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Need to know how to change rear bearing on a 1993 isuzu rodeo. hearing a scraping noise coming from the rear wheel, was told that it my be a wheel bearing.
Need to know how to change rear bearing on a 1993 isuzu rodeo. hearing a scraping noise coming from the rear wheel, was told that it my be a wheel bearing.
Hear a scraping noise from rear of truck was told it my be the rear bearing.I want to know how to change. The inside of tire is wearing,air pressure is good.
The rear running lights went out and we can't figure it out we've done everything. Even splicing into all kinds of wires.
I've looked and it's not near where brake fluid is put in as some suggest. I need a more detailed explination.
not sure when it began but when i come to a stop the rpms start fluctuate high low
recently had egine overhauled by dealer under warrenty, runs fine but cannot remove ignition key fron lock (not under warrenty) local locksmith doesnt know remedy...
My car is displayid the stabilitrack lights and the needs gas indicator. when I shut it of it will not restart for about 1 min and then it starts up no issues. Also, my driver side console (window/lock controls turn o...
new plugs, good battery and starter, better if I let fuel pressure to build up before starting, runs excellent otherwise.
how to remove oil pan 2.8 l engine
i put gas in it but when i did i used a karaseen can but it apppear to be dry if this is it how do i fix it
i ran out of gas and i putt new gas in but wont start please help me need to get it going please and before this every other day i would have to pop the clucth to get it going i got it to fire with ether but then a ...
My car sat without running for about a week and when I got in it to start it it wasnt charging and the battery light,low-fuel,brake lights were all on.when I rev the motor high enough the dash lights go out but doesnt...
The e-brake cable ends in a Y and then the cable go to each wheel. There is a stop nut that looks like a lead weight that goes into a holder. How do I loosen the cable so I can put it back into the holder and then how...
The Left Torsion bar on my Isuzu pickup broke in two. Can anybody please give me a step by step procedure on how to Remove and replace it. Or give me a web address that would do that. Thank you, David C.
When I press the 4 wheel drive button, it flashes then stays lit when 4 wheel is engaged. Now when I try to disengage, the light flashes and will not go off??
every time you start the trooper it idles really high all the time at 25000 rpms
My 99 isuzu rodeo is doing weird electrical things. The alarm goes off when no one is near it. The dome lights will stay on even when car is off and key is removed from ignition. Also, now when I take the key out of ...
i cant find the distributor on 98 isuzu trooper can you tell me were it is ?
My repair with tax cost me $474.28. Was I charged too much?
when i go slow my rear wheel has a high pitch squeek nois what could that be?
hey hey hello today i had a whineing noseing coming from my engine.i was on my way to take it and get it checkd out but then it stopd after about two hours then it came back again. please get back with me if you know ...
turns over won't start sometimes will starter appears strong happens every time
what is the labor cost be to replace the starter motor?
I get 20-21 mpg on average with varying loads all throughout the non-winter months. Winter & cold temps lower this to 16-17. This is consistant. Why is there such a drop-off in fuel economy? I've been told it shou...
car starts and idles fine.When shifting to reverse or drive,idle drops almost instantly,sometimes even stalls.doesn't do it all the time.
Replaced battery and still not starting. Then replaced started and some blown fuses and still not starting. Is it the ignition switch?
clutch slave appears to be leaking, i have to refill it every 2-3 days, i have a hard time down shifting
im looking for the location of the engine control unit on a 2000 isuzu rodeo (4 cyl)