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seems it would be easier to separate the head from the intake on the bench instead of fighting it in the car. can the intake and head come out of the car as one unit? thanks. Terry
light flashes and gauge goes up and down
Hello, I have a 1998 Isuzu amigo 2.2 dohc. My question is how can I test my coil pack. Before I make the decision to just replace it. It has a very weak spark when i crank it over. So is there a way I can test it with...
engine has gas and fire but will not start.
engine light was on ran a scan it said o2 and no.1 ignition coil was bad replaced both engine light is out but car wont start sometimes it will crank but not start
I want to change the distributor on a 94 Amigo with out having to use a timing gun. how do i do that? and which one is spark plug one? thank you
I had recently replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump on my 93 amigo, 2.6l. The engine will run for about 30 seconds and stop, not starting at all after that. If I let it sit for awhile it will do the same thing. Any ...
i put gas in it but when i did i used a karaseen can but it apppear to be dry if this is it how do i fix it
i ran out of gas and i putt new gas in but wont start please help me need to get it going please and before this every other day i would have to pop the clucth to get it going i got it to fire with ether but then a ...
My repair with tax cost me $474.28. Was I charged too much?
car starts and idles fine.When shifting to reverse or drive,idle drops almost instantly,sometimes even stalls.doesn't do it all the time.
I have an 88 isuzu i-mark that is having problems with idling. it starts fine, but when i press on the gas pedal the throttle will stick and when i let off of the pedal it will stick for a moment and then the throttl...
my 1990 isuzu amigo needs a new transfer case but i dont know what case i have and if rodeos, troopers with the 2.6 4 cylinder engine will work in my amigo
clutch pedal soft and clutch makes chirping noise when pedal is pushed in
the sending unit in the tank accessable w/o removing tank
this vehicle had a cam pulley bolt to break causing the engine to jump time. The head was damaged but the pistons look great. New remanufactured head installed. New crankshaft position sensor, new coil, new fuel pump...
when started a loud knocking noise comes from in front of egine almost sounds like coming fom timing belt pullies but not sure
99 isuzu amigo can another pump be used from another izuzu i cant afford a new one
99 izuzu amigo turns over but wont start
how do you turn off passenger Air bag?
i live in the mountains when i am going up a hill and i gear down the check engine light comes on and i experience loss in power. if i change gears the light goes off and power is restored. what happened?
I bought the Car and the lights were already on. So i changed the O2 sensor but the light never went out then i dont know how to get the other lights out Please Help.
blinker are not working and I can not find where the flashing unit goes me please...
how to adjust clutch cylinders
after replacement of clutch set, master and slave cylinder, still clutch does not work
Found the distributor had came out (a bolt that holds it in came out) I placed it back in and checked spark with a tester and I have spark. What would i do next. Thank you for your time.
The eng turns over freely, but will not start. This started when I was driving on the freeway. I was doing 55mph and then all of a sudden the truck loss power. The truck had a muffler leak just to let you know incase ...