possible cause?
I am a mechanic by trade, never seen anything quite like these.. snapon codereader explains each thing individually, but nothing tells me other than my gut that its all related to ecm and/or wiring harness..
any thoughts at all are needed asap

pumo not sure what to do next.

I had had an issue with the clutch and now this happened. are the 2 related?

Replaced the dash cluster as well as the fuel pump/sending unit. Still the same problem.

Can't pass inspection in tn, thermostat changed 4x, state mechanic think it may be a faulty O2 sensor...very frustrated..tags have expired and don't have the money to fix what may be the problem then again it may not be that bad..tried fuel injection cleaner yesterday but engine light still on...pls advise before I have to take it back to the mechanic

tar-like substance leak from the bottom of both the front and back doors on the drivers side of the vehicle.

This problem started out happening only occasionally then progresse. Have found that by turning off ignition and back on that the engine will run normally for awhile. This problem is sparatic sometimes in a 25 mile distance it can occour as many as 10 or more times, or not at all. Particular ly sensitivity to uphill.

I will then turn the engine off and wait 10 mins when I turn the car back on the AC works again for about 15 mins then blows warm air.

It will not stay running

I have an 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L 4WD. I recently replaced the radiator with a new one due to the old one splitting open along the top by the cap. I'm having problems where it wants to push the Anti-freeze out of the radiator into the overflow tank. I drive it with no known problems, I just can't go on long trips with out stopping to check it. It runs normal temp. I was told to bleed the air out of the system and i made numerous attempts at this, even put the front end up in the air and i get no bubbles coming out when bleeding it. I have hot air when i turn the heat on.