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turns over won't start sometimes will starter appears strong happens every time
Replaced battery and still not starting. Then replaced started and some blown fuses and still not starting. Is it the ignition switch?
im looking for the location of the engine control unit on a 2000 isuzu rodeo (4 cyl)
just need to know where the brain is
Where do I add transmission fluid? How often am I supposed to change it?
When starting vehicle it starts w/high rpm. sometimes rpm's come down on their own & sometimes not, so I turn the vehicle off. also when driving it sometimes has a jump in the rpm's that does not go down & when this g...
I've lost manual, and need to know which fuse operates the instrument panel.Or it could be something else,I don't know
The windshield gets moisture on the inside of the glass. I used a sealent on the glass gasket and that didnt work. I was told it could be something to do with the heating coil. I tucked a towel across the bottom of gl...
gas pedal was hard to push in...went to floor and now vwhicle is stuck in full tension in pedal now
water hose that supply the engine with water,,from the radiator..for a 2002 4 cyl,,izuzu rodeo..runs on the side of the engine..
Is a 1993 and a 1996 transmisson interchangable?
my rear is making a popping sound, someone said to check/add oil in the rear differential
cranked car one morning and cut off,,after driving couple days hard too depress accelerator,check engine with computer says acclerator switch on pedal and at engine but have been replaced,,stills show low voltage and ...
have replaced egr value
do i need to remove caliper bracket to pull hub assembley forward?
After driving fine for about 30 minutes, a vibrating sound coming from the transmission appears anytime I come to a stop. If I switch from D to Neutral, the sound goes away. The more I drive, the worst it becomes.
My isuzu rodeo has an overheating problem. Last feb. replace thermostat twice, water pump is fine. ran great until last weekend,overheated again. replace thermostat again, flushed radiator. drilled a small hole in the...
I have an issue with my Rodeo when trying to crank it. It cranks fine when its cold (i.e. has been sitting over night or sitting in the parking lot at work for 8 problem) But say if i leave work and stop a...
is there any adjustment too quiet lifters loud lifter noise
would appreciate closest auto repair shop too
i cannot open the passenger front door from the outside
the cap top is hot, but bottom cold. gage is beyond the hot symbol.
If the thermostat is bad whould it make the water push out of the radiator when started? It was getting hot one day and using a gallon of water in 25 miles then one day not hot or using any water for 10 days then blew...
AC will not cool , but the fan is working and the blue light will not come on....
Rodeo is not changing gears automatically after running for a few minutes. However it will change manually.
Winter, power lights, check engine and check transmision lights are not coming on at startup. Eversince the lights are not coming on the car is starting from winter mode, ie from 3rd gear. Transmision works fine after...
when I put it in any gear it starts to engage, then it slips out of gear. This happened 3 OR 4 TIMES In my driveway, now it won't move at all. The shifter moves like normal and where ties in to the trans seems to be ...
gas pedal sticks, or is very hard to depress when shifting manually.
how do u change the oil pan gasket it has 4 wheel drive