my blue light comes on but i cant hear compressor kick on. will to much pressure cause it not to kick on?

It feels like something shifts its position just as the car stops...then shifts position again just as I start moving again. It's not something in the car, but under rear end, it feels.

1992 Trooper LS; 3.2L V6 DOHC, auto trans. What's the torque wrench setting?

codes that were checked are p0440 p0442 and p0456, got smoke tested, and the evap vent valve is bad, how do i replace it and is it something that I can do myself?

I need a piece of the linkage. It's a plastic arm about 2-2 1/2" long with clips on both ends. Since parts are no longer in production anyone know where I can get a used one? Where do other Isuzu owners get their parts?

while at a red oil hand drops to zero rpms bounce between 1 and zero temp guage goes from cool to hot in minutes after driving maybe 15 miles it wasnt till i actually found the power steering leak that it started overheating

I am only getting the highest speed which is 4. 1, 2, and 3 do not work.

where can i get the software update and a reprogrammer for my trooper. think i'm getting false codes, i hear that this is a problem

if its the slave cylinder where is it located

if its the slave cylinder where is it located

There is a waterline cross section behind the motor where you can's see it.At that point there was a seal that went bad and had to be replaced1

While I love my Rodeo, I really wish I'd gotten a more common vehicle. I've got about 200k on this baby and it still runs pretty good but CEL has been on for awhile, ABS pops on from time to time (usually goes away if I restart), is recently having difficulty starting-as if its not getting fuel-but then runs fine. HELP! I need a mechanic who understands Direct Injection.

moving up and down. What could be the problem and how can it be fixed?

how to erase codes i trid disconnect battery,pulled fuse,relay ,jumper wire,have scan tool ,wont work on this model truck need accessory for tool

need to put trans fluid in but dont know where fill is

I hear a loud vibrating noise from tranny tunnel, mainly when RPM's are a little high and I let off gas pedal. If I engage clutch or step on gas pedal it goes away. have new muffler and pipes. heard it could be cat. converter has gone to pieces. 2. noise is a tapping or ticking noise constant from engine. I assume a flat spot on lifter or valves need to be adjusted.

they dont stop at the same time andit dosent happen all the time just now and then

they dont stop at the same time andit dosent happen all the time just now and then

the idle jumps up and down i replaced gas filter and the air filter i put some gas additive in to help clean injectors please help

the idle jumps up and down i replaced gas filter and the air filter i put some gas additive in to help clean injectors please help

water leak at the rear of the engine!

what could b another problem why the truck is getting no voltage and draining when i have a new battery and alternater

fan fell off and I am trying to put it back

Got a used 96 Trooper 2 months ago. Running pretty good then one day couldn't start the engine. First I changed the battery. Seemed like that was the problem, then after a week, same problem. I turn the key, it started to crank, then it died.The dashboard went dim, then no power. Waited 20 minutes, crank the key,power came back but it won't rev the engine. Can hear fuel pump working. Might be alternator or starter. Has anyone gone through this?

Truck all of a sudden turned off and is hard to start. Once it starts idle is rough and does not have enough power to move. Replaced fuel filter but did not help. It has alot of white smoke coming out of tail pipe. No check engine light on. Just started this today. Please help!

was working saturday sunday am was going to store turn off had to put gas all the way down be for no need to low r.p.m will not move new fuel filter

change maf,plug to it checked volts,dont know


I can push into a heated garage and after 2 hours it will start within 3 seconds. this is the 4th time/event. Battery/ starter/fuel pump/compression/plugs all ok. I have added "heet" to gas. NO check engine light goes on so I have not plugged it in for codes. Which sensor do i start with? Mass Air flow- MAF, EGR Valve/Sensor, camshaft position sensor CMP, __A. is there a Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) that tells the PCM what the engine temperature is. If it is reading hotter than the actual temperature, the PCM will provide the wrong air/fuel mixture for a cold start?
Runs great once it is started, it will restart if it has been outside less than 5-6 hours it depends on the outside temperature.

Had the check engine light reprogramed