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I want to buy the half car with ORIGINAL HARDTOP for spare parts and make better my amigo 98 4x4, manual 2.2 engine. Should include at list the rear lights, Original wheel cover, original hard top with the rear door ...
It sounds like when you put a playing card in a bike tire, like a clicking noise, but it's only noticeable at lower rpm's. We just had the EGR replaced, and we need to replace the camshaft positioning sensor, but I do...
Just washed a rats nest out of the engine compartment of an Izuzu Amigo,, left it running the whole time and drove for a bit afterwords,,, but now it wont start????
could the line be clogged. Do i have to replace something. Is the master cylinder bad
while driving my engine started making a loud tapping noise ( I would say knocking but I know what a rod knock sounds like and it wasn't that ). when I went to parkit , it started running really ruff. checked tining b...
I bought this car not running and was told the computer is bad. I want to be sure that is not a bad ground or fuel pump. I checked the fuses, the fuel pump does not come on with the key. I also tried some starting flu...
99 isuzu amigo can another pump be used from another izuzu i cant afford a new one
99 izuzu amigo turns over but wont start
how do you turn off passenger Air bag?
i live in the mountains when i am going up a hill and i gear down the check engine light comes on and i experience loss in power. if i change gears the light goes off and power is restored. what happened?
I bought the Car and the lights were already on. So i changed the O2 sensor but the light never went out then i dont know how to get the other lights out Please Help.