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checked. OK. Replaced battery. Is there a 'link, relay, switch' associated with clutch that may be causing this problem?
4 wheel drive 3.2.I need to access a leak on the manifold crossover pipe :( :P
whats the order to tighten bolts and the torq lbs used?
The filter and gasket was replaced 4 months ago.what would cause dummy light to start blinking?
wasnt like this last winter but replaced the clutch 2 months ago...since its been cold it is VERY hard to change gears until truck warms up..normal or should i have it checked? Thank you
When you turn the key you hear a click and it blows a fuse. We replaced the starter with a new one and it still does it. It has been to a mechanic several times for repair. They changed out 2 relays even though it cr...
I have checked the fuses. I didn't find one that was out. The fan is working or blowing. My A/C compressor turns on. It's very cold and I have run the engine to warm the car.
After just a couple of starts my battery will die and I'll have to charge it or change it this is been happening for months now it's not the alternator and it's not the cables what is it.
My 2003 Isuzu v6 Rodeo engine locked up. I found a 2000 model and I was told I would have to use the Original intake and throttle body. Is this true?
i have been trying to get the heat to work i cant figure out the hoses on the heater core and how they are suppose to run.
Of your vehicle? The noise is in the front left side.
Battery and alternator both test fine. Replaced alternator. Wires all look good. What else could it be?
I have replaced mass air flow o2 sensors, fuel filter, everything BUT the pump.. just now changed sensors and fuses under hood and in cabin, i cannot for the life of me find a leak ANYwhere, I really dont think its th...
I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo v6 automatic 4 wheel drive number 6 cylinder is misfiring I've changed the fuel pump fuel filter plugs check the coils are all good EGR valves good no vacuum leaks I've took the valve cover o...
My tensioner pulley seized. The battery light came on and the power steering went out. I popped the hood and noticed the serpentine belt popped. Also the idler pulley was loose. I had 2 different people look at it who...
Hasn't worked since I got it 6 months ago. Previous owners replaced fuel pump, so that's less than a year old. Suddenly, after filling up yesterday, (I always fill completely every 300 miles), the needle goes up and i...
I was driving and after stopping at a red light, it seemed as if the rear tires were locked and all of a sudden they peeled out and it ran alright for a few miles. Now it just chugs and the rear tires won't go. What...
while driving down the road the radio flashes off then comes back on at the same time the air bag light starts to flash and the dash gauges all stop working does anyone know what would cause this to happen?
steam came out of the center vents and floorboard on right side wet