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ofter i drive it for 19 min it dont come out any more
SOLUTION FOUND to the following today (8/2/2010). . . just wanted to share the answer after many, many headaches, diagnostics and repairs to help others. The answer is . . . a REFERENCE SENSOR! I recently obtained...
Hello! Somebody backed into my car and now I have three small dents in the front of my black J30, right over the registration numbers. How much would it cost to repair these dents?
werw is my water pump located on a 1993 infiniti J30 enging siz 30, And how do i get it out
On cold days I have to keep my foot on the gas for about 1 to 2 minuites and the it is ok. Runs well no other problems. I may have to wait until weather gets colder. Replaced IACV Air regulator still not working right...
sbs light came on after a sudden brake stop,buzzing sound even after car was turned off.battery was discharge next sitting in my gargage. it has 126,000 plus original miles. last time it was service for oi...
The problem occurs every week. i have had a tune up and oil change. Once the car shuts off if I place it in neutral it does start back up. recently I had gotten off of the interstate and the car acted as if it weren'...
Whats the best way too change the alternator?
Does the J30 have an Interfearance engine?
My car started jerking, missing, and smoking from the tailpipe, ut when I came to a stop it act as if it wanted to cut off, so I would give it gas so it wouldn't cut off and it would run afterwards. Could you please g...
How to replace the alternator belt?
How to replace the alternator belt?
where is the blower motor for the heat located at on the car
how do i take the BACK part off to replace it
my car will start and go but when I am at a traffic light or stop sign it will cut off and I have to re-start the car. Whenever the car is not in motion it will shut down.