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my waterpump is out and I just spent the last of my money to get a new one need to know how to do it and what tools
Seam like the vacuum pressure is high also like my breaks r aplayed
After that, i'm oblige to cut the contact and leave few seconds befor restart and the problem is still present.
replaced it because key would not rotate. now the new lock cylinder is not killing the engine when shutting of the key. so i have to stall the engine and disconnect the battery so i wont drain it because the power is on.
My temp runs at about 195 but when I turn on the a/c it starts climbing up I shut off air at about 230 why would it go up like that
how to remove a 1996 isuzu hombre starter on truck,do I have to remove the pipe hooked up to catalytic converter? Thanks first to access starter or work from the top of engine?Thanks
I have ignition problems on my Isuzu Hombre. When it rains and is very humid, the truck seems to be "drowning" and turns over but doesn't start. I have changed the Crankshaft position sensor and it worked fine for ab...
My alternator isn't charging my battery and I don't know where the alternator fuse is located.
Wipers only run in mist mode or when you activate the washer pump
After replacing the clutch disk, pressure plate, and slave cylinder the truck wont shift into gear, after bleeding the system there is pressure in the clutch pedal but it still wont go into gear
when I turn the engine over in my truck it turns over fine. but will not crank. but when I release the key and the starter motor all but stops. it starts. it has always cranked fine. this problem just recently started...
will not blow out front vents or floor,was told it maybe control unit in dash?????
The heat gage goes up and I don't know whats wrong. I have changed many things on it. Can someone help me more?
The heat gage goes up and I don't know whats wrong. I have changed many things on it. Can someone help me more?
We just need to know cause we already replaced everything but that line.
After cleaning all the ice, my wipers don't move at all. Is there maybe a fuse I could look into?
need to find the location of the orifice tube or expansion valve on a 1997 isuzu hombre truck.