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I get a clicking noice under my dash at start up then it goes away after a few seconds,,any suggestions
I was driving along when the service engine soon light came on which is the check engine light. i hooked my code reader up to it and it said something like 1000 dtc.i cleared the light and it stayed off.what does this...
my air bag in my 2004 infinity qx56 stay on all the time all the wires under the driver seet are well connected. please advise
IBA light came on after a quick stop
When the car is put into reverse the display only shows a white fuzz, no image from the camera. I need to replace the camera I think, but not sure...
The safety bag's light is showing ON, what is this mean and how to correct it?
a loud pop/snap sound occurs from the underside of my QX56 whenever I make sharp left or rght turns; am reversing & apply my brakes &/or turn steering wheel; and sometimes just when applying brakes. I can feel th...
Radio would come on for a few seconds then no volume.Shut off engine would play for a few seconds then no volume.Cant change channels. Dealer replaced radio but problem still exists. May come on for few second then go...
air conditioning is making a clicking noise when its turned on
the seat belt light flashes even the car is on or off and no code shows for the problem. what do i need to do to correct it?
my navigation shows the maps, where I am driving etc but wont let me input an address to drive to, does it need an update?
my back up camera works fine, but my back up sensor switch is permanently on off no matter how many times I push button it stays lit up and off, any thing i can do to turn it back on so I hear the beeps when getting c...
my battery went dead (light left on) now battery is fine but now my sunroof will not close open smooth one touch as before is goes in sections then stops and I need to keep pushing open/close button till it fully clos...
Where is the cabin filter located and how hard is it to replace.
Hi, the battery is 1 1/2 years old. It drained completely dead a couple of weeks ago. I called AAA. He said it wasn't the battery. We got it charged and it was fine until last night. My wife was sitting in the car wh...
the back door will not stay up. when you press the remote or button in suv it does not work. I can manually lift it, but it still does not stay up.
my climate control fan continues to blow once it been cut off
blowing a lot of smoke when I start the car, Infiniti claims that since I never had the oil changed that the whole engine needs to be replaced. The car runs great except for the smoke coming out the back when started.
I will be driving this car for about 1500 miles this week, would it be safe to wait after this trip? how much would it cost to fix this problem?
What is the cause of brake indicator light and VDC Off light and Slip indicator light while I was driving on the freeway? I shut off the engine and turned it back on, lights came back on again.
My A/C has not been coming on intermittently. When I unplug the high pressure switch and plug it back in the compressor starts. It cools great and then the compressor will cut out agian. Any ideas?
A/C is blowing warm air and not cold at all. Power to A/C compressor clutch is ok, refrigerant is fully charged but the A/C clutch is not engaging to turn on the compressor. How can I bypass the 3 wire high pressure s...
All fo a sudden the A/C is not cold and blowing warm air, what do I need to check first and I need help.